Walking down the aisle The Bridal party should take their time entering, allowing the music to play a little before starting the walk down the aisle. If it is a short aisle try taking one step at a time in sync with your father (left, together, right, together etc.). This will avoid walking out of step and help you savour the moment by making it last longer. At ceremonies held in the same venue as the wedding breakfast your toastmaster can announce you into the ceremony – “Ladies and Gentlemen would you please stand. Accompanied by her Father and attended by her bridesmaids – your Bride”. Cue music and away you go! Bride’s Arrival If your wedding ceremony is being held in a venue other than a church, the bride must arrive 10-15 minutes early as she has to meet with the Registrars prior to the ceremony, and allow time for photo's getting out of the car. Don’t be late as the Registrar’s may have another wedding to travel to later that day! Your toastmaster will ensure your guests are all seated in the ceremony room before you arrive. Have some music e.g. a pianist or harpist to keep them entertained while they await your entrance. Photographs Allow plenty of time for your photographs, as you want to mingle with your guests and not be rushing from photo’s to meal. Consult with your photographer but try not to have too many group shots as this can take up more time than you think. A good toastmaster will assist the photographer in gathering groups of guests for the photographs. Most photographers will take the Bride & Bridegroom off on their own for half an hour so I suggest a minimum of 2 hours from the end of your ceremony (or arrival at the venue in the case of church wedding) to the start of your meal. Perhaps a singer, musician or magician can help to keep guests entertained during this time before the meal. Cutting the cake When cutting your wedding cake the easiest way is for the Bridegroom to hold the knife in his right hand and the Bride to place her left hand on top with her rings visible. This avoids the Bridegroom pressing down on the Bride’s rings which can be painful for both. They can also place their arms around each other. When you have cut the cake hold the pose and look at the cake, each other and the many cameras that will no doubt be focused upon you as they will have been the whole day! Rings Bride, swap your engagement ring to the ring finger of your right hand before the ceremony. You can put it back on your left hand after the ceremony. Receiving Line You will also need to allow time for the receiving line when you greet everyone as they enter for the meal. The receiving line can comprise of just the Bride & Bridegroom or can include parents, bridesmaids and best man. A hundred guests can take between 30/40 minutes to pass through depending on how long you chat to each one. Once again your toastmaster can advise on all these timings and he is crucial in keeping things on time. Don’t forget you have a meal being prepared and you don’t want Toastmaster Bob Lloyd | 01603 465819 | www.toastmasterbob.co. uk

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