ST MARY AND ST JOHN One of the joys of living right next to St Mary and St John Church is the amazing views we have over the churchyard which is frothy with spring growth at the moment! The good news of the resurrection is always reflected in the profusion of flowers and new growth at this time of year but the Cowley road gives us a very different picture with businesses shut down and the normally bustling pavements, quiet. Times are hard for many of us separated from our everyday interactions with others. However it has been a real joy meeting such a mix of people at the Sunday morning parish 'virtual coffee' meetings or seeing the comments and hearts floating up the screen during the Face book service usually in the vicarage garden. Speaking to many of you on the phone (or dropping off Sunday sheets to those who don't have internet access) has given me a different and bigger picture of life in the parish. The great profusion of community activity to help those on the margins has been heartening but all of us have come to terms with finding new ways of relating and being together. Despite the pain that many have suffered there has also been deep expressions of compassion and a new sense of our common life together. I miss seeing you all face to face and yearn for the day when we can be together again in prayer and fellowship. Holding you all in prayer. FATHER PHIL RITCHIE

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