OPERATING ENVIRONMENT 2017-2022 The LBN Strategic Plan 2017-2022 is our blueprint for the future and sets LBN’s strategic direction for the next five years. Over the life of the Plan LBN will focus its efforts on realising service excellence, enhanced partnerships, innovative approaches, sustainable funding, efficient systems and tailored communication. This focus will strengthen and enhance collaborations and ensure the successful delivery of LBN’s 2017-2022 strategic priorities and outcomes. The Plan recognises the challenging economic environment and resource constraints facing our Members and stakeholders. Key operating factors that underpin the direction and ethos of the LBN Strategic Plan 2017-2022 include: 1. Challenging economic environment • Funding challenges at all government and industry levels, in the face of continuing threats from endemic and exotic diseases to the Australian animal health system, fanned by ever-growing trade and the movement of people in and out of the country. • Widespread, close scrutiny of expenditure and emphasis on value derived for funds invested. 2. Government philosophy and policy • Waning centralism and increasing trend to devolution. • Multiple reviews and diminishing resources of agencies, bodies and forums with a traditional role to play in the animal health system. • Mergers, amalgamations and dissolutions reducing the number of active participants. • Churn in positions, changes in remits and increasing workloads are having a material impact on LBN’s immediate business environment. 3. The social climate • Rising consumer expectations with increasing scrutiny of industry practices and the integrity of the animal health system. • The emphasis placed on animal welfare as a powerful change agent and growing concerns over human health and the impact of antimicrobial resistance. • A greater role for government and industry partnerships in matters of biosecurity and biosafety. 4. The wider marketplace • The marketplace is now very much global and transparent. • The increasingly free movement of people, more flexible border controls, free-trade agreements and bilateral partnerships shaping a different commercial environment, focussed on product quality and integrity. • The issue of global food security attracting increasing attention and raising the question of Australia’s reputation and role in that sphere. LBN STRATEGIC PLAN 2017-2022 7

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