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CIMARRON TRAIL LETTER FROM THE EDITOR Submission deadline 20th day of the month for the upcoming newsletter please. Send to: amckinney@ammkting.com By Amanda & Mi chae l McK i nney You can email photos or send us a link to download them if they are too large to email. Cheers, Amanda & Michael McKinney April showers bring May flowers but what does snow in April bring? I don't know about you but our household is ready for sunshine and Sunday drives. But we need ideas. We have driven to Eureka by way of the Talimena Drive but are always looking for other routes. Submit a map and pictures - we want to see those routes. You know you have some beautiful photos of your Porsche in the sunshine!! So show them off!

PAGE 3 CIMARRON TRAIL PRESIDENT'S PERSPECTIVE By J ason To l l i son Spring is here, and we got a taste of some sunshine and warm weather. I started to get my Porsche out of its winter slumber and then with a flurry of winds the bitterness of winter snuck in. I quickly closed the garage and said not yet, we will go stretch our legs in a few more days. But some cold weather hasn’t slowed our region activities. Our social chair and other members have been quite busy scheduling events for spring time fun with the PCA. You can look on our regions website http://www.cimarronregionpca.org/ for upcoming events as well as club contacts and copies of this newsletter. If have an idea for a new event or how to improve currently scheduled, please send your ideas to any of our board members and we will work on adding it to our calendar. Auto Distinctions is graciously hosting a Detailing Clinic which will offer some one on one instruction to help you get your car looking terrific. Which you will need for the Concours car show at the Spring Fling in Miami this month. I am looking forward to this fun weekend get together. Autocross season has started, and I encourage you to check it out. Is a relaxed environment that offers all skill levels a low speed precision driving experience and a good time to chat with fellow club members. The Mayfast DE is open for registration and is just a few weeks away. The Porsche Parade registration is open and being so close to us this year I expect a strong showing from the Cimarron Region. They need many volunteers to make the event run smoothly, especially help with the driving tours. If you would like to help with the event you can visit the event website http://2018parade.pca.org/ and goto the Volunteering link for more info. If you have any articles or photos you would like to submit for our newsletter please send them to our editor Amanda McKinney amckinney@ammkting.com We would like to see and here about your adventures with the PCA and your Porsche. - Jason Tollison

PAGE 4 PAGE CIMARRON TRAIL CIMARRON TRAIL CLUB CONTACTS JASON TOLLISON President presidemtcmr@gmail.com CHRIS HINES Vice President chines@ymail.com PHIL DOOLEY Secretary pmbd1594@gmail.com SHERYL PHILLIPS Treasurer JOY JONES Past President sherylsfarm@gmail.com Cimarron.events@gmail.com JEFF METCALF Driver's Education Chair hellometcalf@gmail.com RICK HARDMEYER Membership Chair rsh911@cox.net STEVE CANADA Social Chair scanada@mcgrawok.com JAY ANDERSON Sponsorship Coordinator jfa656973@gmail.com KATHY HUME Ladies Liaison GARY BERNARD loves2read12@cox.net Chief Driving Instructor/Webmaster gary@bernarddesign.com MIKE FUGATE Autocross Chair tnsmike@yahoo.com JON JONES Race Chair JENNIFER FUGATE Social Media Chair jonesjon843@gmail.com jenniferfugate38@yahoo.com

PAGE 5 CIMARRON TRAIL 2018 CIMARRON REGION BOARD Please welcome the 2018 Cimarron Region Board and Membership Chairs for 2018 President .....................Jason Tollison Vice President.............Chris Hines Secretary......................Phil Dooley Treasurer......................Sheryl Phillips Past President............Joy Jones Chairs Autocross – Mike Fugate Driver’s Education – Jeff Metcalf Driver's Education Registrar - Sheryl Phillips Membership – Rick Hardmeyer Social – Steve Canada Social Media – Jennifer Fugate Newsletter – Amanda & Michael McKinney Sponsorship – Jay Anderson Club Race – Jon & Joy Jones Chief Driving Instructor/Webmaster – Gary Bernard

PAGE 6 CIMARRON TRAIL AUTOCROSS UPDATE By Mi ke Fugat e 2018 Autocross Schedule Release! We are quickly approaching autocross season. Time to dust off those helmets and get ready for some fun driving and friendly competition! Autocross (also called "Solo", "Auto-x" or "Autoslalom") is a timed competition in which drivers navigate one at a time through a defined course on either a sealed or an unsealed surface. It is a form of motorsports that emphasizes safe competition and active participation. Autocross differs from Road racing in that generally there is only one car on the track, driving against the clock rather than other cars. As an entry-level motorsport it provides a stepping stone for drivers looking to move into other more competitive and possibly expensive forms of racing (such as rallying and circuit racing). The Cimarron Region PCA Autocross is a great way to get your feet wet if you want to further hone your driving skills and learn more about car control and limits. It's not only a competitive event but a learning and social event as well. For the 2018 season we will have 14 counting events with several practice and make up events scheduled as well. This is a tentative schedule and subject to change. Please keep an eye on the Cimarron Region website for updates. Mike Fugate 3-11-18 3-25-18 4-8-18 4-29-18 5-13-18 5-20-18 6-3-18 6-17-18 7-1-18 7-22-18 8-5-18 8-19-18 9-9-18 9-23-18 9-30-18 P P C-1 C-2 C-3 C-4 C-5 C-6 C-7 C-8 C-9 C-10 C-11 C-12 C-13 10-14-18 C-14 10-28-18 P/MU 11-4-18 11-18-18 P/MU P/MU P=Practice C=Counting P/MU=Practice/Make Up

PAGE 7 CIMARRON TRAIL ZONOTES By J on J ones To even the most casual motorsports observer, the advent of big-time Vintage Racing is nothing short of amazing. The Monterey Historics and Rennsport Reunion have driven much of the attention, but years ago there were local or regional “vintage festivals” that featured many cars of significant history and provenance, including track time for these cars to stretch their legs. These events served the excitement of the drivers, but the spectators too – the chance to see the racing cars of their youth back on track was intoxicating. Whether a basically stock MGA or a Cooper Formula Junior, vintage racing was popular with fans. The appeal of these festivals, driven by attendance and popularity, quickly outstripped their local flavor and “car show with a little track time” image. Since the ‘70s, many organizations were formed that have developed the vintage concept to a fine art. There are a number of vintage racing organizations, both local and national in their size and attendance. The Sportscar Vintage Racing Association, formed in 1978 as the Southeast VRA, currently boasts 2,500 licensed drivers and a schedule of 12 events throughout the US at some of the best known tracks. SVRA promotes “Safe, Fair, and Fun” wheel to wheel competition. The cars are allowed to be in “as raced” condition and preparation consistent with the generation and historic class alignment for each car. Safety equipment, however, is current specification with up-to-date FIA/SFI belts, helmets and other safety gear required. Last year the SVRA event at Indianapolis had 700 entrants. That’s a lot of vintage cars - we’d be curious to see a dollar value. In our area of the country, the Corinthian Vintage Auto Racing is popular and offers a 9 event schedule in Texas and Oklahoma. Like SVRA, CVAR focuses on the fun and fair aspects of racing with an emphasis on safety first. They openly recruit new drivers and encourage people to move from being a spectator to a driver. There are many elements to the vintage racing appeal. Racing has never been cheap, but vintage racing seeks to keep a lid on the “arms race” of car development by enforcing the aforementioned “as raced” requirement. People familiar with Sports Car Club of America racing may have faced the deep pockets syndrome of needing the latest hot setup for their F-Production Sprite every year to stay competitive. This spiraling cost scenario ultimately caused the creation of a tube-frame, mid-engine Mini Cooper some years ago (Joe Huffaker if I recall) that obliterated every other Mini out there. As a result of this approach and the consolidation of classes, there were many cars no longer eligible or competitive with SCCA and therefore idle. Vintage Racing has provided a solution to that situation, and a good one. Another factor in play is that some racing organizations have been prone to overlyaggressive and damage-inducing driving. As these vintage cars have increased in value, so too has their owners squeamishness about contact. No one wants to race their priceless Elva Courier if there is a chance it’s going to wind up bashed. Not to say vintage drivers are timid, hardly.

PAGE 8 CIMARRON TRAIL ZONOTES (CONT) By J on J ones But there is a spirit of respect and racing room in vintage racing that is pervasive and refreshing. In our era of NASCAR-style “rubbin is racin” mentality, vintage is a place where a gentlemanly style of driving is expected. Race hard, but clean. The win at all cost mentality of most professional racing series is not welcome in vintage racing. PCA Club Racing is similar in that officials take a very dim view of contact between cars on track. To the extent that there may be some cases of incidental contact, PCA has a “13/13” process where any driver involved in an on-track incident must report to the National Club Racing Steward of the event. The Steward considers all of the statements from the driver(s), video, and a damage assessment completed by the National Scrutineer. The Steward may assess a 13 month probation, or if the driver deemed at fault is already on probation, a 13 month suspension. The process works – drivers are very aware of their conduct on track and their 13/13 status. An exception would be PCA’s semi-pro Trophy East series where the 13/13 process was not used in 2017 and damage was common. Perhaps a bit late to the vintage game, PCA Club Racing leadership is very aware of the potential number of dormant Porsche racing cars out there, and is anxious to get them re-engaged and on track. Club Racing Chair Vicki Earnshaw is very supportive of the vintage concept and is working hard to get the word out and cars on track. PCA Vintage cars are specified as 1983 and earlier air-cooled 4 and 6 cylinder cars with classes for over and under 2.0 and 2.4 litre engine capacity, respectively. Full details at pcaclubracing.org/vintage. So PCA Vintage Racing offers the best of all worlds with Porsche-only racing conducted under a very watchful Steward and Scrutineer team, and all PCA Safety rules required. There is more leeway in car preparation than allowed in SVRA or CVAR, but still according to the PCA Club Racing Rulebook. We remember as a young lad standing along the fence at Lime Rock (in the pouring rain!) watching S90s and Speedsters splash around Big Bend and up through the Esses. We called them “bathtub” Porsches back in the day, and drivers like Alan Howes, Bill Schmid, and John O’Steen were a thrill to watch. Most of these cars are retired, but watching some of the forums such as 356 Registry, they exist and if not already running in one of the other vintage series, owners might be interested in joining the PCA Vintage class. What a treat that would be. Hallett will host a PCA Vintage run group at Oktoberfast 2018, presented by Jackie Cooper Porsche, October 5-7. Let’s get those old cars out there. - Jon Jones, Zone 5 Representative

PAGE 9 PAGE CIMARRON TRAIL CIMARRON TRAIL LADIES CORNER The ladies of Cimarron Region met once a month on a Saturday. This is a time where all the ladies come together to enjoy a delicious lunch and even better company. We talk about life and Porsche events. All ladies are welcome! Please be sure to check the Cimarron Region website for all the many events we have planned for this spring. Next Lunch: April 28th If you are interested in the ladies activities, contact Kathy Hume at: 11:30am at Cedar Ridge Country Club loves2read12@cox.net (918) 636.4156

PAGE 10 PAGE CIMARRON TRAIL CIMARRON TRAIL SPONSOR'S CORNER As a special thank you to our sponsor's we want to highlight them, their interest in Porsche and of course, their businesses! This month's sponsor is ROBERTSON TIRE! We interviewed Shane Robertson, grandson of the founder for this article. When and how was Robertson Tire founded? It was founded 1962 in Tulsa and was founded by my grandfather, Ted Roberston. You can read all about it on our website: www.robertsontire.com How is the company different today than when it was founded? The company has definitely grown over the years. We currently have 14 retail locations and 1 wholesale locations as well as a corporate office. We employee more than 160 employees in total. What is your connection to Porsche? We put tires on Porsche’s and other luxury brands every day. We are a trusted tire installer in the region due to the experience of our staff and the fact that we are family owned. We also have access to all tire brands which helps with the luxury brands. Our Brookside location services the most luxury cars but all locations can service them. How long have you sponsored the Cimarron PCA? We have enjoyed the connection to the local PCA for 7 years now. Then Now

PAGE PAGE 11 CIMARRON TRAIL CIMARRON TRAIL 2018 MAYFAST MAY 5 - 6, 2018 Hallett Motor Racing Circuit Hwy 99 at 412 Hallett OK New participants are assigned to an instructor. Instructors will evaluate participants and once a CONTACT: JEFF METCALF HELLOMETCALF@GMAIL.COM HTTP://WWW.CIMARRONRE GIONPCA.ORG/EVENTS/MAY FAST-2018/ level of track comprehension is achieved, a participant will advance to the next run group and be signed off to drive on their own. If you have driving experience but have never participated in a PCA DE event, you will be assigned to an instructor supported run group for a check ride. If we are able to verify your experience, either from clubregistration.net or an instructor we know, you will be placed in the run group that meets your experience level. THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS: Presented by: Jackie Cooper Porsche Domino's Pizza Rennsport Werkstatt Roberston Tire Huber Restorations Center for Men Auto Distinctions Bistro at Seville Waterfront Grill

PAGE PAGE 12 CIMARRON TRAIL CIMARRON TRAIL NEW: DETAILING CLINIC Did you know that most paint damage is a result of improper washing?! Everyone likes a clean and detailed Porsche but not everyone knows how to clean it properly. Is this you? Or do you just want a refresher? Or an excuse to clean your car with friends? Then this event is for you! Our sponsor Auto Distinctions is hosting a Detailing Clinic on April 14th at 10:00am. In addition to distributing knowledge, the club will also be providing pizza for lunch. Therefore, RSVP is required. Please email Jay Anderson at jfa65@icloud.com Some of the topics covered during the Detail Clinic will include: Causes of the dreaded whirls, swirls, spyder webbing, and holograms Proper car washing that won’t cause more damage than good Why microfiber How to care for my microfiber towels Chemical choices, polish, compound, wax, sealants, glaze, and the new coatings Polishing rotary wheels vrs by hand Professional care. When needed and what to expect How to clean glass, exterior and interior Vinyl wraps. Precut vrs custom. Front or entire car? Self healing. Yellowing Vinyl windshield protectant Custom or personalization with vinyl Interior care Interior/exterior rehabilitation

PAGE PAGE 13 CIMARRON TRAIL CIMARRON TRAIL APRIL EVENTS Ozark Region - Mount Magazine Tour Date: April 20 - 21, 2018 What it’s all about: Enjoying a relaxing, peaceful, stress-free weekend on a mountain. Whether you want to lounge in your room or socialize with others, the choice is yours! How to reserve a room: Call 479-963-5261 and ask for Bobbie. The group reservation code is PORSCHE 2188932. If you have any issues with someone saying that rooms are reserved, make sure to be persistent and let them know the rooms are reserved for us. Room Information: The lodge has 60 rms. & there are also 13 cabins. Different sizes & prices. Several of the rooms have a balcony overlooking the valley. If you are not sure about going, make your reservation. You can cancel within 48 hrs. of arrival time WITH NO PENALTY. Questions: Contact James M. Woolly at jim.carol@sbcglobal.net or 501-224-5341 Spring Fling Date: April 20 - 22, 2018 Schedule of Events: Friday – Registration / reception at Hampton Inn 5:00 – 9:00 Club to provide burgers, brats and hot dogs – bring your own drinks Saturday – Car show in front of Coleman Theatre on historic Route 66 9:00 – 11:30 Lunch on your own 11:30 – 1:30 Gimmick Rally 1:30 – 5:00 Dinner and awards banquet at Coleman Theatre 6:30 – 10:00 Sunday - Blind slalom 9:00 – 12:00 Accommodations: The Hampton Inn will be our host hotel and they are holding 20 rooms for the first registrants. Rooms will be released on April 5 th to accommodate baseball teams and other guests so make your reservation soon. Hampton Inn’s phone number is (918) 5411500. Other local hotel choices in Miami are the Holiday Inn Express (918) 542-7424 and the Microtel Motel (918) 540-3333. Questions: Contact Bill Jacobi at (918) 694-1261 or bjacobi@sbcglobal.net

PAGE PAGE 14 CIMARRON TRAIL CIMARRON TRAIL OKTOBERFAST 63RD ANNUAL PORSCHE PARADE JULY 8 - 14, 2018 Lake of the Ozarks at Tan-Tar-A Resort Phase l Registration Opens Monday, January 29, 2018 at noon ET Phase ll Banquet/Event Opens April 2, 2018 Go to pca.org to register


PAGE 16 UPCOMING EVENTS April Autocross Counting 1 Date: April 8, 2018 Corporate Woods Detailing Clinic Date: April 14, 2018 Time: 10:00am Mount Magazine Tour Date: April 20-21, 2018 Ozark Region Spring Fling Date: April 20-21, 2018 Miami, OK

CIMARRON TRAIL MEMBERSHIP UPDATE Welcome New Members! NEW MEMBERS: Tod Estes, Oologah, OK 2006 Boxster Roger Head, Collinsville, OK 2018 Boxster Bruce Laughlin, Tulsa, OK 2001 Boxster Please renew your PCA membership before expiration! Primary - 260 Lifetime - 1 Co-Member - 163 TOTAL = 424 Renewal rate for 2016 expiring members was (103 of 138) 75% YTD Renewal rate for 2017 expiring members was (132 of 159) 83% YTD

PAGE PAGE 18 CIMARRON TRAIL CIMARRON TRAIL ADVERTISERS INDEX Thank you to our advertisers! Center for Men Huber Restorations Jackie Cooper Jacobi Know Dents Orlando Dumalag Rennsport Sabre-Chem Stephen Canada Truck & Stuff 16 16 Back Cover 15 15 15 17 5 15 17 If you know anyone would would like to advertise or sponsor any event, please contact: Jay Anderson at jfa65@icloud.com.

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