n a n a budget aving the Wedding of your dreams Wedding Cake and Catering Easy one this! have a family member to help by baking a cake or cupcakes Venue Can you hold both your ceremony and reception in the same venue? Most civil ceremony venues will have packages for couples so they know the costs upfront, and include, ceremony, wedding breakfast, welcome drinks, entertainment and evening buffet. Having a venue that is close to you, family and friends will no doubt save on travelling costs. Wedding Dress One of the most important decisions surrounding your wedding is of course your Wedding Dress. You may have childhood memories of what you want your dress to look like when you’re older, so you’ve probably got an idea what you want. It’s important you shop around to find one that suits you. Off the peg dresses will be the most cost effective way of buying your bridal gown. Although now a lot of department stores are bringing out their own designs of bridal wear at very affordable prices, so if you are tight on your budget please do consider one of these. Photography and Videography Try and secure your wedding date with your chosen Photographer and Videographer as soon as you decide, most will freeze their current year prices for you and most now offer package deals, and can work to fit your budget. Really tight budget? Some Photographers who are starting out need a portfolio and experience and some even offer FREE photography bookings! might be worth ringing local universities or colleges to information if this is offered locally to you.

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