As you might expect of a church within five miles of three theological colleges, St Mary and St John has seen plenty of ordinands come and go in the past few years. Some join for a few weeks in the summer, others come as chiefly observers in their first year, and some take the opportunity to preach and get involved in the serving team. SMSJ is also very excited to welcome a curate for the first time in a while this year. I can?t speak for all the others, particularly as my experience as an ordinand at SMSJ was a little idiosyncratic: I met the love of my life there and, lockdown situation permitting, we hope to get married there on August 1st. However, I can share something of what it feels like to be going through such a practical and existential transition in such an uncertain time. The global pandemic has, perhaps without precedent, disrupted the lives of almost everyone in the world. For hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of people, this disruption has come in the form of bereavement, sickness or acute financial distress. As NHS and other keyworkers are run off their feet, and Rev Sabina brings us news of the situation in developing countries across the globe, it seems crass- self-indulgent and maybe even irrelevantto turn my thoughts to ordination. What difference will a dog collar make, in a world that needs more and better distribution of PPE equipment? What can my spiritual and academic formation in a theological college possibly contribute to such a hurting world? I hope and pray that, as I move to my curacy, I will quickly find practical ways to help people in physical, emotional and spiritual need. I hope I will be able to pray for and with those who are too busy, too anxious or too sick to pray themselves. I hope I will be able to contribute as we find new ways to worship when we cannot be together. Please pray for us ordinands as we approach ordinations which may be delayed, or behind closed doors, and when we enter virtual retreats online and perhaps meet our new congregations from the distance of a screen. I know your prayer lists are very long at the moment, but we would appreciate it! And please be assured, of course, that we will continue to pray for you all as well.

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