bransonglobe.com NATIONAL NEW ORLEANS (AP) — New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and his wife have announced a $5 million donation to build community health centers throughout Louisiana. Drew Brees and Brittany Brees appeared in a video posted to the NFL player’s Instagram account Monday revealing the partnership between the Brees Dream Foundation and Louisiana health care system Ochsner Health. • HOME COOKS Continued from page 18 Other cooking projects have included Taiwanese beef noodle soup, Spanish tortillas and tahdig (Persian rice). Lee started her quarantine cooking by focusing on foods the family normally ordered in or ate out, trying to satisfy those cravings in her own kitchen. She also has become a fan of preparing large pieces of meat and re-using that protein for a few meals in different ways. She re-purposes them in salads, sandwiches, or simple rice or pasta bowls. At first, Lee made everyone sandwiches for lunch, but now breakfast and lunch have become more fendfor-yourself, do-it-on-your-own-timeline. “That came with cooking fatigue and my realization I could not spend all day in the kitchen,” she says. “Now I’m just focused on dinner,” which the family still eats together at the table. Lee still enjoys cooking, but has experienced “dark days where I feel unDrew Brees said the partnership would have a particular emphasis on underserved communities, adding that the first of the health care centers was set to be built in New Orleans East later this year. The centers will include primary and specialty care services, he said. “COVID-19 has changed nearly everything ... and as we work through one of the greatest challenges of our lifetimes, our health inspired … then I’m cooking for subsistence, and my heart is not vested in what I’m making.” This summer, she has been trying to organize some socially-distanced outdoor meals with friends. Wing says his accelerated cooking pace is not likely to stick: “Once our lives are back to normal, I fully expect we will be back to ordering in as frequently as cooking at home.” He plans to return to his brick-and-mortar, in-person supermarket shopping too. Navarette says she feels empowered by having learned to cook, and expects she’ll keep doing it. She has learned to find recipes based on what ingredients she has and what need to be cooked first, and adds, “I’m so much less intimidated by cooking and knives and cookbooks!” “I can feed my family (more than just buttered noodles). Feels good to say,” she says. And Lee can’t wait to return to restaurants with friends for certain foods that she’s not attempting at home, like Shanghai soup dumplings and falafel. and wellness has never been more important,” Drew Brees said in the video. “We will continue to bridge the gap to bring healthcare, education and economic equity to all of our communities,” the Brees’ added in the post. In March, the family donated an additional $5 million to go toward coronavirus relief in Louisiana, news outlets reported. Brees drew criticism in June and subsequently apologized for July 29 - 30, 2020 • 19 Drew Brees to donate $5M to support Louisiana health care comments he made in an interview regarding his opposition to Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling during the national anthem. The comments came as demonstrations against police brutality and racial injustice unfolded around the world.

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