DRIVER’S LICENSE | FROM PAGE 3 Page 8 override the Governor’s veto on June 8. The Senate is expected to take up the Governor’s veto on June 9. If the override is successful, the bill will become law without Governor Baker’s signature and will take eff ect on July 1, 2023. House Bill 4470, An Act relative to work and family mobility, was initially approved by the House of Representatives on February 16 by a vote of 120-36, with Representative Wong opposed. The Senate passed its own version of the bill — Senate Bill 2872 — on May 5 by a vote of 32-8. A conference committee appointed to reconcile the differences between the two bills worked quickly to finalize a compromise bill, House Bill 4805, which was opposed by the two Republican conferees, Representative Steven Xiarhos (R-Barnstable) and Senator Ryan Fattman (R-Webster). Under the bill, individuals who cannot provide proof of lawful presence in the United States will now be able to obtain a non-REAL ID compliant Massachusetts driver’s license if they can produce suffi cient documentation to verify their identity with the Registry of Motor Vehicles. This documentation must include either a valid unexpired foreign THE SAUGUS ADVOCATE – FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 2022 passport or a valid unexpired Consular Identifi cation document, as well as one of the following: a valid unexpired driver’s license from any US state or territory; an original or certifi ed copy of a birth certifi cate; a valid unexpired foreign national identifi cation card; a valid unexpired foreign driver’s license; or a marriage certifi cate or divorce decree issued in Massachusetts. At least one document must include a photograph of the applicant and one document must include their date of birth. Proponents of the bill say it will improve public safety by encouraging undocumented immigrants to undergo driver training and to insure their motor vehicles, but Representative Wong is skeptical of those claims and believes the proposal is particularly unfair to those individuals who have followed the law to secure lawful presence status or citizenship. Representative Wong previously supported an alternative proposal, fi led by Representative Shawn Dooley (R-Norfolk) that would instead allow undocumented residents to apply for a state-issued “driver privilege card” (DPC) to legally operate a motor vehicle in Massachusetts, but the amendment was defeated. Under this proposal, applicants would be required to complete a comprehensive driver education and training course, provide proof of payJ& $46 yd. 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It also established minimum levels of auto insurance coverage for DPC holders, and specifi cally stated that these individuals would not be allowed to vote in any local, state or federal election. Representative Wong also objected to language in the bill that prohibits the Registrar of Motor Vehicles from disclosing or making public record any personally identifying information provided by an applicant, unless required by federal law or authorized through regulations that will be developed by the attorney general. He previously supported a pair of amendments that would have required the Registrar to provide information on an applicant under specifi c circumstances, including to a city or town clerk seeking to verify the identity and eligibility of any individual using a Massachusetts license to vote or to register to vote, or to a state law enforcement agency requesting information pursuant to an investigation. Both amendments were defeated on votes of 31-125. electmen voted unanimously at Tuesday (June 14) night’s meeting to grant a license to 87 Broadway LLC and Airgas for the storage and sale of gas cylinders on the property at 87 Broadway. Airgas, which is leasing the property from 87 Broadway LLC, is a national company with locations in Massachusetts, specializing in the sale of gasses, along with welding equipment, tools, safety equipment and supplies. Selectmen said they are satisfi ed the company and town offi - cials – including the Saugus Fire Department — have taken steps to protect abutting neighbors from and dangers. “I for one, feel a lot better, knowing that the gas isn’t going to be fi lling things on-site,” Selectman Jeff rey Cicolini said. “It’s like a tank exchange. No diff erent than going to Home Depot and swapping out a blue Rhino Barbeque grill 20 gallon tank or whatever,” he said. John Peterson of 12 Spring Ln., the closest residential abutter, said he has no objection to the license being issued. “If our Fire Department is good with all of this, I’m generally good. I don’t have any objection,” Peterson said. But he noted that two homes on his street — including his own — had been vandalized or broken into, heightening his concerns about the storage of fl ammable materials. “I can assure you that [Saugus Fire Department] Captain [Scott] Phelan is very thorough,” Board of Selectmen Chair Anthony Cogliano told Peterson. “I’m sure he put them through the ringer to get his stamp of approval. He’s very thorough. He does a great job. You can be assured that you’ll be safe,” Cogliano said. Company officials recently met with town officials, including Capt. Phelan — who wanted additional concrete barriers and fencing locations to safeguard the compressed gas cylinders that will be stored on-site. The company’s customers include restaurants, welding companies, laboratories, auto repairers and a wide array of various companies who have needs for the gas that will be sold. The company stressed that there will be no fi lling of gas containers. Containers that have already been fi lled will be swapped for empty containers. Airgas will be selling compressed gas cylinders containing Propane, Propylene, Acetylene and Hydrogen. In issuing the license, selectmen approved the company’s operating hours Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., with no heavy equipment or machinery utilized by the license holder before 8 a.m. that would make any type of noise to impede the privacy or the enjoyment of neighbors. No tanks will be stored within 10 feet of the exterior of the building. Albert Nicholls participate in Showcase Ballroom Dance Performance R evere Resident Albert Nicholls participated at the Dancesport Academy of New England Showcase Ballroom Dance Performance held on April 10 of this year at Dance Studio the in Burlington, Mass. With live audience and along with other performances Albert, with his Instructor Mrs. Saori DeSouza as his partner performed the Rhythm Dance: the Bolero. The audience appreciated the performance and said the ticket price paid well worth it. Albert enjoyed cheering for his fellow performers and also appreciates the dedication of his teacher/owner of the Dancesport Academy of New England of Brookline challenging him to make his best eff ort in his Ballroom Dancing.

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