Page 10 THE REVERE ADVOCATE – FRIDAY, DECEMBER 23, 2022 RevereTV Spotlight H appy Holidays from RevereTV! In a new episode of “Focus on Health,” you can learn how to turn a classic breakfast favorite into a healthier meal without much notice! Revere’s Director of Public Health, Lauren Buck, was in the RevereTV Kitchen studio with Board of Health Clerk, Hajar Bichou, to make pancakes and toppings with no added sugar. This was a healthier take on a fan favorite just in time for the holidays. Watch “Focus on Health” at your convenience on YouTube, or scheduled at various times over the next month on the RTV Community Channel. While you’re on the cooking show trend, tune in to the latest episode of “What’s Cooking, Revere?” This is a special program produced by RevereTV to highlight volunteer members of our community that are willing to share recipes with all of us. Alvaro Garcia and Alex Herrera, chefs and co-owners of Valsos Table & Bar on Shirley Avenue, demonstrated how to make Rigatoni Bolognese. This meal is a traditional meat sauce made with fresh root vegetables, pancetta, veal, pork and beef. Watch this episode on the Community Channel for a preview of a popular menu item at Valsos. It is also available to watch now on YouTube. The City of Revere’s annual Menorah Lighting on the lawn of City Hall took place this week as Hanukkah began! RevereTV covered the event. Watch it now on the Community Channel and YouTube. You will also fi nd coverage there from the Winter Fest and the Christmas Tree Lighting that took place earlier this month. The Game of the Week this week was Revere High School Boys Basketball versus Lynn Classical on Tuesday night. The game streamed live on the Community Channel, Facebook and YouTube. RevereTV will be covering one game per week this winter season, but will also switch back and forth between the Girls and Boys Basketball teams. Replays of the Game of the Week will be scheduled on the RTV Community Channel. The past few weeks have been busy with municipal meetings leading into this short holiday break. The Revere City Council held a meeting almost every Monday this month, and RTV aired all of them live on RTV GOV. Meetings also included the Commission on Disabilities, the Aff ordable Housing Trust Fund Committee, the Traffic Commission, the Public Art Commission, the License Commission and the Board of Health. Last Monday Revere Public Schools held a special Community Meeting about opioids and Fentanyl, which took place over Zoom. All government meetings at City Hall air live on their scheduled date on TV and YouTube, and then replay on RTV GOV over the following few weeks. Check out RevereTV’s YouTube page to watch recordings of meetings at any time. ~ Home of the Week ~ LYNN....Commercial store fronts (consisting of two condos), 6 store fronts - great income, minimal expenses make this property a great investment. Condo fee of $782 monthly includes master insurance, water, sewer, exterior maintence, etc. Centrally located near public transportation. Great money maker, perfect for 1031 exchange, GREAT INVESTMENT! Income and expenses attached. Dominos Pizza $3,500 triple net. Deli $2,000. month. Union Cafe $3,500. month. Sonia Driving School $1,400 - will increase shortly to $2,000 month. Two additional store fronts $3,300. month.            View the interior of this home right on your smartphone.       Better Business Bureau Scam Alert: Watch Out for Fake Coupons on Social Media E veryone loves a good deal, and scammers know it. Counterfeit coupons are a popular way for scammers to steal your identity and money. Motives and methods vary, but phony coupons often mean serious losses for retailers, consumers or both. How the scam works You come across a website, either through a web search or an ad on social media, for coupons from major retailers. Usually, fake coupons are worth much more than real ones, offering steep discounts like 80% off . By using brands’ offi cial logos, it’s nearly impossible to tell if it’s fake or not. In some cases, getting the “coupons” requires subscribing to a coupon service and paying a monthly membership fee. Once you sign up, the service promises to either send you digital coupons or paper coupons in the mail. You might never receive any coupons, or you might receive coupons that are SCAM | SEE Page 19 MBTA Prepared for Winter: Advises Riders to Subscribe to T-Alerts Before the Next Snowfl akes Fall BOSTON – The MBTA is preparing for the winter season and is encouraging riders to subscribe to T-Alerts on mbta.com before the next snowfl ake falls to receive updated service information. T-Alerts are a text or email alert tool that informs riders of changes in service, including weather impacts. Riders are also encouraged to follow @MBTA and @MBTA_CR on Twitter and visit the T’s Winter Travel Guide at mbta.com/winter. During severe weather, the MBTA will modify storm schedules for its bus, subway, and Commuter Rail services. Storm schedules are available on mbta. com in the event of a storm. The MBTA also provides riders with up-to-date service information on its in-station digital screens. The MBTA continues to invest in winter resiliency through investments in its network of snow-fi ghting equipment. The MBTA has also coordinated with its municipal partners to ensure that bus stops and railroad crossings are free of snow following a storm. Each year, the MBTA conducts winter weather preparedness drills to exercise its storm preparedness and response, including running snow-fighting equipment and simulating storm cleanup activities. The MBTA’s fleet of snowFor Advertising with Results, call The Advocate Newspapers at 781-286-8500 or Info@advocatenews.net fi ghting vehicles includes two jet engine-powered snow blowers capable of generating 3,000 lbs. of thrust. With the ability to change direction on a subway line, each unit can be pre-deployed anywhere on the subway system as well as within subway yards. Additional jet engine-powered snow blowers have been modifi ed to be attached to heavy equipment and are capable of being deployed on roadways and subway rails as needed. Snow plows are also installed on a several dozen Red and Orange Line cars, allowing them to clear snow from rails while continuing to operate passenger service. The MBTA also utilizes third rail anti-icing systems. Deployed on Red, Orange, and Blue Line Heavy Rail vehicles, the anti-icing system is a pre-treatment process applied in advance of snow or icy weather that prevents ice build-up on the third rail. This year, the MBTA also installed 25 gas-powered hot-air blowers at critical rail switches. With specifi c locations known to be prone to commercial power outages, the MBTA has also invested in mobile generators that can be pre-deployed during instances of extreme weather conditions. System-wide tree trimming also continues to take place along Commuter Rail and subway right-of-way areas to mitigate the potential for fallen tree limbs on tracks and overhead wires. Real-time monitoring at critical Commuter Rail interlockings will also continue this year, including switch heaters, third rail heaters, and trip heaters. For more information, visit mbta.com/winter, or connect with the T on Twitter @ MBTA and @MBTA_CR, Facebook /TheMBTA, or Instagram @theMBTA.

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