THE SAUGUS ADVOCATE – FRIDAY, JANUARY 8, 2021 Page 15 BHRC | FROM PAGE 14 ed the funding and the programs and said cutting them would be irresponsible and result in a cut in services. Here are some of the vetoes: $121,395 FOR MASSACHUSETTS COMMISSION AGAINST DISCRIMINATION (H 5164) House 144-11, Senate 38-1, overrode Gov. Baker’s $121,395 veto reduction (from $4,169,189 to $4,047,794) in funding for the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD). According to its website, the MCAD’s mission is to “eradicate discrimination in the commonwealth by investigating and prosecuting complaints of discrimination that occur in employment, housing, public places, access to education, lending and credit.” The MCAD also offers training to help prevent discrimination from occurring. (A “Yes” vote is for the $121,395. A “No” vote is against it.) Rep. RoseLee Vincent Rep. Donald Wong Yes Yes Sen. Brendan Crighton Yes $191,845 FOR STATE ETHICS COMMISSION (H 5164) House 147-8, Senate 38-1, overrode Gov. Baker’s $191,845 veto reduction (from $2,583,694 to $ 2,391,849) in funding for the State Ethics Commission. According to its website, the commission is “an independent state agency that administers and enforces the provisions of the conflict-of-interest law and financial disclosure law.” (A “Yes” vote is for the $191,845. 1. On Jan. 8, 1852, what Bay Stater and inventor of the cotton gin died? 2. What N.E. state’s tallest building (124 feet) is the shortest building of the U.S. states’ tallest buildings? 3. In “Chicken Soup with Rice: A Book of Months,” who praised enjoying that soup in January? 4. What is skijoring? 5. On Jan. 9, 1324, what Italian explorer – and namesake of a game – died? 6. How are No Toes, New South Wales; The Wedge, California; and Waimea Bay, Hawaii, similar? 7. How are Graves, Great Misery and Plum similar? 8. January 10 is annual Houseplant Appreciation Day; what chemical element do houseplants give off that is beneficial? 9. What town in northern France became known for a type of lace? 10. On Jan. 11, 1895, Laurens Hammond was born, who invented what electronic keyboard instrument? 11. How are Mahabharata, Odyssey and Beowulf similar? 12. What toy does an arctophile collect? 13. In 1897 what newspaper began using the slogan All the News That’s Fit to Print? 14. January 12 is annual National Hot Tea Day; what flower is also the name of the tea plant family? 15. The world’s longest freshwater beach, Ontario’s Wasaga Beach, is on what lake? 16. On Jan. 13, 1968, who performed at Folsom State Prison? 17. How are Abel, Cain and Seth similar? 18. What N.E. native minister and abolitionist said, “Every man should be born again on the first of January. Start with a fresh page”? 19. What candy was originally called “Papa Sucker”? 20. January 14 is annual National Dress Up Your Pet Day; what fashion company with NYC flagship stores has “The Pup Shop” for dog wear? ANSWERS A “No” vote is against it.) Rep. RoseLee Vincent Rep. Donald Wong Yes Yes Sen. Brendan Crighton Yes $12,448 FOR THE DIVISION OF LOCAL MANDATES (H 5164) House 126-30, Senate 38-1, overrode Gov. Baker’s $12,448 veto reduction (from $381,474 to $369,026) in funding for the Division of Local Mandates. According to its website, the division “responds to requests from local government leaders to determine if a state law is an unfunded mandate on municipalities. In addition, we serve as a source of information on issues harming municipal budgets and provide recommendations to address those issues.” (A “Yes” vote is for the $12,448. A “No” vote is against it.) Rep. RoseLee Vincent Rep. Donald Wong Yes No Sen. Brendan Crighton Yes $19 MILLION FOR MASSHEALTH FOR DENTAL BENEFITS (H 5164) House 124-31, Senate 37-2, overrode Gov. Baker’s veto of $19 million funding for MassHealth for expanded dental benefits for adult members. “I am striking language that earmarks funding for a program expansion not recommended,” wrote Gov. Baker in his veto message. “At a time when managing chronic conditions and helping people stay healthy could not be more important, reinstating these services for the first time in 10 years will make a meaningful impact on the health of thousands of Massachusetts residents,” said Amy Rosenthal, executive director of Health Care for All. “State budget shortfalls led to significant cuts to adult dental benefits in MassHealth in 2010. Since then, advocates and legislative leaders have worked together to incrementally restore these benefits including coverage of fillings, full dentures, gum disease treatment and now finally root canals and crowns.” (A “Yes” vote is for the $19 million. A “No” vote is against it.) Rep. RoseLee Vincent Rep. Donald Wong Yes No Sen. Brendan Crighton Yes $2,427,239 FOR THE CANNABIS CONTROL COMMISSION (H 5164) House 127-28, Senate 37-2, overrode Gov. Baker’s $2,427,239 million veto reduction (from $12,400,000 to $9,972,761) in funding for the Cannabis Control Commission (CCC). According to its website, "the mission of the commission is to honor the will of the voters of Massachusetts by safely, equitably and effectively implementing and administering the laws enabling access to medical and adult use marijuana in the commonwealth.” (A “Yes” vote is for the $2.4 million. A “No” vote is against it.) Rep. RoseLee Vincent Rep. Donald Wong Sen. Brendan Crighton Yes No Yes DELEO RESIGNS, HOUSE ELECTS REP. RON MARIANO SPEAKER Former House Speaker Bob DeLeo resigned last week to take a job at Northeastern University. His second in command, Majority Leader Ron Mariano (D-Quincy) was easily elected as the new speaker of the House. Mariano received 123 votes. GOP Rep. Brad Jones (R-North Reading), the current minority leader, received 31 votes. All Democrats who voted did so for Mariano. All members of the GOP voted for Jones. Reps. Jonathan Hecht (D-Watertown) of Watertown and Tami Gouveia (D-Acton) did not vote while Denise Rep. Provost (D-Somerville) voted “present.” Rep. RoseLee Vincent Voted for Mariano Rep. Donald Wong Voted for Jones HOW LONG WAS LAST WEEK'S SESSION? Beacon Hill Roll Call tracks the length of time that the House and Senate were in session each week. Many legislators say that legislative sessions are only one aspect of the Legislature's job and that a lot of important work is done outside of the House and Senate chambers. They note that their jobs also involve committee work, research, constituent work and other matters that are important to their districts. Critics say that the Legislature does not meet regularly or long enough to debate and vote in public view on the thousands of pieces of legislation that have been filed. They note that the infrequency and brief length of sessions are misguided and lead to irresponsible late-night sessions and a mad rush to act on dozens of bills in the days immediately preceding the end of an annual session. During the week of December 28, 2020 to January 1, 2021, the House met for a total of 11 hours and 42 minutes while the Senate met for a total of five hours and 52 minutes. Mon. Dec. 28 House 11:05 a.m. to 5:52 p.m. Senate 11:11 a.m. to 2:36 p.m. Tues. Dec. 29 House 1:03 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Senate 12:39 p.m. to 2:48 p.m. Wed. Dec. 30 House 12:36 p.m. to 2:04 p.m. Senate 1:19 p.m. to 1:37 p.m. Thurs. Dec. 31 No House session Fri. Jan. 1 No House session No Senate session No Senate session Bob Katzen welcomes feedback at bob@beaconhillrollcall.com For Advertising with Results, call The Advocate Newspapers at 617-387-2200 or Info@advocatenews.net 1. Eli Whitney 2. Vermont (in Burlington) 3. Maurice Sendak 4. When a skier is drawn over ice or snow by a vehicle or horse 5. Marco Polo 6. They are popular big wave surfing spots. 7. They are islands in Massachusetts. 8. Oxygen 9. Chantilly 10. The Hammond organ 11. They are epic poems – in Sanskrit, Greek and Old English, respectively 12. Teddy bears 13. The New York Times 14. Camellia 15. Lake Huron 16. Johnny Cash 17. They are children of Adam and Eve mentioned in the Book of Genesis. 18. Henry Ward Beecher 19. Sugar Daddy 20. Ralph Lauren

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