THE SAUGUS ADVOCATE – FriDAy, April 21, 2023 Page 15 Celebrating Saugus History parson roby Chapter of DAr honors local residents (Editor’s Note: The following info is from a news release from the Parson Roby Chapter DAR of Saugus on their recent Awards luncheon.) O n Saturday, April 8, the Parson Roby Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) of Saugus held an award ceremony followed by a luncheon at the MEG. The luncheon was attended by friends and families. The awards given were to recognize two Good Citizens of Saugus High School and Winthrop High School, Community Service and Historical Preservation. The Good Citizens Award recognizes outstanding young people who demonstrate dependability, respect, leadership, community service and patriotism. They were chosen by the administrators and teachers of their respective high schools. The recipients of the Good Citizens Award were Wiktoria Biegun of Saugus High School and Sarah Marie Delehanty of Winthrop High School. Wiktoria was described as a “student who is always the first to volunteer both in school and in her community and does so with a smile. She demonstrates integrity, leadership, respect and a positive attitude in every task and activity.” Both students wrote an essay on what it means to be a Good Citizen during the revolution compared to today. Their essays were outstanding. Each student was given a Good Citizens pin, a certificate and a monetary gift card. The Community Service Award recipient was Jack Klecker of Saugus. Jack has spent countless hours serving his community. He has a passion for veterans and building models to record history. One of those models he made is of the Saugus Iron Works and is on display at the Saugus Historical Society. Jack recently did a presentation to members of the Parson Roby Chapter, and he said that it took him 18 months to build this model. He also displayed his ASKS | FROM PAGE 14 cinct 4 is most of the representation is on the east side of Route 1 while most of the people live on the west side of Route 1. You have four people who live on Essex Street. A: Yes. And Bill Leuci lives just off of Essex Street (on Wilbur Avenue). The Parson Roby Chapter of DAR made a donation to the Saugus Historical Society. Pictured from left to right: DAR Regent Charlotte Line, Saugus Historical Society President Laura Eisener, DAR Vice Regent Gail Cassarino, Saugus Historical Society Vice President Paul Kenworthy and award recipient Jack Klecker. (Courtesy photos to The Saugus Advocate) GOOD CITIZEN AWARDS PRESENTED: Pictured from left to right: Sarah Marie Delehanty of Winthrop High School, DAR Regent Charlotte Line and Wictoria Biegun of Saugus High School. COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD PRESENTED: Pictured from left to right: DAR Regent Charlotte Line, DAR Vice Regent Gail Cassarino and award recipient Jack Klecker. HISTORICAL PRESERVATION AWARD PRESENTED: Pictured from left to right: DAR Regent Charlotte Line, award recipient Laura Eisener, DAR Vice Regent Gail Cassarino and award recipient Paul Kenworthy. other models, which include his childhood farmhouse and train layouts. Jack is also an active member of the Historical Society, VFW, American Legion and Saugus Veterans Council and lent his time and truck in the DAR’s Wreaths Across America event held in December. The Historical Preservation Award recipients were Laura Eisener and Paul Kenworthy for their continued commitment to preserving the histoQ: So, you would hope there would be more interest on the west side of the precinct. A: Yes. Hopefully, we will have some people from the western part of Precinct 4 who will step up and take an interest in local politics. Q: But since you’ve lived here, it really hasn’t been the case, though, has it? ry of Saugus. Laura and Paul both live in Saugus. Laura is President of the Saugus Historical Society and has a passion for history. She recently did a wonderful and informative presentation on the DAR’s Chapter’s namesake, Parson Joseph Roby from Saugus, who led 62 men from Saugus to the battles in Concord and Lexington on April 19, 1775. Laura has a wealth of information and has supported the Parson Roby ChapA: No, it hasn’t. Most of the population is on the west side of the precinct. But most of the interest in running for Town Meeting seems to be on the east side of the highway. Q: Anything else that you would like to share about your precinct? A: No. I think we have some good representation now. But ter on many historical and community events. Laura was named Woman of the Year at last year’s Founder’s Day celebration. Paul Kenworthy also received the Historical Preservation Award. Paul is very passionate about historical preservation and is the Vice President of the Saugus Historical Society. If you visit the Saugus Iron Works, you will find Ranger Paul giving tours and talks on the history of the Iron Works. He has worked for the National Park Service since 2015. Paul recently did a presentation on how the DAR and Louise Hawkes were instrumental in preserving the Saugus Iron Works. Paul is camp a race always makes an election more interesting. You hate to see people walk into an office without opposition. But a good election only happens when you have people stepping up. So, we’ll see what happens with the election coming up. I think we’re fortunate across the board, with the Board of commander of the Camp 5 Dept. of Massachusetts Sons of Union Veterans. In addition to the awards, the Parson Roby Chapter donated a check to the Historical Society. The Daughters of the American Revolution’s mission is to promote Education, Patriotism and Preserve History. These citizens exemplify these qualities, and the Parson Roby Chapter was very honored to recognize their accomplishments. If you are interested in learning more about DAR membership, please email parsonroby.saugusdar@ gmail.com. Selectmen, the School Committee and the Town Meeting – with few exceptions – we’ve got some really dedicated people. We’ve got some good people serving with the best interests of the town and trying to get us to move in the right direction. Hopefully, that will continue going forward.

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