Page 12 THE SAUGUS ADVOCATE – Friday, May 31, 2019 Saugus Annual Memorial D PATRIOTIC COLORS: Members of the Saugus Garden Club were dressed for the occasion. (Saugus Advocate Photos by Mark E. Vogler) LOCAL ELECTED OFFICIALS: Left to right, Saugus School Committee Vice Chair Elizabeth Marchese, Selectman Jennifer D’Eon and Board of Selectmen Chair Debra Panetta wave to the crowd as they walk down Central Street. A FAMILY EVENT: Panos Condakes, rear, with his children, left to right, Georgia and John, in Riverside Cemetery, where they attended a special Memorial Day ceremony. A ROARING SUCCESS: The Saugus Lions Club, which will be celebrating its 90th anniversary this summer, entered one of the three fl oats in last Saturday’s Memorial Day Parade. THE WELCOMING COMMITTEE: Three children waiting in front of Saugus Town Hall display their Memorial Day banner to parade participants fi nishing the procession. A GOLD STAR WIFE: Donna Whittemore-Farris, of Saugus, turned out to remember her late husband – U.S. Army veteran Everett Farris, who served in the Vietnam War. Whittemore-Farris said he died years later as a result of his service, which left him paralyzed. JOINING THE PARADE: The New Hope Assembly of God entered this fl oat. LEADING THE PROCESSION: This year’s Parade Grand Marshal, Randy Briand, a Vietnam veteran and the town’s grave registration offi cer, rides in a car provided by York Ford. WALKING AS A TEAM: Shannon M. Tolley, retired from the New Hampshire National Air Guard, marches with her service dog. She is the sister of Saugus Veterans Council Executive Offi cer Robert E. O’Toole, who is also a retired member of the Air Guard. PATRIOTIC ATTIRE: Saugus Town Manager Scott C. Crabtree dressed for Memorial Day with a colorful American fl ag tie. HEADING UP THE TROOPS: Left to right, Saugus Veterans Council Commander Steve Castinetti, Massachusetts Department of Veterans’ Services Secretary Francisco A. Ureña and Saugus Veterans Council Executive Offi cer Robert E. O’Toole lead the marchers up Winter Street toward Riverside Cemetery. COVERING EACH GRAVE: As part of a solemn Memorial Day service in Riverside Cemetery, those attending were asked to stand near a veteran’s grave and lift the fl ag set at the grave as part of the tribute. Among those participating in the front row, were, left to right, John Condakes and his father, Panos Condakes.

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