PATIENT CENTERED MEDICAL HOME A patient-centered medical home is a healthcare delivery model that is designed to provide comprehensive and continuous medical care to help patients achieve the greatest possible health outcomes, and assures patients get the care when and where they need it. Mrs. Marjorie Livsey is no stranger to the importance of accessible healthcare as a critical aspect of maintaining personal health and wellness. Her husband was a substance abuse counselor and her daughter is a Ph.D. Nurse in the Western North Carolina area who works to improve access to medical care in our communities. As a patient at Blue Ridge Health – Givens Gerber Park, she has experienced first-hand how our patient-centered model and our commitment to providing healthcare that is accessible and affordable for all can have a positive effect on everyone. Mrs. Livsey lives in the same building as our Gerber Givens Park clinic and believes that "we should have a clinic like it in every community because access to healthcare is important." She also notes that, "what's good about having a clinic close to me is that my records are there and they can be kept in one place. It's great to have access to healthcare so closely without having to leave the community, and my provider is good about picking up on things." Mrs. Livsey utilizes our clinic for regular physical exams and other periodic visits, and she appreciates that her providers offer "great care and are willing to listen." Our Givens Gerber Park clinic is another example of how providing access to quality care close to home can help everyone in the communities we serve live healthier, more fulfilling lives. QUALITY CARE FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY At Blue Ridge Health we hold ourselves to the highest standard of care. Our commitment to quality means our patients receive the best level of care. Blue Ridge Health Exceeds National Quality Measures set by the Health Resources and services Administration (HRSA) 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Child and Adolescent Weight Assessment and Counseling Adult Weight Screening and Follow-up Tobacco Use Screening and Cessation Ischemic Vascular Disease: Asprin or Other Antithrombotic Therapy BRH Average HRSA Average Colorectal Cancer Screening Hepatitis C Virus Testing Childhood Immunizations

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