THE SAUGUS ADVOCATE – FriDAy, FEbrUAry 9, 2024 Page 9 Devany Millerick looks to make a pass to her teammate. Madi Femino drives the ball up court for Saugus as a Gloucester defender attempts to steal the ball. Madi Femino signals to a teammate as she heads up court. By Dom Nicastro SAUGUS GIRLS HOOP CLOSES IN ON OUTRIGHT NEC TITLE With the results of Northeastern Conference games this week, the Saugus High School girls basketball team has clinched a share of the Northeastern Conference Lynch division and can win it outright with a win Thursday, Feb. 8 at Danvers. “I’m very proud of the work and effort the girls put in to attain one of their season goals,” Saugus coach Joe Lowe said. Saugus beat Gloucester, 59-40. Peyton Dibiasio led the way with 18 points. Ashleen Escobar added 13 points, and Ana Silva dropped in nine. “Congrats to our eight seniors on their senior night and all their contributions to the Saugus High School program,” Lowe said. Saugus seniors are: Escobar, Devany Millerick, Madi Femino, Amelia Pappagallo, Juliana Powers, Ashleigh Moore, Silva and Jess Bremberg. Saugus also beat Salem, 63-32. Freshman Syd Deledi got her first varsity points with four, and sophomore Shawn Sewell added her first career varsity bucket chipping in with two points. Peyton DiBiasio with the ball for Saugus. Saugus’s Ashleigh Moore defends against a Gloucester opponent during Monday’s home game. ~ SHS Sachems Sports roundup ~ Saugus officially clinched a tournament berth with its 10th win. SAUGUS BOYS HOOPS DROP A PAIR Saugus fell to 4-12 on the year with a couple of losses. The Sachems fell to Gloucester in a barnburner, 42-40. Danny Shea had 18 points, and Huey Josama added seven while Ryan Shea dropped in six. “It was a good battle at Gloucester,” Saugus coach Joe Bertrand said. “The boys never gave up and were in it all game.” The Sachems earlier fell to Salem, 7741. Danny Shea led the way with 12 points, and Isaiah Rodriguez was also in double figures with 11. Nathan Soroko added seven points. SAUGUS-PEABODY WRESTLING SPLITS FOUR Saugus-Peabody split its last four matches. Here are the Saugus-Peabody winners from each of those matches: Saugus-Peabody 64, Newton South 18 113: Jackson Deleidi of Peabody over Xinqi Zheng, 0:28 126: Landon Rodriguez of Peabody over Isaiah Ortega, 5:08 132: Elias Diaz of Saugus over Alex Rhein, 5:40 144: Michael Maraio of Peabody, MD, over Nicholas Genin, 11-2 157: Sam Lorusso of Saugus over Nathaniel Arguello, 3:24 165: Luke Calder of Saugus over Avery Hamilton, 2:23 190: Freddy Espinal of Peabody over William Cuphone, 0:55 Lawrence 47, Saugus-Peabody 25 113 Deleidi, MD, over Mario Vincente, 10-1 132: Diaz, DEC, over Alexander Gomez, 8-6 138: Max Lorusso of Saugus, DEC, over Ronald Nguyen, 9-5 144: Maraio, DEC, over Angel Lantigua, 6-1 150: Justin Bremberg of Saugus, over Rancis Santana, 2:35 157: Sam Lorusso over Yansel Martinez, 2:59 Andover 42, Saugus-Peabody 27 106: Anna Felicio of Saugus, over Riley Mclean, 1:15 113: Deleidi over Madeline Li, 1:15 138: Diaz over Colin Flanagan, 2:25 144: Max Lorusso, MD, over Charles Tedeschi, Jr., 11-2 150: Maraio, DEC, over Adrian Luck, 5-2 165: Sam Lorusso over Lucas Tavares Vasconcelos, 1:56 190: Espinal, DEF, over Nicolas Welch Saugus-Peabody 57, Excel Academy 24 113: Deleidi over Alvis Tejeda, 3:00 126: Rodriguez over Damian Cepeda, 1:00 132: Diaz, DEC, over Outtman Eddahbi, 5-2 144: Maraio over Jaime Nunez, 3:00 157: Sam Lorusso over Samy Legzouli, 1:00 165: Calder over Kevin Tabares, 3:00 190: Espinal over Nathan Santiago, 3:00 285: Antonio Anzalone of Peabody over Rafael Rivas, 3:00 Saugus-Peabody 42, Lexington 33 120: Deleidi over Adam Keene, 4:53 138: Max Lorusso over Harshil Amineni, 1:14 144: Maraio over Jihoon Lee 150: Bremberg, DEC, over Eric Tomasio, 3-0 157: Sam Lorusso over Alexander Manson, 3:41 165: Calder, DEC, over Harald Reitshamer, 9-4 5:37 dez. 175: Espinal over Thomas Higgins, 285: Anzalone over Daniel Hernan

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