THE REVERE ADVOCATE – FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2021 CENSUS | FROM Page 1 Page 17 expanding its boundaries. During the presentation, Kan1. On Nov. 19, 1996, the last part of the Confederation Bridge was placed, which is the world’s longest bridge over icecovered water and joins New Brunswick to what? 2. What Italian sculptor reportedly said, “Trifles make perfection and perfection is no trifl e”? 3. How is a tortoise diff erent from a turtle? 4. How are Britannia, Caledonia and Hibernia similar? 5. On Nov. 20, 1979, the fi rst transfusion of artifi cial blood to a patient was performed; why did the patient refuse real blood? 6. Due to an incident of hitting, what sport was recently eliminated from the Olympic pentathlon? 7. November 21 is National Stuffing Day; in the South, what kind of bread is popular in stuff - ing? 8. What trio of comedy movies had a pie fight in the 1942 short fi lm “In the Sweet Pie and Pie”? 9. On Nov. 22, 1869, the Scottish clipper ship Cutty Sark was launched; her name came from “cutty-sark” (short skirt) in the 1790 poem “Tam O’ Shanter by what poet? 10. Which U.S. president pardoned the smallest number of turAnswers keys: Obama, Reagan or Trump? 11. How are shepherd’s, houndstooth and buff alo similar? 12. How are the writers about Thanksgiving William Bradford and Edward Winslow similar? 13. On Nov. 23, 1902, Walter Reed died, a doctor who led experiments where in the Caribbean to prove yellow fever to be transmitted by mosquito bites? 14. What popular Yuletide song is believed to have been sung fi rst at a Thanksgiving service in Massachusetts? 15. What utensil did the attendees at the first Thanksgiving not have? 16. November 24 is National Jukebox Day; how much did it cost to play the fi rst jukebox (in 1889 at San Francisco’s Palais Royale Saloon): a penny, a nickel or a dime? 17. Are yams and sweet potatoes the same? 18. Which country produces the most turkey meat: Brazil, Germany or USA? 19. How many days was the first Thanksgiving: one, three or seven? 20. On Nov. 25, 1992, the Federal Assembly of Czechoslovakia voted to reconfi gure the country into what? tor noted several times that how the city can redraw the boundaries was limited somewhat by the state jumping in fi rst to reset the boundary between the 16th and 19th Suff olk state legislative districts. One of the other big proposed changes is the swapping of Ward 3, Precinct 3 and Ward 5, precinct 3. Kantor said there was testimony from the public to shift the precincts so that all of Ward 3 will now be in the 16th Suff olk District, and all of Ward 5 will be in the 19th Suff olk. Before opening it up to discussion from the council, Kantor also noted that Ward 2 Councillor Ira Novoselsky had some issues with the redistricting, which, among other things, moves the Garfi eld School into Ward 1. “As you mentioned, I am not happy,” said Novoselsky when it came time for his input. “I am concerned about the small precinct of 2-3a; it shows that there are only 762 people that were accounted for in that precinct, and that doesn’t mean 762 voters.” Novoselsky asked why there would be a precinct that would be likely to turn out 100 voters. But the bigger bombshell, as far as the rest of the council was concerned, was when Novoselsky brought up a voting block on the map bounded by Waverly Avenue, North Shore Road, and Centennial Avenue that the census data showed had 67 voters. “Now, the way (Kantor) explained it to me, it’s that little block that shows 67 people, and nothing against the owner of the property, but that is Atlas Auto Body, which is an auto body shop,” said Novoselsky. “You don’t have 67 people living in that building; it’s a single building in that one little block.” Novoselsky said he was blaming the people who collected the census data for cheating and fi nding ways to add people to the roles in his ward. “I would ask for a federal investigation on that, because it is ridiculous that that is showing 67 people in that building; it’s impossible and you and the committee should go back and check that because it’s wrong, it’s absolutely wrong,” said Novoselsky. Kantor said he understood Novoselsky’s frustration, but noted several times that the city was working with numbers coming from the U.S. Commerce Department, and that it would be impossible to have the federal government launch an investigation and change data in three weeks. “There is no realistic way that Location of Atlas Auto Body at 1605 North Shore Rd. (Courtesy Photo) the U.S. government is going to change the census data in the next three weeks in time for us to approve a map,” said Kantor. “I hope I am expressing that I am frustrated too, and I wish there was a way out of this, but I don’t actually have one.” Council President Anthony Zambuto said he was deeply concerned that the city was getting census data that apparently showed 67 people living in an auto body shop. “This is the kind of stuff I can’t stand,” Zambuto said. “I know there is a census and all, but if the census data was wrong, it’s got to be corrected and I don’t care how it’s corrected, but there are not 67 people living in that body shop. If that’s an example of the census and how it was done, God help us, this is ridiculous.” Ward 6 Councillor Richard Serino asked what would happen if the council did not approve a new map by the state deadline in order to sort out the data brought up by Novoselsky. “The accusation that there could be individuals who answered the census fraudulently, that’s a federal crime, so I don’t even know where to begin and what to do with that,” said Kantor. “The idea that we could solve this potential federal crime in the next three weeks seems unrealistic, and I’m not just saying that because I want you to do the things I want you to do.” Zambuto noted that another public hearing was scheduled for Thursday evening, Nov. 18 (after presstime) and that some of the issues could be sorted out at that meeting. Attorney Kate Cook of the redistricting committee said that at the moment, it was not clear if the accusations of the fraudulent counts were correct, and that if they were, they would be looked into. “We’re not in charge of the information, we are trying to help the City Council to do its job to approve the maps under its statutory requirements,” said Cook. Later in the evening, the council approved a motion by Councillor-At-Large George Rotondo asking for a state audit of the census data, pending any new information that could potentially have been presented on Thursday evening to help clear up the situation. Following Monday’s meeting, Kantor and election commissioner Diane Colella both confi rmed that because 1605 North Shore Rd. is a commercial property, it wouldn’t be listed in the residential database as maintained by the Secretary of State’s offi ce and that the city does not have any registered voters or residents listed at that address. Kantor said there is no correlation between the U.S. Census data and registered voters, nor is there no connection between the U.S. Census and the city census run by the elections department. He added that no residents are using that address as their city census address. Following the Monday evening hearing, Kantor said the city sent questions related to the 67 people to contacts at the U.S. Commerce Department, and had not received a response to those questions by 11:45 a.m. on Nov. 17. “The anomaly of the Atlas Auto Body being used as a U.S. Census address is notable because 67 people claim to live within a Census Block in which there are no residential structures, and Atlas is the only existing building on the entire Census Block,” said Kantor. “This situation is not unique to Revere. The Secretary of State’s Offi ce informed the city legal counsel that there were other similar anomalies found in other cities.” Kantor said there could be a number of possible explanations for populations being counted in a census block with no residential address. None of those explanations involve any form of fraud or impropriety on the part of city staff or grantees, he added. “In fact, this is not the fi rst time that Revere residents used the Atlas Auto Body census block as their residence in a U.S. Census,” said Kantor. “The 2010 Census shows 35 people living at that block, and the 2000 Census with 57 people. So this issue goes back decades.” 1. Prince Edward Island 2. Michelangelo 3. A tortoise only lives on land and has tiny, elephant-like feet. 4. They are the Latin names for Britain, Scotland and Ireland. 5. Due to religious beliefs (a Jehovah’s Witness) 6. Horseback riding 7. Cornbread 8. The Three Stooges (“The Sweet By-and-By” is an 1868 hymn.) 9. Robert Burns 10. Reagan (two – Charlie and Woody) 11. They are types of fabric checks. 12. They wrote the only two eyewitness accounts of the fi rst Thanksgiving. 13. Cuba 14. “Jingle Bells” (The song does not mention any holiday.) 15. Forks 16. A nickel 17. No; they belong to diff erent plant families. 18. USA (Brazil is second and Germany is third.) 19. Three 20. Slovakia and the Czech Republic

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