THE SAUGUS ADVOCATE – Friday, May 31, 2019 Page 9 One of the greatest By Th e Old Sachem, Bill Stewart ohn Havlicek was known for “He stole the ball” about his famous steal in the closing seconds of the Eastern Conference championship in 1965. John was better known as “Hondo,” his nickname, during his tenure with the Boston Celtics. Havlicek was born on April 8, 1940, in Martins Ferry, Ohio, and died on April 25, 2019, in Jupiter, Florida. Hondo went to high school in Bridgeport, Ohio, where he was a three-sport starter, then went on to college at Ohio State from 1959 to 1962. John was a roommate of Jerry Lucas, a future firstround choice, as was John. His 1960 Ohio State team won the NCAA Championship, and that same year he was an alternate member of the United States national team that competed in the 1960 Olympics. John was also a Consensus Second Team AllAmerican in 1962 after being named Third Team All-American in 1961. He was a first-round pick of the Boston Celtics as the seventh overall. He was 6 feet, 5 inches tall and weighed in at 203 pounds. He was listed by the Celtics as a small forward and a shooting guard. Hondo was the first player to be known as the “sixth man” because he rarely started, but J was a dominant force in each game. He played for the Celtics from 1962 until 1978, when he decided to hang it up. He is one of four players in the National Basketball League to have won eight championships, along with Bill Russell who has won 11 and Sam Jones, 10. He is also one of only three who have played on teams with an eight and zero record in NBA Finals games. He was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 1984. With five seconds left in the deciding game and the Celtics leading by a point over Philadelphia, the 76s had a throw in under the Celtics basket. Havlicek was guarding Chet Walker with his back to the ball being tossed in by the great Hal Greer. As the throw came in, he pivoted and tipped the ball to Sam Jones and the Boston win was saved. The Boston Celtics won the 1974 NBA championship and Havlicek was named the MVP. He is the Celtics alltime leader in points scored, 26,395, and had 20.8. average points per game over his 16-year career. In addition to his NBA championships and MVP, and his Celtics leading scoring, John was an NBA AllStar 13 times, first team four times and second team seven times. He was selected to the NBA All-Defensive team eight times and was NBA All-Rookie First Team in 1963. The Bridgeport Ohio gymnasium where he stood out named the gym after him as the John J. Havlicek Gymnasium in 2007. He was outstanding with his hard-earned money acquired over his career and invested heavily in Wendy’s fast food chain during their early years. He had no desire to coach and instead became a featured speaker about his career in basketball. During his career he played in 1,270 season games, averaged 20.8 points per game and had a .439 field goal percentage and a .815 percentage for free throws. During his All-Star career he played in 13 games and had a .481 field goal percentage and a .756 free throw percentage. His playoff career includes 172 games played, averaging 22.0 points per game, a field goal percentage of .436 and a free throw percentage of .836. In 1997 he was selected as one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History by a panel of journalists, players, coaches, executives and general managers. John was also named as the fourteenth best player of all time in a book by Bill Simmons. He was one of the greatest Celts along with Bill Russell, Robert Parish and Larry Bird. ~ Letter-to-the-Editor ~ It’s a Democracy; Let Us Speak W hat do you do when you have tried all forms of government? When you have done everything possible but no one will give you that voice. When you have been turned down by School Committee Board of Selectmen and Town Meeting. No one wants to take responsibility ask the school committee its not their call, super nope, town meeting we can’t touch it, selectman we will listen but mabee when it’s to late. Mr. Town Manager when will you hear us? When it’s too late? When the decision has already been made? Behind all the shenanigans “please pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” he is just getting rid of everything you have worked for, everything all the other town employees receive but for some reason the 21 will not. Union busting at its best. Why do we have a school committee if they do not want to make a decision that will affect all the schools. What are they there for? Why do they not want to hear what the parents, teachers, and employees have to say? Is it because they do not want to hear the truth of what these employees really do? It involves so much more than just “pushing a broom” I have been a custodian for over 20 years and I wish I could go to work everyday and just “push a broom” over my time as a custodian I have encountered a lot, aside from the normal stuff that I do daily, the stuff to disgusting to mention here, on any day I could be considered one of the following electrician, plumber, carpenter, painter, landscaper, hall monitor, heat specialist, lock smith, mechanic, snow remover, security guard and much more, you Sweet & Juicy fi nd me a company that will do all that and not charge extra for it and I will tip my cap to you. Does the TM, Super or SC really think the schools will be a safer place with a private for-profi t company in the school. I think not. I ask the SC to put an end to this smoke and mirrors put the decision on the agenda for the next SC meeting and vote this decision in public for all to see, take responsibility for the decision I know me for one will respect you all a lot more if that is how it goes down. Crunch the numbers and put a price on the safety of the students and faculty and see what you come up with. #ItsaDemocracy#letUsSpeak Michael Mabee 75 Dudley ST Saugus MA 01906 Life-long Saugus resident, Custodian, Coach and Parent BLUEBERRIES 2/$ PINT 5 McKinnon’s Own HONEY ROASTED TURKEY BREAST Save $1 lb. Sale Dates: Friday, May 31st to Thursday, June 6th 2019 Save $2.98 on 2 Stella MILD PROVOLONE General Mills HONEY NUT CHEERIOS, GOLDEN GRAHAMS OR LUCKY CHARMS Save $2.58 on 2 Exceptional Savings & Service! Family Pack BONELESS SKINLESS CHICKEN BREAST No Broth or Water Added! St. Louis Style PORK SPARE RIBS Save $1 lb. 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