AIR SYSTEMS 23 NITROGEN PERCENTAGE INDICATOR Branick Nitrogen Inflation Systems BRANICK 130 NITROGEN INFLATION SYSTEM 119-00011 • Accurate and easy to use • Compact and ergonomic in design • Simple to operate, one button design • Battery charge indicator • Auto-power off function • Replaceable battery and sensor • Auto diagnostic with error code to simplify troubleshooting ASCOT NO. MFG. NO. 119-00011 Nitro-1 DESCRIPTION Nitrogen Purity Gauge The MODEL 130 can be used with a nitrogen bottle or connected to a nitrogen generator to inflate up to 6 (4 hoses included) tires with high purity nitrogen. The integrated auto-inflator has a pressure range up to 145 psi and performs top-offs as well as automated nitrogen conversions, just set the pressure and the inflator does the rest. Branick equipment lasts and our Model 130 is no different, with all steel construction to take everyday use. The rechargeable battery has a visible charging indicator to let you know when you’re ready to go. The mobility and features of the Model 130 make nitrogen service simple, fast and economical. • Hands Free Auto-inflator • Convert up to 6 tires (requires 2 optional hoses) • Rechargeable battery with indicator • Convenient parts tray • Durable all-steel construction 119-00485 ASCOT NO. MFG. NO. 119-00485 485 DESCRIPTION Branick 485 Nitrogen Inflation System VALVE CAPS FOR NITROGEN INFLATED TIRES BRANICK 485 NITROGEN INFLATION SYSTEM 468-00207 ASCOT NO. MFG. NO. 468-00307 468-00607 468-10100 468-17492 468-20695 TS-OR NITSLV VC10 17-492LG 20695 DESCRIPTION 468-00207 Cap PG Green Plastic Nitrogen Cap Green Valve O-ring Nitrogen Sleeve Blue Plastic Nitrogen Caps (100/Box) Green Plastic Cap for Long Sleeve TPMS Snap-in Valves Green Plastic Nitrogen Cap with Long Skirt for 20008 Snap-in TPMS Valve (100/Box) 468-26541 468-43607 468-59019 468-59021 6541N-2 436075 59-0019 59-0021 Dill Double Seal Cap with Green Sleeve High Quality Green Stamped Chrome Aluminum Nitrogen Valve Cap (100/Box) Chrome Nitrogen Valve Cap (100/Box) 468-43607 468-10100 468-59019 468-00607 468-00307 • The 485 is totally automatic and completely mobile, enabling the operator to wheel the unit directly to any vehicle • Zero installation costs • No electrical requirements to operate • Industrial grade HD battery • Efficient membrane • Low maintenance cost • Connect to any air-line and you’re inflating tires. Plug and Play! OT NO. MFG. NO. 119-00130 130 DESCRIPTION Branick 130 Nitrogen Inflation System WARNING: For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov. SUPPLY CORPORATION ASCOT SUPPLY CORPORATION BUYER'S GUIDE AIR SYSTEMS

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