SAUGUS Vol. 24, No. 40 -FREETh e Advocate–A household word in Saugus! OC C www.advocatenews.net “Inappropriate conduct” cited Colleagues blame School Committee member Grabowski for being forced into a Zoom videoconferencing meeting By Mark E. Vogler A n alleged incident involving a colleague’s “inappropriate conduct” – not concerns about COVID-19 – prompted the School Committee to hold a Zoom videoconferencing session instead of meeting in person this week, according to several members. “I just want everybody to know we’re on Zoom – not because of COVID. It’s because we had an issue where a committee member allegedly got hostile with a school employee,” School Committee Chair Thomas Whittredge said at the outset of Wednesday (Oct. 6) night’s meeting. “And until we get it sorted out, we have to have everybody safe and comfortable enough to come to these meetings, so we decided to go to Zoom. And hopefully, it’s a temporary solution. That’s the reason why we’re on Zoom. Just wanted to let everybody know,” he said. During his remarks , Whittredge didn’t name the school committee member involved in the alleged incident. But committee members later identifi ed their colleague, ArUNDER FIRE AGAIN: School C ommittee Memb er Arthur Grabowski’s alleged mistreatment of a School Department employee recently infl uenced the School Committee’s decision to switch from in-person meetings to remote sessions. (Saugus Advocate photo by Mark E. Vogler) thur Grabowski, as the one involved in “inappropriate conduct” toward a School Department employee. Grabowski, who did not attend Wednesday night’s meeting, could not be reached for comment. GRABOWSKI | SEE PAGE 10 A SITE OF CONTROVERSY: A proposal by Boston offi cials to relocate “the Methadone Mile” to the Quality Inn at 100 Morris St. in Revere near the Saugus town line has sparked outrage in both communities. Two Saugus selectmen this week said they consider it “the most urgent challenge facing Saugus town government” (See this week’s “The Advocate Asks” inside). At an emergency meeting of the Saugus Board of Selectmen last week, selectmen gave their support to a letter already signed by Revere city offi cials and area state legislators which opposes plans to turn the closed motel into a homeless transitional center. (Please see related story on page 8) Town Election 2021 Two Saugus town meeting members will be candidates along with their sons on the Nov. 2 election ballot By Mark E. Vogler T own Meeting Member Maureen Whitcomb and her son Andrew both ran as candidates two years ago in pursuit of two of the fi ve Precinct 4 seats. Maureen got elected while Andrew lost out by just a vote for the final seat in the election. But he later joined his mother on Town Meeting, fi lling an unexpired term of a member who left town. The Whitcombs will again be a mother-and-son combination in their campaign for Town Meeting seats in the Nov. 2 town election. This year’s town election also features a father and his son running for election to the 50-member Town Meeting – but as candidates in two separate precincts. Precinct 10 Town Meeting Member Peter Manoogian is running for reelection to another twoyear term. He is among eight candidates vying for fi ve seats in Saugus’ most competitive Town Meeting race. Meanwhile, Manoogian’s son, Alex, is among the seven candidates competing for the fi ve Precinct 5 seats. SAVE “virtual” candidates forum set for Thursday The Saugus Action Volunteers for the Environment (SAVE) will hold its biennial Environmental Candidates Night for Board of Selectmen candidates next Thursday (Oct. 14) at 7 p.m. This year’s event will be conducted in a virtual format instead of in person, using the Zoom videoconELECTION | SEE PAGE 8 Published Every Friday D O TE CAT 781-233-4446 Friday, October 8, 2021 Not Welcome Here

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