Happy Father’s Day! Always FREE! Your source for local news and entertainment INSIDE... June 21 - 24, 2020 • Vol. 1, Issue 101 Opinion: Message from the Mayor. Pg. 4 Wooden money: Washington town creates its own. Pg. 13 Hall of Fame: NASCAR inducts Earnhardt, Jr. Pg. 16 Saddle Up! WEATHER...page 13 Highs in the 80s. Chance of showers and storms through Tuesday. Ozark Mountain Trail Rides and sister company Bear Creek Trail Rides taking folks on a breathtaking ride of open vistas and blue skies. The horses are friendly, too. Here, from left to right, Oreo, Mr. Wilsin, Manager Angela Coffelt, and Mojo. (Branson Globe photo)

2 • June 21 - 23, 2020 LOCAL Staff Reports Boats may float, but they can’t go up a mountain to showcase the spectacular hillsides of Branson like a horse can. That’s the cheerful attitude one observer noticed taking in the lush patches of cedar grass, majestic oak trees and site of The Shepherd of the Hills Old Mill Theater as riders prepared to mount their horses on a warm Friday morning in June with no rain in sight. “Horseback riding is a unique way to see the wonders of the Ozarks views in Branson,” Manager Angela Coffelt of Ozark Mountain Trail Rides said. “When riders come out into the open and see the countryside in a different way, they just gasp out loud at the beauty.” Ozark Mountain Trail Rides is located at 6561 W. Hwy 76 in Branson and sits on land owned by the Shepherd of the Hills Adventure Park. Its sister operation, Bear Creek Trail Rides, is located in about a ten-minute drive north of Branson. Both are currently open and packing in eager riders seeking happy trails, more so than ever before, Coffelt noted. Both horseback riding operations are taking precautions to keep riders safe and healthy regarding pandemic guidelines, although Coffelt said, “I’m not sure horses get social distancing like we do.” Notwithstanding horse sense, Coffelt manages four rides daily at 10 a.m., 11:30 a.m., 1 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. Two guides lead ten riders for each outing. Guests must be seven years or older to ride since “they need to know their right from left especially on a hilly trail. The Ozark Mountain Trail one hour ride winds around the site where the Shepherd of the Hills drama is produced during the evenings. Horseback riding is a separate operation from Shepherd of the Hills Homestead and attractions. bransonglobe.com Trails Ho! Riders saddle up for horseback riding in Branson Bear Creek Trail Rides, a two-hour experience on horseback, actually cross the waters of Bear Creek. Coffelt said, adding that more information about pricing and availability can be found at the Bear Creek Trail Rides Facebook page. For more information on Ozark Mountain Trail Rides at Shepherd of the Hills Homestead Adventure Park, such as availability, Coffelt said people should visit the Shepherd of the Hills website. Cost per rider is $35. Ready to hit the trail. (Branson Globe photo)

bransonglobe.com LOCAL June 21 - 23, 2020 • 3 Taney County doubles its COVID-19 case count in one week Submitted to Branson Globe The Taney County Health Department has confirmed three new cases of COVID-19 in Taney County. This brings the case count to 30, with two deaths, 13 recovered and 15 active cases. All of the new cases are residents of Taney County. The 28th case was a close contact of a previous case and has been isolating at home and has had no contact with anyone outside of their household. The 29th case is not linked to previous cases and is considered community spread. The individual is isolating at home and has provided the following itinerary: Travel Itinerary for case 29: June 15th • 2:50 pm Casey’s in Hollister (masked) • 3:00 pm Tanger Mall (masked) » » Carters Adidas » Nike » American Eagle » Michael Kors » Vera Bradley » Rack Room Shoes • 5:30 pm TJ MAXX (masked) • 7:00 pm Tequila’s 2 picked up food(masked) • 7:25 pm Chili’s Curbside (masked) • 7:35 McDonald’s, Branson Hills Parkway, drive through(masked) June 16th • 6:30 pm Momo’s picked up food (masked) • 6:45 pm McDonald’s drive through Downtown (masked) All contacts for this case have been notified and are isolating at home. Case number 30 is not linked to any previous cases and is considered community spread. Below is the travel itinerary for case number 30. Travel Itinerary for case 30: June 13th No public contacts June 14th • 11:30 am Walmart Branson Hills (unmasked) • 11:45 am Target Branson Hills (unmasked) • 12:00 pm Kohl’s Branson Hills (unmasked) • 1:30 pm Cracker Barrel (unmasked) June 15th No public contacts June 16th • 9:45 am McDonald’s drive through (unmasked) All contacts have been notified and are isolating at home. If you were at any of these locations during this time, please monitor for symptoms. If symptoms do develop, please notify your healthcare provider for further consultation. Taney County Health department is asking everyone in the community to wear a face covering or mask, follow social distancing guidelines and stay home if you are sick. For more information contact the Taney County Health Department at 417-334-4544. Tourism District seeks marketing professionals for new committee “Hey, we’re eating here.” Hitting the Ozarks trails works up an appetite. (Branson Globe photo) Submitted to Branson Globe The Branson/Lakes Area Tourism District is forming a new Marketing Oversite Committee, and is seeking volunteers to serve. The new District Marketing Committee will replace the existing District Marketing Council. The Tourism District is responsible for administering the 1-percent tourism marketing sales tax apaproved by voters in 2004 and re-approved in 2014. The Marketing Oversite Committee will support the Board of Directors by applying the combined marketing knowledge, experience and expertise of its volunteers to enhance destination marketing efforts which benefit the entire District and its stakeholders Committee members must be abel to prioritize the common good, contribute to strategic marketing decision-making at the management level, and work effectively with a team of professionals. Those interested in applying for a position on the Committee can find the application with this story online. Applications are due by Friday, July 10, 2020

4 • June 21 - 23, 2020 OPINION Dear Branson Community, While all Missouri statewide COVID-19 health are now lifted, the health recommendations that we all have been following remain in place. Please don’t stop following the recommendations from the Taney County Health Department (TCHD). This applies to businesses, residents, and visitors. You can find those recommendations here: https://www. taneycohealth.org/covid19/. We have seen why we still need to do this as Taney County has seen a recent jump in cases. As of Thursday, June 18, 2020, Kim Rohde Publisher (417) 872-2951 lkimrohde@yahoo.com Brenda Meadows Editor & Staff Writer (417) 231-7601 info@BransonGlobe.com David Stoltz News Correspondent (228) 355-2900 itcdls@gmail.com Gary Groman, a.k.a. The Ole Seagull Opinion Writer Rob Doherty Account Representative & Distribution Manager (504) 583-8907 robd@bransonglobe.com Karen Halfpop Digital/Production Director production@ BransonGlobe.com Submit a letter to the editor: Letters to the editor that are sent via e-mail and are fewer than 400 words are given preference. Published or unpublished letters become the property of the newspaper and will not be returned. All letters must include name, address, and verifiable phone number. BransonGlobe Your source for local news and entertainment Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. info@BransonGlobe.com • Phone: (417) 334-9100 • Fax: (417) 334-3767 • 1447 US Hwy. 248, Suite EE, Branson, MO 65616 BransonGlobe.com Mayor Edd Akers (FILE) there have been 27 confirmed cases, 12 of whom have recovered, two deaths, and 2,071 people tested. By continuing to follow all social distancing and health precautions, we can help stop the spread of this virus and help keep our entire community safe. I want to thank everyone who is staying vigilant and following all health recommendations. Our City has to do this so we can safely reopen while keeping everyone safe. If we see a big spike in COVID-19 cases, it would be detrimental to both the health of our community as well as economically. As we slowly get back to normal as safely as possible, I am bransonglobe.com Mayor’s Message: a weekly message from Mayor Edd Akers orders excited to see the 113th Missouri Amateur Championship at Ozarks National Golf Club next week. This means 172 of the best amateur golfers from all over the state of Missouri will be in Branson. Later in July, the American Junior Golf will conduct the Bass Pro Shops/Payne Stewart Junior Championship at Buffalo Ridge Course. Both are great outdoor events that will bring new visitors to our area. Your aldermen and city hall staff have planned well to financially weather this current situation. Your city is on solid financial ground right now, because of responsible planning and budgeting. If there is anything you wish to see done differently, I would urge you to reach out to your local aldermen. They have the difficult job of making hard decisions when it comes to finances and how to best serve our citizens. I know that many of you are and have been praying for us. Thank You! I believe that it is my job to serve you and to do what is best for the citizens of Branson. Thank you for letting me serve you, Mayor Edd Akers Support Our Local Veterans! @BransonGlobe BransonGlobe @BransonGlobe #Branson Globe

bransonglobe.com LOCAL University of Missouri system announces 2.3% tuition hike COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) — Tuition is going up at the University of Missouri’s four campuses in Columbia, St. Louis, Kansas City and Rolla after they took a financial hit because of the coronavirus pandemic. The University of Missouri Board of Curators approved the 2.3% tuition increase on Thursday. If enrollment remains steady, it will generated about $14.8 million, according to a news release. Mun Choi, UM system president and interim MU chancellor, said the tuition increase, which is equal to the amount of inflation, is low compared to those instituted at other universities across the county. “These increases do not fill the gaps in revenue the university has experienced, but they will help us maintain our commitment to teaching excellence,” Choi said in a statement. As state revenues dried up amid coronvirus shutdowns, higher education funding was slashed in several rounds of cuts. The cuts cost the University of Missouri System $52 million in the current fiscal year, which ends June 30. The four universities also have provided more than $30 million in refunds to students, including refunds for room and board costs when the universities went to remote learning in March. “We’ve not experienced the type of financial crisis in the modern history of the university,” Choi said. AREA ENTERTAINERS • SILENT AUCTION June 21 - 23, 2020 • 5 Help Support Branson local businesses @bransonlocalbusinesses.com

6 • June 21 - 23, 2020 bransonglobe.com

bransonglobe.com LOCAL Investment banking: Buy the company you manage By Bob Hodgson You are the envy of most of the population in this great country by being able to live and work in beautiful Branson, Missouri. You may at some point suspect the owner of your company will be retiring and exiting the business. You realize that owning a private business is every manager’s dream, but you have no clue as to how to accomplish this and obtain the necessary capital. A management buyout (MBO) is an acquisition where a company’s existing management acquires the company. The management will not usually have enough money available to buy a company so other financial sources are sought through an investment bank. An investment bank is retained to assess, establish and negotiate a fair deal value. They will have primary responsibility to assure the deal moves forward to completion. They will also arrange financing that will fit the needs of the management team. There are many financial choices and structures such as: A. Using the company assets and accounts receivable as collateral to obtain debt financing. B. Acquiring permanent loans, mezzanine loans, bridge loans and non-recourse debt. C. Acquiring private equity partners. Private equity firms have hundreds of billions of combined dollars available to acquire companies with solid management in almost every industry. They will invest with management and provide incentive programs that will increase management’s ownership. Private equity firms will let the current management run the company and provide capital for expanding the comJune 21 - 23, 2020 • 7 Bob Hodgson (FILE) pany. An investment bank has firsthand knowledge of the private equity firms that would be interested in your type of industry and company size. There are approximately 3,000 firms available for these transactions. Selling to a management group is often the most desirable type of ownership transfer. Management buyouts provide continuity and stability. Owners of a company will give priority to a management group. Management buyouts are appealing to professional managers because it offers greater potential rewards from being owners of the business rather than being employees. Company owners want to pass their company on to a highly capable management team. The owner has worked very hard and taken pride in his company and what has been accomplished. He wants to put a proud smile on his face and maintain a sense of accomplishment when he drives past the business that he once owned and nurtured. Amvest Financial Group is a leading international investment banking firm based in Kansas City representing clients with sales from $10 million to over $6 billion. www.amvest.com

8 • June 21 - 23, 2020 bransonglobe.com

bransonglobe.com STATE Missouri to reinstate rules for unemployment, food stamps COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) — State officials on Tuesday said they’re reinstating requirements for unemployment and food stamps that were waived because of the coronavirus pandemic. Anna Hui, director of the state’s labor department, said workers will need to comply with job search requirements to keep getting unemployment after July 4. She cited a study by the University of Chicago’s Becker Friedman Institute for Economics that shows unemployment benefits, coupled with an extra $600 a week from the federal government, mean many workers nationally are getting more than they did while working. The study lists Missouri workers as getting on average 152% to 161% of their past wages in unemployment benefits. “We all know that a system that rewards individuals to be unemployed is unsustainable,” Hui said. Acting Department of Social Services Director Jennifer Tidball said starting July 1 families will again need to verify that they’re still eligible to receive food stamps. The requirement was waived during the pandemic. Tidball added that about 60% of eligible families of students who received free-and-reduced lunch at school have applied to get a one-time, maximum payment of $302. She said the agency extended the deadline to apply for the money to July 7. Missouri’s health department on Tuesday reported more than 16,400 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the state since the pandemic began and 882 deaths. Gov. Mike Parson let a statewide social distancing order expire Monday. The end of statewide rules comes as the coronavirus is spreading beyond Missouri’s largest cities, fueled in part by outbreaks in meat packing plants and nursing homes. “COVID-19 as of June 16 didn’t disappear in Missouri,” state health Director Randall Williams said. “So we have to be prepared to watch closely, working with our local partners everyday, to make sure that we get in there early before it gains momentum.” Williams said the Department of Health and Senior Services is sending two contact tracers and an interpreter to southwest Missouri, where the virus is spreading. He’s also partnering with Arkansas’ health director to develop a strategy for fighting the virus in that region. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the share of cases coming from rural areas now accounts for about 30% of the state’s new cases — a greater portion than ever before. The seven-day average of daily new cases in areas of the state beyond the St. Louis and Kansas City metro regions, has generally been under 50. But since the middle of May, a gradual climb has pushed the pace to about 65 new cases a day. “There’s been this long-running perception that coronavirus is an urban phenomenon,” said Chris Prener, a sociologist at St. Louis University who closely tracks Missouri coronavirus trends. “It’s definitely an ongoing issue for rural areas.” The per-capita rate of infections has leapt more than tenfold over the past month in Sullivan County, near the Iowa border, where a giant pork processing plant dominates the local economy, and employees have voiced concern about vulnerability to the virus. Meanwhile, the St. Louis area — the state’s coronavirus epicenter for much of the outbreak — has seen new cases fall as the Kansas City region is getting hit significantly harder than ever. June 21 - 23, 2020 • 9 Have a news tip? Send it to us at info@bransonglobe.com

10 • June 21 - 23, 2020 NATIONAL NEW YORK (AP) — As journalists grapple with massive protests and sweeping changes in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, U.S. newsrooms are debating an important style change: whether to capitalize the “b” in black when describing people. The Los Angeles Times, USA Today and NBC News last week changed their practices to do that, and the National Association of Black Journalists urged other news organizations to follow. Many are studying the idea, including The New York Times and The Associated Press. The AP Stylebook of usage policies is highly influential in the industry with many news organizations, government and public relations agencies using it as a guide. The death of Floyd, a black man who died after a white Minneapolis police officer pressed a knee to his neck, has sparked nationwide protests and has given momentum to an idea that has essentially been dormant for a number of years.“It does seem like now is the time,” said Doris Truong, director of training and diversity at the Poynter Institute, a journalism think tank. “It’s a change, as the NABJ points out, that doesn’t cost you anything and ... is very meaningful to the people who are affected.” It’s also a relatively simple step for news organizations suddenly dealing with many complex issues, like whether bransonglobe.com Newsroom quandary: Should ‘black’ be capitalized? its journalists can be opinionated on social media or march in Black Lives Matter demonstrations. Nearly a century ago, sociologist W.E.B. DuBois waged a letter-writing campaign to get newspapers to capitalize Negro, saying a lowercase “n” was a sign of disrespect and racism. The New York Times took his advice in 1930, calling it an act of recognition and respect for those who’d spent generations in “the lower case.” Negro fell out of fashion with the Black Power movement of the 1960s, coming to symbolize subservience. African American was often used, but is not always accurate — some black people don’t trace their lineage to Africa. The USA Today Network said Friday it would adopt uppercase style for black immediately, a move that affects more than 260 newsrooms including SEE QUANDARY, PAGE 11

bransonglobe.com NATIONAL • QUANDARY Continued from page 10 its flagship USA Today newspaper. “Capitalizing Black reflects an understanding and respect that is consistent with how many Black people and Black publications describe the people and descendants of the African diaspora and reflects a rich range of shared cultures,” the company’s diversity committee said in recommending the change. The Seattle Times and Boston Globe both changed their practices to capitalize black late last year. The Globe explained that the word has evolved from a description of a person’s skin color to signify a race and culture, and deserves the uppercase treatment, much like Latinos get. The biggest complicating factor for news organizations is whether descriptions of white or brown people should also be capitalized. A description of a person as “white” generally doesn’t carry cultural connotations. There’s also some concern that a capitalized “white” has associations in some minds with white nationalist or supremacist movements, said Paula Froke, the AP’s stylebook editor. With the issue taking on a new urgency since Floyd’s killing, the AP is actively considering it, she said. “We look at it from an objective point of view of how language has evolved,” Froke said. In a nod to the AP Stylebook’s influence, a half dozen news organizations have reached out in the past week to see what the AP was doing. The black journalists’ association has capitalized the word in its own communications for the past year, but had received several inquiries recently about why the AP doesn’t, said NABJ President Dorothy Tucker. The group wanted to make its preferences known, she said. Another seemingly small step by the AP last year — removing a hyphen that separated African American — had outsized influence because it removed a stigma of “otherness,” Truong noted. Journalists should also be thinking about a host of other issues, among them increasing diversity on their staffs and in voices included in stories, and imagery like the use of mug shots, said Sarah Glover, manager of social strategy for NBCowned television stations. The capitalization of “black” is “an important conversation,” June 21 - 23, 2020 • 11 Glover said. “But this is not something that should be a onehit wonder.” Your ad would look GREAT right here! Call (417) 334-9100 TODAY!

12 • June 21 - 23, 2020 NATIONAL CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — Rich Vanderweit saw the loneliness of older people in the COVID-19 pandemic, and he devised a modest effort to ease their isolation. Vanderweit, an activity aide at Sullivan County Health Care in Claremont, thought: Why not match his nursing home residents with pen pals at Summercrest Senior Living Community 12 miles away in Newport? Both facilities had stopped allowing visitors because of the virus. By the end of April, about 20 residents were participating. But then the program was featured in the local newspaper and on TV. “That’s when the trouble began,” Vanderweit said, laughing. Soon, letters began pouring in, at least 700 from around the United States. The stacks of mail got so large that Vanderweit organized a pen pal club which gathers once a week to read the letters aloud and respond as a group. Sometimes they get simple cards that say “Just brightening your day, no need to write back.” Others send heartfelt letters. “The whole country is suffering because of this, and we’re getting stories of people’s lives and what their everyday existence is like,” he said. “It’s been really amazing. We have a window on America here.” Flo Young, a 93-year-old resident of the Sullivan County home, said she didn’t think much of the program initially. “I thought maybe we’d get a couple of letters or so, but boy, we got bombarded!” she said. Young said she’s received letters from Texas, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Your Branson Area Weather Source Loving The Ozarks SUN 88 FATHERS DAY Chance For A Shower Or Thunderstorm 67 MON Branson Area 5 Day Outlook TUE bransonglobe.com Pen pal program forges connections beyond nursing homes Iowa, and other states. “Sometimes they tell us about themselves, other times their hobbies,” she said. In turn, she tells them about “the weather, our beautiful weeping willow tree, and the big red barns we have out here.” Another resident, Marion Duford, has been writing to a woman from nearby Charlestown, who described taking a ride in a motorcycle sidecar. They hope to meet in person someday. “I get all excited when I get a letter,” she said. “It’s an old-time thing, but it’s a chance to meet new people.” Barbara Rabtoy, the activities director at Summercrest, said the program is equally beloved by her residents, including one who has struck up a friendship with a fellow baseball fan and has been exchanging baseball cards along with letters. “They can’t have visitors, they WED THU 87 83 85 88 Chance for Morning Showers & Thunderstorm 66 Chance For Morning Showers & Thunderstorms 60 Partly To Mostly Sunny Slight Chance For Showers 63 Partly To Mostly Sunny Chance For A Shower Or Thunderstorm can’t have family come in, so this is a way of reaching out,” she said. Some writers give updates on their pets (“Blackie is doing much better now that I got him to the salon. He was getting very shaggy.”). A midwestern woman described canning vegetables from her garden. “I pray that all is well with you and that you continue to stay safe,” she wrote. “Please write back, I would love to continue writing to my new friends.” Vanderweit said his initial goal was to build a bridge between two lonely populations. “This is such a community-based facility, it’s been a hardship for the residents because they can’t have people in like we used to,” he said. “It started out as people writing to us to offer support, and now we are also supporting our new friends.” As grateful as he is for the outpouring, residents can’t take on any more requests for pen pals for now, he said. Postcards are welcome, or he suggests people reach out to nursing homes in their home states. “We are swamped,” he said. “But it’s beautiful.”

bransonglobe.com NATIONAL TENINO, Wash. (AP) — The bluecheese salad dressing, butter, ground turkey, cans of grain-free dog food and new toothbrush came to $24.97. Laurie Mahlenbrei handed the cashier a slice of wood marked $25, and walked out. The wooden currency is good only in the small city of Tenino, Washington, part of an effort to help residents and local merchants alike get through the economic fallout of the pandemic. Decades after it created a similar program during the Great Depression, the city is dipping into its emergency accounts to give people in need up to $300 per month in wooden currency to spend. Just about every business in town, from the gas station and auto-body shop to Don Juan’s Mexican Kitchen, is accepting the wooden scrip. The currency, made of maple veneer, is about the thickness, size and flexibility of an index card and printed on the same 1890s-era press that once printed the Depression currency and the local newspaper. It can’t be used for alcohol, tobacco or marijuana. The businesses can redeem the scrip for real dollars at City Hall -- or sell them on the side. Some merchants said they’ve been offered three times the face value from coin collectors around the country. “The city could have given out debit cards or cash, but we don’t know where that money is going to go,” said Tyler Whitworth, past president of the local chamber of commerce. “This is one of the ways we could keep the money here in the community.” Tenino, population 1,800, is about a 25-minute drive south of the state capital, Olympia. Around the turn of the 20th century it became a boom town, with four hotels and 11 saloons, as the stone from its several quarries was in demand to help rebuild Seattle and San Francisco following devastating fires. Nowadays there are no hotels; the quiet downtown is a row of single-story shops. “We’re a small community that relies on a lot of tourism during the summer,” said Mayor Wayne Fournier, who devised the plan to use the wooden currency again. “Now everything’s been shut down. Our businesses, our restaurants, antique stores, they’re not going to have the traffic. There’s no assistance available for them. We are on our own.” Mahlenbrei, one of about a dozen people who applied for the assistance in the program’s early days, is a school bus driver. The company she works for has continued paying her for her normal routes, she said, so she can’t collect unemployment. But the extra trips that usually double her base income -- driving students on field trips and teams to games -- have dried up, along with their compensation. She had to begin taking Social Security early, reducing the payments she will receive. And the company that provided her hearing aid has repossessed it because she can’t make the monthly payments. She used $150 of her first monthly aid to pay her utility bill. “When they came up with this, I was the first person in line down there,” said Mahlenbrei, 63. “I have no money. This really helps.” Maria Williams, the owner of Tenino Coffee Bistro, said she was proud of the city for taking the initiative to help its own residents. “Most cities go to the next level up when they need help -- ‘Hello, Governor,’” she said. “But this is all about what we can do for ourselves.” In this May 21, 2020, Loren Ackerman holds a piece of wooden money he printed on an 1890s-era press in Tenino, Wash. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren) June 21 - 23, 2020 • 13 Washington city helps residents, merchants with wooden money

14 • June 21 - 23, 2020 ENTERTAINMENT NOW OFFERING LEASE TO OWN OPTIONS 55+ Gated Master-Planned Community Located on Branson Hills Parkway in Branson, MO • Maintenance Free Living • Clubhouse • Discounted Membership at Branson Hills Golf Club • Amazing Location • Beautiful Valley Views nation’s largest movie theater chain changed its position on mask-wearing less than a day after the company became a target on social media for saying it would defer to local governments on the issue. AMC Theaters CEO Adam Aron said Friday that its theaters will require patrons to wear masks upon reopening, which will begin in mid-July. “We think it is absolutely cruCALL NOW 417.239.0951 SummitRidgeBRANSON.COm cial that we listen to our guests,” Aron said. “It is clear from this response that we did not go far enough on the usage of masks.” AMC Theaters wasn’t the first to say it would defer to officials on the mask issue — the Cinemark and Regal chains had already stated similar plans. But it hit a nerve for many on Thursday and #boycottAMC quickly became a trending topic on Twitter. The outrage was further flamed by one of Aron’s comments in an interview with the Hollywood trade Variety that implied that taking a hard stance on mask-wearing was a political matter. “We did not want to be drawn into a political controversy,” Aron said. “We thought it might be counterproductive if we forced mask wearing on those people who believe strongly that it is not necessary.” He also said that he thought the “vast majority of AMC guests will be wearing masks” and that he planned to lead by example and would be wearing a mask himself. bransonglobe.com AMC Theaters reverses course on masks after backlash LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Earlier Friday, Alamo Drafthouse, which operates around 40 locations in the U.S. said that it would be requiring that guests wear masks at its theaters, with a caveat for eating and drinking. Those without masks, it said, would be given one. AMC plans to sell masks for $1. Most indoor U.S. theaters have been closed since mid-March because of COVID-19. AMC plans to open 450 of its U.S. locations on July 15, with the goal of having most of its theaters in operation by July 24 for the opening of Disney’s “Mulan” and Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” the following week. AMC operates theaters in Springfield, Mo., and Harrison and Fayetteville, Ar.

bransonglobe.com ENTERTAINMENT Denying marriage claim, justices OK James Brown’s dying wish COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — The Godfather of Soul’s dying wish to help educate needy children is a big step closer to being fulfilled, now that South Carolina’s Supreme Court — wading into a 14-year-old legal saga yet again — has ruled that James Brown’s last partner was not legally married to him. In an unanimous ruling on Wednesday, the state’s justices wrote that Tomi Rae Hynie, a former partner of Brown’s who claimed to be his wife, failed to annul a previous marriage, and therefore did not have a right to his multimillion-dollar estate. Brown’s union with Hynie has long been the center of the evolving legal troubles following his death at the age of 73 on Christmas Day 2006. Brown was renowned for hundreds of iconic musical works including hits like “I Feel Good” and “A Man’s World,” and was known around the world for his flashy performances and dynamic stage presence. But years of drug problems and financial mismanagement caused his estate to dwindle. More than a dozen lawsuits have been filed over the years by people trying to lay claim to what’s left, which courts have estimated to be worth anything from $5 million to more than $100 million. Wednesday’s ruling dealt another blow to a deal brokered by Gov. Henry McMaster who, as South Carolina’s attorney general, stepped in to facilitate a 2009 settlement after Brown’s estate had been floundering in court for years. In 2013, the state’s high court overturned McMaster’s settlement, which would have given nearly half the estate to a charitable trust, a quarter to Hynie, and the rest to be split among his adult children. At the time of that settlement, the exact value of Brown’s assets was not made public, and attorneys said his accounts had little money in them. In 2008, some of his possessions were auctioned for $850,000, in part to pay down debt, and all agreed that future income from music and movie royalties and the use of Brown’s highly marketable likeness was what remained at stake. In that 2013 ruling, justices wrote McMaster hadn’t followed Brown’s expressed wishes for most of his money to go to charity, having instead selected a professional manager who took control of Brown’s assets from the estate’s trustees to settle Brown’s debts. Writing that McMaster’s deal “destroys the estate plan Brown had established in favor of an arrangement overseen virtually exclusively by the AG,” the court also ruled then that the Godfather of Soul was of sound mind when he made his will before his death. Finally on Wednesday, the justices ruled that Hynie has no claims on the money, and ordered a circuit court to “promptly proceed with the probate of Brown’s estate in accordance with his estate plan.” That plan, outlined in Brown’s will, was to create an “I Feel Good” trust that would use his music royalties to fund educational expenses for children in South Carolina and Georgia. “The ongoing litigation since Brown’s passing has thwarted his expressed wish that his estate be used for educational purposes ... a point we find both extraordinary and lamentable,” the court wrote. June 21 - 23, 2020 • 15 In this July 6, 2005 file photo, James Brown performs on stage during the Live 8 concert at Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh, Scotland. (AP Photo/Matt Dunham, File)

16 • June 21 - 23, 2020 SPORTS (AP) Dale Earnhardt Jr. spent his whole life chasing meaningful rewards. He waited longingly for a pat on the back from his famous father, worked diligently to generate compliments from crew members and other drivers and reveled in the roar of his fans — those he inherited from his father and the new ones he brought along for the ride. NASCAR’s longtime fan favorite received the sport’s biggest honor Tuesday, being selected to join his father in the series’ Hall of Fame. Earnhardt will be inducted in Charlotte, North Carolina, along with the late Mike Stefanik and 87-year-old Red Farmer, who is planning to race on Talladega’s dirt track this weekend. Ralph Seagraves was named the Landmark Award winner for his contributions to the sport. Despite never winning a series championship, Earnhardt still received 76% of the votes cast on the modern era ballot. “Just talking about it, it’s really emotional because I feed off affirmation,” he said wistfully. “It’s such a great feeling to know people think I made an impact. I know what my numbers are and I feel like I was chosen because of that but also for the impact I made off the track, being an ambassador for the sport.” Being an Earnhardt name certainly comes with its advantages. Junior’s grandfather, Ralph, went into the International Motorsports bransonglobe.com Earnhardt Jr. headlines NASCAR’s 2021 Hall of Fame class Hall of Fame in 1997 and was named one of the NASCAR’s 50 Greatest Drivers in 1998. Junior’s father, The Intimidator, also made the list and even before finishing his career with 76 wins and a record-tying seven Cup titles. The team-owning father even gave Dale Jr. his first big break, a full-time ride in the Busch Series in 1998. It didn’t take long for Junior to prove he was a natural — on and off the track. He won Busch championships in each of his first two seasons, then two races as a rookie Cup driver in 2000. But when the elder Earnhardt was killed during the 2001 Daytona 500, Junior suddenly found himself in a place he never imagined. “I knew when dad died I was going to assume most if not all of his fan base and I feel like I took care SEE EARNHARDT, JR, PAGE 17 In this Aug. 3, 2014, file photo, Dale Earnhardt Jr. celebrates in Victory Lane after winning a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series auto race at Pocono Raceway in Long Pond, Pa. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum, File)

bransonglobe.com SPORTS • EARNHARDT, JR Continued from page 16 of that,” he said. “I didn’t squander that, I didn’t ruin that and I also introduced myself to a lot of people who never heard of Dale Earnhardt.” Suddenly, the brash 26-year-old Earnhardt emerged as the face of the sport and started adding his own chapter to the family legacy. He won 26 races before retiring as a full-time Cup driver following the 2017 season, including two Daytona 500s and the 2001 Pepsi 400, the first Cup race held at Daytona after his father’s death. Still, fans watched to see if he could replicate the fearless style that made his father so popular. Junior never tried to compete with that image. “There was a point in my career where i started to think I’m not going to win seven championships; I might not even one. I’m not going to win 100 races; I might not even win 40,” he said. “There were a lot of people that wanted me to be as successful as he was and be as aggressive as he was and spin people out or whatever. So I started to think about what I could do outside of that and what else I could do to help the sport.” Junior introduced stock-car racing to a new fans through different news outlets, social media and podcasts. The result: Fifteen consecutive Most Popular Driver awards. While Earnhardt will be the headliner at the induction ceremony, he’s impressed by his new classmates, too. Stefanik won seven titles in NASCAR’s modified series and two more in the Busch North series. The nine total victories is tied for second in series history with Richie Evans and Stefanik was named the second greatest driver in modified history in 2003. The 61-year-old Stefanik, who died from injuries sustained in a plane crash in Connecticut last September, edged out Ricky Rudd for the second spot on the ballot with 49% of the vote. “Phenomenal when you think about what he did. Nine championships,” Kyle Petty said during NBCSN’s announcement show. “Phenomenal record, phenomenal amount of wins.” Farmer, one of the three original “Alabama Gang” members with brothers Bobby and Donnie Allison, beat out Hershel McGriff by earning 71% of the vote on the pioneer ballot. The 87-year-old Farmer won four Late Model Sportsmen season titles, an estimated 700 to 900 races and also was a member of NASCAR’s 50 Greatest Drivers. He also is a member of the International Motorsports Hall of Fame in 2004 and this week with the big series returning to Talladega, he’s scrambling to put together a car for two nights of racing on the June 21 - 23, 2020 • 17 dirt track across the street. “I had a little fender-bender in a 40-lapper last weekend,” he said. “They had a three or four-car pile up right in front of me and I slid into it and messed up the nose pretty good. So I’m getting my backup car ready.” Dinner & Show for “TWO!” Get your tickets early as we are responsibly following the social distancing guidelines; as such seating is limited. *Plus tax & service fee. Exp. 6/30/20 * Let Us Entertain You! See the World’s Most Entertaining... Live Music Show performed by the World’s Largest Performing Family! BORN to... ENTERTAIN! Voted “Live MUSIC SHOW of the YEAR!”- Brammy Awards In this Feb. 13, 1971, file photo, Red Farmer kisses the trophy after winning the Permatex 300 stock car race at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Fla. (AP Photo/George Brich, File) HUGHES BROTHERS THEATRE 3425 WEST 76 COUNTRY BLVD, BRANSON HughesMusicShow.com 800-422-0076

18 • June 21 - 23, 2020 CURIOUSITIES Roaming mountain lion caught in downtown San Francisco SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A young mountain lion that had been spotted sleeping in a planter box along a normally busy street and looking at his reflection in the glass of an office tower in downtown San Francisco was safely captured Thursday and released into the wild, officials said. The disoriented cougar roamed the streets for two days until he was spotted by a police officer near Oracle Park, home of the San Francisco Giants, said Officer Adam Lobsinger, a police spokesman. Officers set up a perimeter and waited for animal control officials to arrive. They safely captured the 50-pound cat in an apartment building’s green area with lots of shrubbery without the use of sedatives, Animal Care and Control spokeswoman Deb Campbell said. “In 24 hours, it only moved a few blocks. The poor guy really needed some help,” she said. Campbell said officials get reports of cougars in San Francisco about once a year. The animals come up along the Pacific Coast from the hills south of the city but eventually find their way back to the wilderness. “We never had a mountain lion right in the middle of downtown San Francisco,” Campbell said. Officials had been eyeing his movements since Tuesday, when a motorist first reported seeing it in Russian Hill, a neighborhood known for the famously crooked Lombard Street. Hours later, surveillance cameras recorded it crossing the parking lot of a television station in the Embarcadero. Soon after, it was spotted again in an area of gleaming office towers. Officials worried the animal wouldn’t find its way south and asked residents in the area to send in any photos or video of the cat so they could monitor its movements. Photo and video images show it crossing streets and walking among apartment building and office towers. “It was looking in windows, looking at his reflection or something. Maybe he thought it was his mom or brother or sister,” Campbell said. Police sent out a tweet urging people to stay vigilant. “It is likely the mountain lion is confused and lost, and will soon find its way south and out of the city,” police officials said in a tweet Wednesday. “If approached by the mountain lion, make yourself appear big and shout.” Mountain lions leave their families after they are 2 years old. But this lion is under that age, and it’s unclear what led him to leave its family, Campbell said. The big cat was examined at the Oakland Zoo before California Fish bransonglobe.com and Wildlife officials released it at a wilderness preserve. Police: Carjacker sits on driver, leads officers on chase EWING, N.J. (AP) — A man forced his way into a vehicle, sat on the driver and took off, pinning her on the seat while leading officers on a chase that began in New Jersey and ended in Pennsylvania, police said. Tomasz Dymek, 31, of the Astoria neighborhood of Queens in New York City, was soliciting money in a drug store parking lot Thursday when a 66-year-old woman gave him $1, Ewing police said. “Dymek was not satisfied with the dollar so he forced his way into the victim’s vehicle and drove from the lot, sitting on top of her in the driver’s seat,” police said in a news release. The woman remained pinned under Dymek as he drove, and she could not hit the brakes, authorities said. Callers alerted police, who pursued the vehicle into Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, where it became disabled. Police arrested Dymek as he fled on foot. The woman was examined by medics and gave police a statement. In this image from surveillance camera video provided by KGO-TV/ ABC7, a young mountain lion wanders through the station’s parking lot in San Francisco Tuesday, June 16, 2020. (KGO-TV/ABC7 via AP)

bransonglobe.com HISTORY June 21 - 23, 2020 • 19 Today in History: Movies, music and more • 1529 Queen Catherine Of England [Catherine of Aragon] speaks against her marriage’s annulment at the Blackfriars Legatine Court • 1768 1st medical diploma in America is granted to Dr John Archer from the College of Philadelphia • 1788 US Constitution comes into effect when New Hampshire is the 9th state to ratify it • 1834 American inventor and businessman Cyrus McCormick patents the reaping machine • 1879 Frank W. Woolworth opens his 1st successful “F. W. Woolworth Great Five Cent Store” on North Queen Street, Lancaster, Pennsylvania • 1893 1st Ferris wheel premieres (Chicago’s Columbian Exposition) • 1904 The US Republican Party nominates Theodore Roosevelt for President, but not without opposition from those whom he calls ‘malefactors of great wealth’ • 1948 Lord Mountbatten resigns as Governor General of India (formerly the last Viceroy) • 1964 Three civil rights workers, Michael Schwerner, Andrew Goodman and James Chaney, disappear after being released from a Mississippi jail, later found murdered by members of the Ku Klux Klan • 1982 John Hinckley found not guilty of 1981 attempted assassination of President Reagan by reason of insanity • 1990 At Yankee Stadium rally, Nelson Mandela dons a NY Yankee baseball cap and proclaims “I am a Yankee!” • 1990 7.7 Manjil-Rudbar Earthquake with hundreds of aftershocks hits Iran; killing about 50,000 • 2003 “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” the 5th book of the series by J. K. Rowling is published worldwide in English • 2006 Pluto’s newly discovered moons are officially named Nix and Hydra Movies & TV • 1966 “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”, directed by Mike Nichols and based on the 1962 play of the same name, starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, is released (Academy Awards Best Actress 1967) Music • 1955 Johnny Cash debuts Top 10 country song “Cry! Cry! Cry!” • 1975 Elton John, The Eagles and The Beach Boys play Wembley Stadium • 1978 Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s musical “Evita” premieres in London • 1981 Don Fagan and Walter Becker quit rock group Steely Dan • 1982 Paul McCartney releases “Take it Away” • 1990 Little Richard gets a star on Hollywood’s walk of fame • 1998 “Don’t Be Cruel” 2nd studio album by Bobby Brown is released (Grammy Award Best Male R&B Vocal Performance 1990) Sports • 1939 NY Yankees announce Lou Gehrig’s retirement after doctors reveal he has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis • 1950 Joe DiMaggio gets his 2,000th hit • 1986 1985 Heisman Trophy winner Bo Jackson, signs 3-year contract to play baseball with the Kansas City Royals • 1997 Women’s National Basketball Association begins as NY Liberty beats LA Sparks • 2002 Lennox Lewis retains boxing’s WBC world Heavyweight crown with an eight round knockout over Mike Tyson Birthdays • 1905 Jean-Paul Sartre, French existentialist philosopher and writer (Le Mur, Nobel 1964; declined), born in Paris (d. 1980) • 1921 Jane Russell, American actress and leading sex symbol in 1940s-50s (The Outlaw), born in Bemidji, Minnesota (d. 2011) • 1925 Maureen Stapleton, American actress (Lonelyhearts, Airport, Coccoon, Plaza Suite), born in Troy, New York (d. 2006) • 1933 Bernie Kopell, American actor (Love Boat, Get Smart, That Girl), born in NYC, New York • 1940 Mariette Hartley, American actress (Poloroid spokesperson, Marooned), born in NYC, New York • 1947 Meredith Baxter-Birney, American actress (Family Ties, Bridget Loves Bernie), born in South Pasadena, California • 1947 Michael Gross, American actor (Family Ties, FBI murders), born in Chicago, Illinois • 1954 Kathleen Turner, American actress (Accidental Tourist, Jewel of Nile), born in Springfield, Missouri • 1956 Rick Sutcliffe, American baseball pitcher (LA Dodgers, Chicago Cubs), born in Independence, Missouri • 1957 Berkeley Breathed, American cartoonist (Vegetarian, Bloom County, Outland), born in Encino, Los Angeles • 1959 Kathy Mattea, country singer (Love at the Five & Dime) • 1966 Gretchen Carlson, American television commentator (Fox News) and 1989 Miss America, born in Anoka, Minnesota • 1979 Chris Pratt, American actor (Guardians of the Galaxy, Jurassic World,), born in Virginia, Minnesota • 1982 Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, son of Prince Charles & Lady born in London, England • 1985 Lana Del Rey, American singer-songwriter (Born to Die, Ultraviolence), and model (H&M), born in NYC, New York Diana,

20 • June 21 - 23, 2020 CLASSIFIEDS bransonglobe.com DEADLINES FOR CLASSIFIEDS Wednesday’s paper: Tuesday 9 am Friday’s paper: Thursday 9 am Sunday’s paper: Friday 11 am Email: info@bransonglobe.com Call: (417) 334-9100 NOTICES & MEETINGS TO ENSURE THE BEST RESPONSE TO YOUR AD... Please make sure your ad is correct in the first issue in which it appears. The Branson Globe is responsible for one day’s charge of the space occupied by the error. If your ad is not correct, call us immediately to have it corrected. SERVICES OFFERED FREE ESTIMATES FROM ground up remodels roofs, deck, additions, pole-barns, flooring and complete build 5yr labor warranty 417-699-1635 06/30 FREE FOOD FOR THOUGHT about Jesus Food Bank Program. $10 gas free first visit only. Watch a 40-minute DVD about Jesus, I will answer any questions you might have with the Bible truth. Please call 417337-3772 for an appointment. 2-3 people at a time. 06/30 ACE HOME IMPROVEMENT Heating & Air HVAC Service & Repair, Doors, Windows, Decks, Fences, Pressure Washing, Int & Ext. Painting, Siding, Roofing, Flooring, Tile & Drywall. Handyman Work! Call Ryan 417-335-1347 06/30 DON’T PANIC ... SELL YOUR STUFF! SERVICES OFFERED RESIDENTIAL SERVICES OFFERED AND COMMERCIAL service and installation 0% interest financing 100% satisfaction guarantee. GOFF HVAC and Solar Energy 417-334-3681 goff-hvac.com 06/30 VENDORS WANTED VENDORS WANTED! Creekside Antiques & Flea Market, 111 Saint James St.,Hollister, MO 65672. Call Gary or Rea at 417-527-2956 VENDORS WANTED Vinbooths tage Chic Boutique in Forsyth, has available, exp. 06/28 great store, location, traffic and rent. Call afternoons Tue-Sat 417-677-6673 GARAGE SALE HUGE MOVING SALE Everything must go. Rain or shine. Double recliner and sofa, end tables, queen bed, etc. This Saturday 06/20 Sunday 06/21 from 8am-2pm 138 President Drive, Hollister. Exp. 6/19 THIS COULD BE YOUR AD CALL 417-334-9100 HELP WANTED

bransonglobe.com CLASSIFIEDS OFFICE HOURS 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday HELP WANTED HELP WANTED HELP WANTED ATTENTION ELECTRICIANS! Lightspeed Electric Hiring Overnight Oversite Staff For more information, call Kim Phillips at 417-320-6380 is hiring electricians for service work in the Branson area. Great troubleshooting/people a minimum 4 years experience required. Benefits. Bonuses. Company truck. 417-239-5050 Branson Scenic Railway Accepting applications for full-time on-board train attendant. Will train. This is a smokefree non-tobacco use business. Pre-employment drug screening. Apply in person. No phone calls. 206 E. Main Street, Branson skills and HELP WANTED Sales Position With Honey lease shop at Silver Dollar City. Sunday - Wednesday on days when SDC is open. Call 417-869-0233 or text 417-294-0805 APARTMENTS 2 BED/2 BATH FURNISHED condo (available Aug 1st) Fall Creek Area with golf course view. Remodeled/updated. Smoke free unit/no drinking/parties or pot usage. $750 per month call or text 307-630-7833. 1&2 BR APARTMENTS 1-1/2 BATHS, POOLS, REC. ROOM $525 MONTH & UP Furnished Units Available, Lakeviews Available CALL 417-546-3334 Shepherd of the Hills Estates www.soheapts.com APARTMENTS Support Our Local Veterans! VEHICLES FOR SALE RENT TO OWN AUTOS LOW Down Payment! NO Initial Taxes & License Fees NO Credit Check! FREE One Year Warranty on motor & Transmission! Nice Clean Automobiles RENT TO OWN YOUR AUTO TODAY 1119 E. ST. HWY 76, BRANSON 417-335-5400 renttoownautosbranson.com HOME FOR SALE NEWLY REMODELED HOME on 2 Level Lake View Lots Table Rock Lake 3 BR, 2 BA. One story home, 413 Tina St. SEE on craigslist 9749 Spfg. 417-33906/30 COMMERCIAL OFFICE-RETAIL-FLEA MARTcar lot Branson/Forsyth. Cabin w/bathroom, large parking area, Highway 160 frontage and signage. Great location & traffic. $450/mo. 417-213-1783. 06/17 June 21 - 23, 2020 • 21

22 • June 21 - 23, 2020 WORSHIP Worship Directory You are encouraged to worship with us! To advertise your church on our worship pages, please give us a call at the Branson Globe: 417-334-9100, or email info@bransonglobe.com. bransonglobe.com “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11)

bransonglobe.com WORSHIP June 21 - 23, 2020 • 23 Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me; for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.… (Matthew 11:28-29)

24 • June 21 - 23, 2020 bransonglobe.com

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