2 •July 29 - 30, 2020 LOCAL • HOMESCHOOL Continued from page 1 at home. While homeschooling does have some guidelines and regulations, including maintaining records for all children, and spending a specified amount of hours on the core subjects of reading, math, social studies, language arts and science, it does offer many benefits. Mara Hughes, mother of 11, has educated her children at home since her oldest was of the age to start school. She currently has six school aged children, all of whom participate in homeschooling. “There are so many benefits Emeline Hughes, a local entertainer and high school student, finds a computer in a quiet corner of her family’s theatre to work on her homeschool classes. (Photo by K.D. Michaels) CONFIRMED POSITIVE CASES TANEY COUNTY 216 STONE COUNTY 64 of homeschooling,” exclaimed Hughes. “One is family time. You really build family relationships and you’re building relationships between the kids. And, really knowing how your kids are doing with different things. There is obviously a lot more control of what they’re learning. And, you don’t have to worry about different political or social perspectives that may be pushed by someone at school, or about the language of some of the kids, or even bullying and other things that can happen at school. However, you have to prepare them to face those things, because they’re going to have to face them in life. But, it helps to be able to work on those things at home, and help build a foundation so they can have tools to deal with things like that.” Three of Hughes’ children have SEE HOMESCHOOL, PAGE 5 RECOVERED CASES TANEY COUNTY 92 STONE COUNTY 30 bransonglobe.com Mikaela Schriver. (Special to Branson Globe) A physical therapist’s journey with COVID: ‘I never imagined the mental impact of this’ Special to Branson Globe Mikaela Schriver has had countless colds in her life, so she didn’t think much about it when she got what she thought was a sinus infection this June. That all changed when she sat down for breakfast. “I could feel the crunch of the bacon, but it had no flavor,” says Schriver, a physical therapist at Cox Branson. “My coffee tasted watered down and my cinnamon breakfast biscuit was bland. I knew something was wrong.” Schriver did one more quick test of her senses. “I grabbed the lavender essential oil stick from my desk drawer,” she explains. SEE COVID, PAGE 7 COVID-19 in Stone and Taney counties, by the numbers: (As of 7/23/2020. Data provided by TCHD and SCHD websites) DEATHS TANEY COUNTY 3 STONE COUNTY 1

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