THE REVERE ADVOCATE – FRIDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2020 Page 9 RevereTV Spotlight R evereTV recorded its first cooking show in the new kitchen studio! This shoot was a mock cooking show, rather, a run-through only consisting of the current staff . It didn’t hurt that the staff got fresh baked cookies out of the deal. With this shoot, it is now clear that RTV has the tools to complete a multicamera shoot with proper audio, lighting and coverage of the complete kitchen. Once the studio is open to the public, community members will be given information and guidelines about the use of the kitchen studio, as well as a full list of available equipment and appliances. Don’t forget that RevereTV also has a state-of-the-art full television studio, which is used more often for program recordings. Last Thursday, RevereTV covered the Revere Youth Baseball Championship Game at the Griswold Baseball Field. The RTV crew has been covering at least one game a week through the summer season, which has continued through to October due to initial delays. Each game covered has been streamed live to YouTube, Facebook and the RTV Community Channels. Last week’s game was Indians versus Phillies. To view all games covered by RevereTV this year, visit the RTV YouTube page. Replays will also air on Friday and Saturday nights on Comcast channel 8 and 1027 and RCN channel 3 and 614. RevereTV produced a highlight program by a group of Revere youths, along with a RHS staff advisor, who teamed up with City Hall to create the COVID-19 Oral History Project. RevereTV was not part of the actual project but helped with facilitating this specifi c recording. The youths interviewed many people from diff erent backgrounds and professions about their experience with the virus this year. The project is extensive, and the program in the studio was hosted by longtime RTV community member Ed Deveau. The students participated via Zoom while Deveau hosted from the studio. You can soon fi nd this program airing on the RTV community channels, on Facebook and on YouTube. Watch to learn more about this youthled project. To watch government programming, watch RevereTV on Comcast channel 9 or RCN channels 13 and 613. All city meetings air live but can always be found on the RTV YouTube page. Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department warns about new telephone scam BOSTON – The Suff olk County Sheriff ’s Department is warning citizens to beware of a new telephone scam designed to trick potential victims into sending bail money under the false claim that a family member or friend has been incarcerated inside Department facilities. The scammer, having obtained personal information about the resident (including the names of some of their relatives, and other pertinent information), calls using technology designed to copy the telephone number at the Department, while pretending to be a family member or friend, and falsely claims to have been incarcerated at either the Suff olk County Jail or Suff olk County House of Correction. The fake prisoner then SCAM | SEE Page 10       Meeembebeers errs rs of tthe Rev the he Reveevereeve r ere ere Fire re De epartm epartmert tmentmeent en                         AUTOTECH 1989 SINCE CA$H FOR YOUR CAR! DRIVE IT - PUSH IT - TOW IT! Cold Hard Cash For Your Car, Truck or SUV! 2012 KIA SOUL One Owner, Most Power Options, 101K Miles, Warranty, Runs & Looks Great! FUN IN THE SUN      Like us on Facebook advocate newspaper Facebook.com/Advocate.news.ma Easy Financing Available! $6,500 EddiesAutotech.com PRICED RIGHT! $5,350 781-321-8841 1236 EasternAve • Malden We Pay Cash For Your Vehicle! 2008 CHEVROLET IMPALA LT Leather, Loaded with Moon Roof, One Owner, Warranty, Only 104K Miles Massort Noise Complaint Line: 617-561-3333 ~FLASHBACK~ Sixteenth in a series of photos         

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