Page 6 THE SAUGUS ADVOCATE – Friday, June 14, 2019 SABATINO INSURANCE AGENCY Call for a Quote 617-387-7466 Or email Rocco@sabatino-ins.com We cover: * Auto * Home * Boat * Renter * Condo * Life * Multi-Policy Discounts * Commercial 10% Discounts * Registry Service Also Available A Father’s Day Weekend treat Saugus Historical Society hosts Strawberry Festival next Saturday – a good time for dad and family By Laura Eisener Saugus Historical Society B ack home in Saugus for Father’s Day weekend? Bring Dad, your family and friends to The Saugus Historical Society’s Strawberry Festival! Don’t miss out on Saugus’s most delicious tradition! Oldfashioned Strawberry Shortcake brings people together at the Saugus Historical Society’s annual Strawberry Festival next Saturday (June 15). In addition to shortcakes, hot dogs, chips, soda, seltzer water and bottled water will be available. Strawberry Shortcakes at $5.00 each to eat alongside your friends and neighbors at the Legion http://www.sabatino-ins.com SABATINO 564 Broadway Everett, MA 02149 617-387-7466 Hours of Operation are: Mondays - Fridays 9am to 5pm Saturdays by appointment only I AUTOTECH 1989 SINCE Is your vehicle ready for the Summer Season?!! AC SPECIAL Recharge your vehicle's AC for the warm weather! Includes up to 1 IL. of Refrigerant* (*Most Vehicles) Only $59.95 DRIVE IT - PUSH IT - TOW IT! CASH FOR YOUR CAR, TRUCK OR SUV! '09 FORD F-150 XLT 4X4 2011 HYUNDAI SONATA 30 Day Complete Warranty, 140K Miles Crew Cab, Most Power Options, Runs & Drives Great, Just Serviced, Clean Title, Runs & Drives Great, Just Serviced, Clean Title, 30 Day Complete Warranty, 140K Miles POWER & STYLE! Most Power Options, Runs & Drives Great, Clean Title, 30 Day Complete Warranty, 117K Miles READY TO ROLL! 781-321-8841 $8,995 Easy Financing Available! 1236 Eastern Ave • Malden EddiesAutotech.com $5,995 We Pay Cash For Your Vehicle! www.reverealuminumwindow.com Hall. Takeout will also be available – bring your shortcakes on a picnic! Food will be served from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. in the American Legion Hall at 44 Taylor St. Want to really join in the fun? Help serve shortcake for an hour or two. Strawberry Festivals were held in many New England towns in the 18th and 19th centuries to celebrate the first fruits of the season. The Saugus Historical Society picked up this tradition in the mid-1980’s and has held its festival every year since. The location has varied, with other locations including the former Unitarian Universalist Church (now the Iglesia Bautista) and St. John’s Church on Central Street. Shortcake tickets are available for sale at the door or by advance sale. Festivities extend out onto the Roby School Lawn at 23 Main St., where the Saugus Garden Club will be holding its annual plant sale along with local vendors of crafts, “white elephants,” and more beginning at 9 a.m. There is still space available for vendors. Table space is $15.00 per space (vendors provide their own tables), and vendors may reserve multiple spaces if they need extra room. For reservations or more information, please call Saugus Historical Society President Laura Eisener at 781-231-5988. ~ Guest Commentary ~ Mission from Mars By Gini Pariseau n a conversation not long ago, I asked a man where he was from. He told me he was from Mars originally but had moved on. Having originally been from Venus and moved on myself, I was fascinated to hear about his journey. He told me Mars was a starting point in his Map Quest of life. Fatherhood was the vehicle that catapulted him off the planet and it took him to a place he had never known existed. For the first time in his life, he fastened his seat belt. From the moment he beheld that extension of himself he realized that Mars would probably not be a habitable place for him anymore. Mars offered selfish awareness, the supposed liberation of an unplanned future and a day-to-day existence that required little emotion and plenty of instant gratification. Fatherhood, from the moment this man was awarded the title, was a vehicle that burst forward at whiplash speed. He cruised through inspiring territories of awareness and being. To this very special man, “that moment” crowned him with responsibility. Winning was never again to be determined in innings or goals or yards. On Mars, winning was the epitome of every endeavor or challenge. Fatherhood changed all that. Now it wasn’t a matter of winning. Rather, it was the hope that when all was said and done, there would be no losers. So many of us will celebrate this Father’s Day with special thoughts and memories of the journey that these former Martians took us on. I will never “dine out” without giving thanks for my father’s continuous effort to make sure I knew my table manners. I will never start to walk up a set of stairs and not hear my father always saying… “There’s always something that needs to be carried up!” It may be why my father was never a big sports fan. He had gone on to other provocations. I proved to be enough of a challenge. On my wedding day, when he gave me away I was never sure whose special day it really was. There wasn’t a trophy or tee-shirt or award of any kind that could trump that moment. He knew he never actually gave me away. I think perhaps a Father’s love is quiet and not always as obvious as a Mother’s might be. A Father’s love is more of a reverberation that comes to you later on in the everyday happenings of your life. Father’s Day is a perfect time to not only remember who your Father was or is, but who you are on ordinary days because of him. I think that maybe the best tribute of all I could give my Dad is that through all the ups and downs of my life, I never felt like a loser. Game point!

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