Page 10 THE SAUGUS ADVOCATE – FRIDAY, OCTOBER 8, 2021 ~ POLITICAL ANNOUNCEMENT ~ Michael J. Serino announces his bid for reelection to the Board of Selectmen M ichael J. Serino, a life-long Saugus resident, has formally announced his candidacy for one of the fi ve seats available on the Board of Selectmen in the upcoming November 2nd election. Serino is a graduate of Saugus High School and the University of Massachusetts. Serino has served the residents RUNNING FOR REELECTION: Michael J. Serino seeks another two-year term on the Saugus Board of Selectmen. (Courtesy photo to The Saugus Advocate) GRABOWSKI | FROM PAGE 1 “Making sure everyone is safe” In response to Whittredge’s comments, School Committee Vice-Chair Ryan Fisher also expressed dismay at the alleged of Saugus with professionalism and integrity for many years. His extensive public service record includes serving as Chairman of several boards including the Board of Selectmen, Board of Assessors and the Conservation Commission. He also spent some time as a member of our Planning Board. Serino’s fi rst involvement in public service evolved at the age of 21 when he was elected as a Town incident that prompted members to meet remotely instead of in person. It’s unfortunate we have a beautiful new School Committee room and we can’t use it,” Fisher told his colleagues. “In life, you have to take responsibility for your actions. In OVER-DEVELOPMENT: After the Meeting Member from Precinct Ten. In 2010, Serino served as the vice-chairman of the Town Meeting Charter Commission where he co-authored meaningful charter changes that were approved by a two thirds (2/3) vote of the Town Meeting members. I believe that my proven experience and ability to work with people has resulted in many accomplishments that has benefi ted our community, including: FINANCIAL: The development of fi nancial management policies which has resulted in approximately 9.5 million dollars in our stabilization fund along with 4 million dollars in our free cash account. Consequently, Saugus currently has a bond rating of AA+, the highest bond rating in Saugus’s history. this case, the rest of us are the ones taking responsibility, making sure everyone is safe,” he said. In an interview later, Fisher elaborated on his concerns. “I don’t think anyone is gobsmacked we’re talking about yet another incident with this member. It’s a pattern of behavior that he’s been unwilling to control for years for which he refuses to take responsibility,” Fisher said of Grabowski, while not naming him. “When he made racist statements that insulted our English language learners and their families earlier this year, he didn’t apologize, blamed the rest of the committee for his words and only seemed alarmed when members of the community were permitted to voice their displeasure over his objections during public comment,” he said. “No company would allow development of the former Hilltop property on Route One, I was the fi rst public offi cial to state my concern regarding the amount of residential development allowed on that site. Ninety two percent (92%) of the project represented residential, whereas only eight percent (8%) represented commercial development. The impact to our public safety, our school system and the loss of our commercial tax base were concerns of mine. Consequently, I was the main author of recent zoning changes which will mandate more commercial and less residential development along Route One. Also included in my proposals were stronger setback requirements in order to protect the surrounding abutting neighborhoods. With the overwhelming support of our Town Meeting Members we were able to make these changes. INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTthis liability under its roof, and I support the decision to remain in Zoom as a committee so everyone’s safety and comfort is assured. We won’t allow another incident of any kind,” he said. Committee members sought Grabowski’s resignation All four of Grabowski’s colleagues called for him to resign following an incident earlier this year which involved interaction he had with School Department staff . In late January, Grabowski barged into then-Superintendent Dr. David DeRuosi Jr.’s offi ce, interrupted a meeting and made a comment about the school district needing people who can speak English to operate snowblowers, according to the minutes of an Executive Session meeting about the incident. Committee members voted 4-0 during that March 11 meeting to sanction him for reMENTS: Considerable investments have been made to benefit the Youth of our community such as a new Middle/High school, several renovations of the Belmonte upper-elementary school and our new sports complex at the Middle/High school. Furthermore, we continue to invest in our sidewalks, roadways, water and sewer systems. Moreover, we continue to invest in environmental initiatives such as our tree planting program, our solar farm and our CHARM center. In closing, I have always strived to serve our community with professionalism and integrity. Working together as a community, we can accomplish great things. You can always count on me to continue to be your voice in protecting the quality of life in your neighborhood. I am proud to be raised in a family with a rich tradition of public service and I would truly appreciate one of your fi ve votes on Tuesday, November 2nd.Thank you for your consideration, Mike marks they perceived as “racist” and to take a sensitivity training class. They also wanted their colleague to apologize to anyone he off ended. Grabowski’s refusal to accept responsibility for his off ensive comments, apologize publicly and seek sensitivity training motivated committee members to call for his resignation during their March 31 meeting. One committee member condemned the remarks as “damaging” and “harmful” in a school district where a signifi - cant number of students are English Language Learners (ELL). The four other School Committee members later voted to strip Grabowski of his subcommittee assignments as a form of censure. “Arthur Grabowski, once again, GRABOWSKI | SEE PAGE 19 Monogram D4 Double siding Cedar impression half rounds Harvey Vinyl 63 Replacement Windows Custom Aluminum Trim work Windows & Doors Top quality Vinyl Siding! •Vinyl Siding •Carpentry Work •Decks •Roofing •Free Estimates •Replacement Windows •Fully Licensed •Fully Insured

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