THE REVERE ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, DECEmbER 16, 2022 Page 13 Basketball Pats fall to Everett in OT, 63-60 The talented RHS Basketball Cheerleaders lead the home team fans. Patriot Co-Captain Alejandro Hincapie at - tempts to block an Everett shooter. Patriot Ethan Day keeps his eye on the ball during the Patriots match up against Everett. Revere Boys basketball CoCaptain Vincent Nichols goes in for a lay-up. Pats Co-Captain Dominic Boudreau with the ball for Revere makes his way down the court as a defender from Everett moves in. Revere lost in overtime to Everett 6360 Tuesday night. Revere’s Ethan Day drives his way up the court as a player from Everett moves into defend. (Advocate photos by Emily Harney) Revere Boys basketball captain Vincent Nichols goes up to score for Revere during overtime action. Co-Captain Dominic Boudreau goes for a shot over a fallen Everett defender Tuesday night. RHS Varsity Basketball Coach David Leary shouts out last second pointers to his team during overtime action Tuesday night. Revere Patriots fans cheer on their team against the Crimson Tide Tuesday night. Co-Captain Sal DeAngelis works to keep control of the ball for Revere Tuesday night as defenders from Everett move in.

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