BW, SPACE CHAMBER ZIGGY FLASH (FRONT) BEATIE WOLFE’S RAW SPACE CHAMBER AT THE V&A FOR LONDON DESIGN FESTIVALS, PHOTO BY MARK COCKSEDGE MM: Yes, a side effect of the coronavirus was 10 days of ventilator and virus-induced delusions and hallucinations. I got a lot of paranoid pieces of art, and an album’s worth of Devo music and a renewed respect for all things living. Beatie — You beamed an album into space via the Horn Antenna. Are postcards next? ;-) BW: Ha! That’s classified information I’m afraid. Who is your dream penpal? MM: Timothy Leary, actually. We were close friends for his last 15 years, and he was the most optimistic, energetic, pro-celebrator of life I ever met, next to General Boy. BW: I’m working with him! And the wonderful Allee Willis, although I know she’s with us on this in spirit. You can send a postcard from anywhere. Where/when is your card postmarked? BW: Proxima Centauri, postmarked September 26th 2021. As my music would have reached it by this point, according to the wonderful astronomers at Mount Wilson. MM: West Hollywood. That’s where I’m locked down. Anything we missed? BW: We love you guys! MM: Yes, just to let you know, everybody I show birdy magazine to, no matter what they do, wherever they are in the world, they all think Denver is so lucky to have you! Keep up the good work! And please excuse my monovisioned typing, I’ve been 2-D since catching Covid-19. It’s not a joke, try to avoid it. 1. Buy USPS stamps (35¢ for postcards) 2. Make your postcard (or recycle someone else’s) 3. Mail it to 8760 Sunset Blvd West Hollywood, CA 90069-2206 And then what? The postcards will become a part of a collective installation — directed by Mark and Beatie — and exhibited in a physical gallery and virtual space as a testament to these times. Learn more at postartfordemocracy.com HOW YOU CAN PARTICIPATE IN POSTCARDS FOR DEMOCRACY AND DIRECTLY SUPPORT OUR UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE AND YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE!

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