THE SAUGUS ADVOCATE – Friday, April 5, 2019 ~ Letters to the Editor ~ Page 5 A reader’s response Dear Editor, My letter is in response to Rick Nelson’s “Letter to the Editor” on 3/29/19. In his letter he alerted readers to a Superintendent/School Committee endeavor to privatize school custodians in the Town of Saugus. In the midst of building a new high school, relocating other students and teachers in other schools, dealing with declining test scores and the entire long list of things in need of attention, we find the Superintendent and School Committee choosing to deal with the necessity of privatizing our school custodians. At a time when the experience of our custodians will be of such value to teachers and students in the midst of such transition, they deem this of paramount importance. Timing aside, I have to think WHY we need to take on this particular group of workers who show up every school day to ready the school for the arrival of the public school children and teachers and staff. The list of daily occurrences/ requirements is so varied. I reASKS | from page 3 turned to the split position as Assistant Principal and Humanities Director on July 1, serving there until last July, when he was appointed to his current position. Sullivan and his wife, Bethany, a Revere native, live in Amesbury with three young sons who are nine, seven and four years old. Many of his family members still live in Saugus. Some highlights of the interview follow. Q: Tonight is Title 1 Night? Please tell me about it. What makes it special? A: So tonight is really about family engagement and is sponsored by the Title 1 folks. We have 10 elementary Title 1 teachers here in the district; they work 19.5 hours and get funded through our Title 1 grants from the federal government. So, they put this night together. They get all the credit. They did all of the heavy lifting. They work with the library to arrange the date. They coordinate with the library to make sure that the stations work. They came over here early today to set everything up. They reach out to Wheelabrator and coordinate with Wheelabrator to get the water bottles and prizes. There were some things that we needed to order and for that we use Title 1 funds. Q: So, who are the teachers member the custodian at the Ballard School who seemed to be everywhere – I thought he might be twins – inside and outside, upstairs/downstairs, At least once a week, there was one student who got sick and would vomit in the hallway. Like magic, the custodian with his mop and bucket would show up. So I guess my thought is why do we need to take the voice away from a group who individually would have none. What is the advantage of targeting this particular group of people? I believe Rick Nelson is correct in asking what group will be next. Teachers of Saugus, where is your voice? You know the value of the custodial services in Saugus. You know the value of being a part of a Union that speaks for you. Parents of Saugus schoolchildren where your voice is – you know the value of having a custodial person in your child’s school who works to make your child’s space a safe environment and a good experience. we are talking about here? A: Title I Teachers working the event are Jean Swanson, Kathleen Gannon, Nella Juliano, Jenna Newhall, Sherri Rosenthal, Dana Shypula, Lenore Tomasone and Deborah Ward. There are two more Title I teachers who had conflicts and couldn’t attend last night: Cherie Shipulski and Catherine Mahoney Q: Who is the audience here? Who is the consumer? A: The audience for this – the people we are going after – are ASKS | SEE PAGE 6 I for one, applaud this group of workers. Union buster bullies will always be out there willing to always find ways to grant themselves more power at any and all levels. With the list of educational needs and requirements growing month to month, it seems that the Superintendent and School Committee can redo their to-do list and leave these workers and the Union that gives them a voice alone! Signed, Gini Pariseau Saugus, MA A heartwarming day at Chelsea Soldiers’ Home Dear Editor: The Saugus American Legion Auxiliary Unit 210 recently hosted a bingo afternoon at the Chelsea Soldiers Home for 54 women and men veterans. Cash prizes were awarded to the winners. During intermission a melody of patriotic songs were sung along with some well-known ballads of the 40s and 50s. Refreshments of cookies, snacks and soft beverages were served by the Auxiliary. Attending were Bernice Dunn, Marie Marshall, Loretta Nicolo, Dorothy Bockus and Shirley Bogdan. It is always heartwarming to sponsor these events. Another bingo afternoon will be held in May. Shirley Bogdan Saugus, MA 54 OAKES STREET EVERETT, MA 02149 Phone (617) 389-2448 www.saseverett.com Preschool to Grade 8 (PreK program starts at 2.9) Christian Values & Strong Academics Before/After School Programs Extra-Curricular Activities Financial Assistance Available Come and see the difference we can make in the life of your child! Se habla Español - Falamos Português Accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) Bring this ad and receive $50 off your registration. (New Families Only) Registration is on-going. * A Delta Dental Premier Provider Dr. Mario Abdennour, Dr. Bhavisha Patel, Dr. Priti Amlani, Dr. Bruce Goldman and team.

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