STRATEGIC PRIORITY TWO Promote implementation of biosecurity practices. Strategic Priority Two (SP2) focuses on raising biosecurity practice change on-farm. Promoting the implementation of biosecurity practices and facilitates the process of biosecurity risk awareness and mitigation through all industry sectors including support agencies and affiliated industries. By working with the supply chain and improving their knowledge, there will be improvements in the uptake of biosecurity practices on the farm. Messaging is delivered at different levels of the livestock industry; from individual properties, to community, regional and targeted focus groups. It also provides opportunities for partnerships and collaboration with external stakeholders from different livestock industry sectors and from the affiliates that support and deliver services to the livestock industry. Risk management planning at the individual property level is supported by a number of process documents and a tested pilot program1. Different triggers for undertaking the development of a full biosecurity plan on-farm include issues such as disease control, animal welfare issues that impact the ability to trade and weed spread. This process supports industry verification systems. 1 LBN operated for three years as a pilot project before moving to AHA as a subsidiary company. 12 LBN STRATEGIC PLAN 2017-2022

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