MESSAGE FROM OUR CEO When faced with challenges, the most important thing we can do is stay grounded. Stability conquers adversity. This steady approach has been present at Blue Ridge Health for over 57 years and is ever-present still today. Our focus on things that matter most are reflected in our mission statement: β€œto provide healthcare that is accessible and affordable for ALL.” In a year like 2020, remaining grounded and focused on what matters most, the health of our patients, was a Defining Moment. We all have moments in our lives that can be considered defining moments – times when a certain thing happened that changed our life trajectory. Nonprofit organizations are the same. Taking time to reflect and focus on these moments is what helps keep us grounded. Our Impact Report for 2020 will be a reflection on a few of our Defining Moments: patients and staff embracing new technologies in Telehealth; taking our dental services on the road; creating a street outreach program to serve our homeless and other vulnerable populations; managing the effects of diabetes with innovative tools; and preparing to open a new clinic in Macon County. All this and more while pivoting 57 years of well-oiled procedures and converting them to COVID-19 response. Blue Ridge Health remains grounded and as a result we remain strong. The strength of our organization and the commitment of our passionate staff who work tirelessly every day to deliver the highest quality care makes Blue Ridge Health the healthcare partner you deserve. Richard Hudspeth, MD Chief Executive Officer

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