bransonglobe.com STATE Courtesy of MODOT Southwest District – State routes in five (5) southwest Missouri counties are scheduled to be sealed with a mixture of rock and oil beginning the week of August 3, the Missouri Department of Transportation said. Here’s a look at the locations: • Barton County – U.S. Route 160 from the Missouri/Kansas state line east to I-49 (17.5 miles) • Jasper County – Route E from near Missouri Route 571 east to Missouri Route 37 (9 miles) • HOMESCHOOL Continued from page 5 Letha, a local parent, had a different perspective. “I’m sending my daughter to school, but she has to wear a mask in the hallways and on the bus. My main reasoning is she thrives in school, and I definitely struggled in teaching her.” And, Jessie, a single mom of three, agreed, saying, :”I’m sending my child back to school. I have other kids at home, and simply do not have the time and capability to teach her and give her the correct amount of time, while working.” A mother of high-school students, Crystal Wolfe, had differing thoughts, explaining, “We will send the kids to school only if the school has mandatory masks, temp checks, social distancing and health safety for the kids at all times. Another option we are presently leaning toward is working with eight other families. The children would all attend online school at our home three days a week, so the kids have a healthy social circle to encourage each other. They would enroll in school, and miss three days a week when they take the online classes. Taking online classes still allows them to participate in all sports at the school, as though they were attending full-time. My children do NOT want to do online classes, • Jasper County – Route V from I-49 south to Missouri Route 96 (2 miles) • McDonald County – Missouri Route 43 from Route DD south to Route B (5 miles) • Barry County – Route F from Missouri Route 112 east to Missouri Route 86 (5 miles) • Barry County – Missouri Route 112 from Route F north to Missouri Route 86 (5.5 miles) • Newton/Barry counties – Missouri Route 86 from U.S. Route but they understand our decision in regards to their health.” Despite many differences in opinion regarding their children’s schooling -- and with more and more people leaning towards educating from home -- most parents can definitely agree that education is important, that each family faces different and unique circumstances, and that we are all very concerned for the health and welfare of our children. Your Branson Area Weather Source Loving The Ozarks WED 86 Showers & T-Storms Likely 68 Branson Area 5 Day Outlook THU FRI 60 near Neosho to Missouri Route 76 south of Wheaton (24.5 miles) Drivers also can expect flaggers and pilot cars directing them through the work zone. Drivers should wait for the pilot vehicle before proceeding through the work zone or before entering the work zone from a side road. Signs and message boards will alert drivers to the work zone. Weather and/or scheduling delays will alter the work schedule. July 29 - 30, 2020 • 13 Pavement sealing work planned week of Aug. 3 in five Southwest Missouri counties A chip-seal is not an alternative to an asphalt overlay, but is planned for these roads as an economical way to maintain and preserve the roadway. The treatments keep a road from deteriorating and will extend its life. SAT SUN 87 83 81 86 Showers & T-Storms Likely 69 Chance for Showers & T-Storms 66 Chance for Morning Showers or T-Storms 65 Partly to Mostly Cloudy

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