384 AUTO & FLEET SERVICE Glo COLORED LEATHER DOUBLE PALM WORK GLOVES • Split leather double palm • Colored fabric on the back of the hand • Half fleece lining • 12 pairs per package WORK GLOVES Gaither’s Work Gloves are designed to provide the best possible protection while still delivering the grip and flexibilit required for performing intric complex tasks. • Perfect for tire maintenance and gener shop use • Machine washable • Impact protection • Double Stitched • Industrial grade hook and loop • Slip-free silicone grip ASCOT NO. MFG. NO. 396-49101 396-49102 396-49103 396-49104 G49110S G49110L DESCRIPTION Small Work Gloves G49110M Medium Work Gloves Large Work Gloves G49110XL Xtra Large Work Gloves 396-55222 MISCELLANEOUS HAND PROTECTIVE GLOVES ASCOT NO. MFG. NO. DESCRIPTION 396-55221 396-55222 AB-R AB-G Red Leather Double Palm Work Gloves Green Leather Double Palm Work Gloves 396-55221 HIGH VISIBILITY DUAL COLOR LEATHER DOUBLE PALM GLOVES • Split leather double palm • High visibility green and orange colors • Half fleece lining • 12 pairs per package 396-40317 396-06780 396-55220 ASCOT NO. 396-40317 396-55220 DESCRIPTION 396-06780 Wet Grip Neoprene Glove. Protects Against Acids,Caustics, Oils, Greases And Many Solvents. 5-Piece Flannel Liner Power Grip with Latex Premium Grip Leather Palm Glove with Safety Cuff, Elastic ASCOT NO. MFG. NO. 396-55223 DESCRIPTION 396-55223 AB-HVDC High Visibility Dual Color Leather Double Palm Gloves BUYER'S GUIDE ASCOT SUPPLY CORPORATION SUPPLY CORPORATION AUTO & FLEET SERVICE

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