THE SAUGUS ADVOCATE – FRIDAY, OCTOBER 8, 2021 Page 3 ~ THE ADVOCATE ASKS ~ TOWN ELECTION 2021: Candidates for Board of Selectmen and School Committee each cite what they consider the most urgent challenge facing Saugus town government and the School Department and what they would do as elected officials to address it. Editor’s Note: Twenty-five days from today, Saugus voters will go to the polls for the town’s biennial election. The five seats on both the Board of Selectmen and the School Committee will be the featured town-wide races on the Nov. 2 ballot, which will also include a seat on the Housing Authority and 50 Town Meeting seats – five members to be selected in each of the 10 precincts. Continuing in this week’s issue and the four remaining editions of The Saugus Advocate published before the town election, we will dedicate this space to questions to the 10 candidates running for the Board of Selectmen and the seven candidates competing for the five School Committee positions. With the lack of candidate forums between now and Town Election Day, we decided to reach out to the candidates aspiring to two-year terms on the town’s two most prominent elected bodies and give them an opportunity to define the essence of their campaigns and what sets them apart from their political opponents. For the Board of Selectmen Q: In 100 words or less, what do you consider the most urgent challenge facing Saugus town government? And as an elected selectman, what would you do to help address that challenge? The incumbents: Selectmen Jeffrey V. Cicolini: Had you asked me this question a week ago my answer would have been different however, today, the most urgent challenge facing our town is the unconscionable proposal from the outgoing Mayor of Boston to relocate the folks from the methadone mile to the Quality Inn on the Revere/Saugus line. The Board of Selectmen and our State Representatives from Saugus and Revere are staunchly opposed to this proposal as evidenced at last week’s emergency public meeting. My comments aired on Fox news and represented me speaking for the people in our community. This is not an acceptable solution for the problem and we will continue to work with our neighboring communities and state delegation to make certain this proposal DOES NOT become a reality. Board of Selectmen Chair Anthony W. Cogliano Sr.: As of today, the biggest issue facing the Board of Selectmen is Boston’s proposal to relocate “methadone mile” from Melnea Cass boulevard, to Rt 1 on the Saufor making informed decisions which will include goals and policies for future land use, including housing, recreation, commercial development, transportation, and open space. As a member of the Master Plan Advisory Committee, I’m looking forward to sharing the results of the public meetings and surveys with the Saugus residents. However, we do need additional public input, especially on determining the future of the ASKS | SEE PAGE 13 SAUGUS TOWN HALL: Five challengers will be running against the five incumbent members of the Board of Selectmen in the Nov. 2 Town Election, making it the most competitive race on the ballot. (Saugus Advocate file photo by Mark E. Vogler) SAUGUS PUBLIC SCHOOLS ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICES: All five School Committee members are running for another two-year term in the Nov. 2 Town Election. But two other candidates are running for a spot on the committee. (Saugus Advocate file photo by Mark E. Vogler) gus/Revere line. A proposal like this would devastate our Town and our resources. Police and Fire calls to this location would all but guarantee we would no longer have proper coverage for our residents. As the Chairman of the Board, I called Mayor Arrigo of Revere to let him know that the Town of Saugus stands with the City of Revere to insure a proposal such as this never comes to fruition. I also reached out to our State Delegation at an emergency meeting of the Board of Selectmen to garner their support. Representatives Giannino, and Turco of Revere and Wong of Saugus put forth some very powerful language to Mayor Janey of Boston, letting her know that this proposal is totally unacceptable. Selectman Debra C. Panetta: The completion of the Townwide master plan is essential for the future of Saugus. With all the new development in Saugus, especially along Route 1, it’s imperative that we have a strategy that deals with the future growth of our town while protecting our neighborhoods and environmental resources. This plan will be the framework

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