1TOP TIPS FOR YOUR WEDDING * Decide on a realistic budget and stick to it * Take a moment with your partner during the day to soak up the atmosphere * The evening before, lay out/hang up all your clothes ready for the day * Keep essentials in a bag with your bridesmaid, spare tights, hair clips, mini sewing kits, lipstick, shoe gel pads etc * Be organised with all your suppliers, contact details, dates etc * Make a list of all jobs that need to be done and work through regularly * Having a slight squeeze getting into your dress? Talc will help * Brides, have all your make up and hair done before putting your dress on * Make sure you have a good breakfast the morning of the big day, you'll need the energy * If you have a preferred supplier, book them asap to avoid disappointment * Wash your hair the evening before it's due to be styled for your wedding * Allow extra time for traveling to the venue, incase of traffic delays * Keep mementos of the day, a place card, order of service, menu etc * Can you save money by booking your wedding midweek? Some offer hugely discounted rates * Prepare for unpredictable weather, have some ideas for photos inside, umbrellas etc

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