Page 16 THE SAUGUS ADVOCATE – Friday, June 14, 2019 ~ Letters to the Editor ~ Town Meeting Member Stewart calls proposal to privatize custodial services “a disgrace that would be proven over time” he School Committee is way off base with their proposal of replacing the Saugus school custodians. They propose to replace the custodians with a private company T augus School Committee: It is a disgrace the way you that will consist of employees with no devotion to the schools, teachers, and most importantly the students. The employees of an outside company have no dedication to Saugus. Our present employees are mostly Saugus residents and have been committed to exceptional service to the community. To change the system to save a small amount of money is a disgrace that would be proven over time as we go forward with a contractor. Please contact school committee members and tell them that you want the current employees to continue their great service to the community. Bill Stewart, Town Meeting Member, Precinct 3 School Committee: Do what’s right and do your job S have treated the 21 Saugus Custodians and their families. Not only is privatizing this position not what’s best for our students and teachers, but to consciously work to silence them and their supporters is contrary to everything we should stand for as Americans. We demand that they have a chance to be heard along with the concerned Saugus residents who DO NOT support this change. These are 21 valuable employees, and in many cases Saugus residents, that you have misled and treated as completely expendable with no regard for how this will impact them and their families. First it was not allowing a resolution to be brought forward at a town meeting, a refusal that has never before been seen in this town, and now it’s your refusal to add them to the agenda for the 6/20 School Committee meeting. You cannot continue to leave these families in the dark as their contracts expire in just a few weeks. They deserve to be heard and so do the people of Saugus who overwhelmingly oppose this proposal. There is a reason that students, their parents, and our teachers do not support the privatization of our school custodians and they should be allowed to voice their concerns and support for the 21 custodians that will be impacted. Do what’s right and do your job which means working with the community that you were hired to serve! The people of Saugus will remember this at our next election and we will be protesting at your 6/20/19 School Committee meeting. Our voices will be heard even if you don’t want them to be. Christian Moore P.S. – For the news outlets that I have copied to this email, if you would like the whole story on how the Town of Saugus negotiated in bad faith, and is now trying to push this privatization through without the impacted employees and residents of Saugus being allowed the opportunity to speak on the matter, I would be happy to share all the unfortunate details. It would appear that the only chance these families have at being heard is if local news outlets give them a voice, since the Town of Saugus continues to shut them down at every turn. To our readers If you would like to comment on the proposal to privatize custodial services in Saugus Public Schools, please send your responses to Mark E. Vogler, Editor, The Saugus Advocate, at mvoge@comcast.net. Make the call or email For our readers who prefer to let the individual School Committee members know how they feel on this issue, here is how you can contact them: Jeannie Meredith, School Committee chair Phone: 781-307-3402 Email: jmeredith@Saugus.k12. ma.us Linda Gaieski Phone: 781-233-8827 Email: lgaieski@saugus.k12. ma.us Marc Magliozzi Phone: 781-307-1816 Email: mmagliozzi@saugus. k12.ma.us Elizabeth Marchese, School Committee vice chair Phone: 781-632-7136 Email: emarchese@saugus. k12.ma.us Lisa Morgante Phone: 781-249-4559 Email: lmorgante@saugus.k12. ma.us

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