Page 6 THE SAUGUS ADVOCATE – FRIDAY, OCTOBER 8, 2021 “Duck Lemonade” enables young students to help Breakheart Reservation A small group of students from the Goddard School in Saugus learned they could contribute to the betterment of Breakheart Reservation by developing their own brand of lemonade and serving it at the popular recreation area on a hot summer day. “We didn’t charge a fee for the lemonade, but we accepted donations if and only if they were offered,” said their teacher, Rachel Haydon. “In fact, the kids were flabbergasted when one gentleman donated $20 and wouldn’t accept any lemonade in return!” The lemonade the kids made apparently was a big hit. The students raised more than $100 at their lemonade stand. “The lemonade stand was just one of several fun and educational activities that we enjoyed together as part of the two-month summer school age program at our school,” Haydon said. “The kids helped develop the recipe. They were entirely responsible for calculating ingredient quantities and gross/ net profits, creating marketing materials & chants, preparing ingredients (making simple syrup, squeezing lemons) and mixing lemonade, and assigning day-of job rotations,” she said. “We went through a testing phase inside the school where we asked all staff (and some kids) to try it and provide feedback via an online survey. We adjusted the recipe accordingly.” Goddard students involved in the project were Cassidy Parent, 6, Melrose; Tina Ha, 11, Saugus; Dylan Kahn, 7, Belmont; Jocelyn Kahn, 8, Belmont; Brynn Ohanesian, 8, Cambridge; and Mari Ohanesian, 6, Cambridge. Dave Kahn, owner of The Goddard School of Saugus, is the father of Jocelyn and Dylan. “It is wonderful to see the young students taking an interest in Breakheart and the Department of Conservation and Recreation,” said Peter A. Rossetti Jr., a lifelong Saugus resident and longtime member of the Friends of Breakheart. Denise Bénéteau weighs 12 pounds of tomatoes to deliver to those in need. The Duck Lemonade Stand at Breakheart Reservation “They are planning a park cleanup later in the year,” he said. The lemonade was all homemade from natural ingredients (not from concentrate or powdered mix). This was a big selling point for many people, according to Haydon. “Duck Lemonade” is the title/ brand of the lemonade stand that the kids voted on, she said. “We had several ideas, such as ‘Breakheart Lemonade,’ ‘Flounders Lemonade’ (the name of our classroom was originally the Friendly Flounders per the school’s oceanic naming theme, but we updated it to Ferocious Flounders as we felt it was a better fit for our vibe), ‘Goddard Lemonade,’ etc.,” Haydon said. “The kids picked Duck Lemonade as a reference to the viral song ‘The Duck Song.’” The family of Gregory Nickolas thanks the community for its support and prayers O n behalf of our family, we would like to thank the Town of Saugus, our family, friends and all the people who have shared their kind words with us. We deeply appreciate all of your expressions of sympathy, your thoughts, prayers and offers of support. The love we have received during this time of such heartache and loss has been immense. We sincerely thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts. Debbie, Jackie & Mason Nickolas THE LATE GREGORY NICKOLAS: Saugus’s longtime Youth & Recreation Director passed away last week at the age of 58. His family is grateful to the people of Saugus for their expressions of sympathy and the outpouring of love from the community. (Courtesy photo to The Saugus Advocate)

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