So what options do couples have if they want a Ceremony full of their own style and ideas, performed say at sunrise, or dusk, outside, in a beautiful romantic setting such as a country house with a beautiful garden, a favourite spot in a wood, or even on the beach? Hiring a Celebrant is the answer as they alone can provide the freedom, flexibility and innovation that couples want, when celebrating this major occasion with their closest family and friends. A Celebrant can provide a totally unique ceremony – be that along traditional lines or perhaps your Star Wars/Disney/Harry Potter/Game of Thrones theme, and include ancient rituals such as a Hand Fasting or Jumping the Broom element! Every Celebrant led ceremony is unique. Internal rituals, customs or ceremonies such as Rose, Sand or Unity Candle Lighting Ceremonies are delightful and novel and allow couples to express themselves exactly how they wish – and frequently children can be included in this type of Ceremony too. New ideas are springing up all the time and many couples enjoy asking their guests to take part in the “Warming of the Rings” ceremony, which is a lovely way to include them on a day where, traditionally they would just be spectators. Couples can also create ceremonies based on heritage – perhaps using a “Loving Cup”or a “Hand Washing” ceremony – blending heritage, faith, customs – this and more can all be created by a Celebrant. The Sand Ceremony is particularly apt for a beach or destination wedding, - it allows for each person to have a different coloured sand, which is poured layer by layer in turn, into a glass vase and kept as a memento of the day the couple or family were united. The colours symbolise the individuality of each person, with the layers resting on one another symbolising the lasting bond between them, as once the layers are poured, they not only show the beauty of the union, but they cannot now be separated.

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