bransonglobe.com LOCAL • McSPADDEN Continued from page 3 said “He taught me how to be my best. He taught me how to play golf because he wanted to beat me.” Shawn McSpadden said Gloria Gaither asked him, “Can you describe your dad in one word?” After much thought, he said “Consistent. He was consistent as a father, in faith, with the kids, with mom and in loving people.” Gloria Gaither agreed with Shawn. The McSpaddens had traveled with, and lived along side the Gaithers for 10 years. “I don’t remember a cross word from either of them. They are the dearest, sweetest people.” Bill went on to say, “I loved this man. I don’t know of anyone else who could come in and do what he did. Gary was an incredible person. Gary, you’ve finally seen the lights of home” (reference to the song ‘Because He Lives’). The Celebration of Life concluded wth McSpadden’s brother-in-law Dino at the piano accompanied by the FWC Choir performing ‘We Shall Behold Him’ and ‘the Hallelujah Chorus.’ When setting the date and time for the Celebration, Carol McSpadden wasn’t sure if anyone would attend because of the virus and restrictions. But, it all worked out. “It was a great send off, a great tribute to a man’s life well lived. But it doesn’t end,” said Carol McSpadden. “God wants to do something in this community through this church. I am excited about the future of this church. It gave Gary a welcome into heaven and good cross over. I am very pleased. I was thankful people could come and be with us for the gifts that God had given him. He used them for the Lord.” July 29 - 30, 2020 • 9 Thank you for reading the Branson Globe!

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