THE REVERE ADVOCATE – FRIDAY, AUGUST 5, 2022 Page 3 MBTA: Orange Line will completely shut down for 30 days beginning August 19 Over 100,000 daily riders – including many from Everett, Malden, Revere & Saugus – are impacted by this historic shutdown; ‘T offi cials cite need for major revitalization work to improve ‘safety, service, reliability’; shuttle buses will be provided By Steve Freker MBTA offi cials on Wednesday announced a dramatic move that they said would lead to improved “service, safety and reliability” on one of its most heavily used transit lines. Riders are being encouraged to work from home during this historic, unprecedented 30-day total shutdown of the MBTA's Orange Line as the agency moves to address long overdue maintenance. The MBTA announced the shutdown beginning at approximately 9 p.m. on Friday, August 19 through September 18, with service resuming on Monday, September 19. ‘T’ officials, in a press conference which included statements by Governor Charlie Baker on Wednesday, said the shutdown will enable an “accelerated, major revitalization eff ort... on a faster timeline.” Wednesday’s major announcement comes after a series of high-profile incidents, including a fi re that led to riders jumping out of the windows of an Orange Line train, and a Federal Transit Administration review that led to a long list of safety directives. Despite the many “plusses” cited by MBTA offi cials on Wednesday, the shutdown will still severely impact the mobility and day-to-day lives of those who travel the Orange Line daily. The city of Malden hosts no less than two major Orange Line stations: Oak Grove at the northerly end of the line and Malden Center. Malden Mayor Gary Christenson said on Wednesday that he and his staff are already working on a local response to this transportation situation. “I have already met with our team to see if we can do anything to help the situation which includes utilizing the commuter rail to off set the disruption,” Mayor Christenson said as part of a statement MBTA | SEE Page 22 A 30-day shutdown will enable MBTA offi cials to take a deep dive into a comprehensive maintenance and repair project that would avert weekend closures for up to fi ve years. (Courtesy/MBTA) MBTA encourages alternative travel options, including Commuter Rail, working from home, during shutdown OurOur 50th Anniversarynniversar R.Y.O. TOBACCO ---------TUBES CIGAR SMOKERS DELIGHT! 15 Handmade Cigars - Long Leaf - Shuttle bus service between some stations will be provided by the MBTA through Yankee Line. (Courtesy Photo) MBTA offi cials on Wednesday announced an unprecedented, 30-day shutdown of the Orange Line. The move will strongly impact over 100,000 rides daily, and MBTA offi cials encouraged several alternative travel options for Orange Line riders. • Enhanced Commuter Rail options: Orange Line riders who must commute downtown are strongly encouraged to use the Commuter Rail as an alternative as the MBTA is making a series of changes in service to accommodate the change in travel patterns: All Zone 1A, 1, and 2 fares can be paid simply by showing a CharlieCard or CharlieTickets on all Commuter Rail lines. Since many Orange Line riders drive to or transfer between buses and the Orange Line, the MBTA is making it easy to access the Commuter Rail before riders get to the Orange Line by allowing all riders to utilize Commuter Rail stations in Zones 1A, 1, and 2 by showing their CharlieCard or CharlieTicket to a conductor. Haverhill Line Commuter Rail trains stop at Oak Grove, Malden Center and North Station. During these 30 TRAVEL | SEE Page 4 individually wrapped plus a $19. Surprise $43.95 We Sell Cigars & Accessories Buy Cigars by the Box & SAVE! Competitive prices on all Brands, Great Selection Take an Additional 10% OFF All Boxes and Humidors during the Month of August! * Travel Humidors * Desk Top Humidors * Many Types of Lighters * Ash Trays * Juuls * Vapes * Glass Pipes * Rewards Program * CBD Infused Products * GIFTS UNDER $30 - GIFT CERTIFICATES A.B.C. CIGAR 170 REVERE ST., REVERE (781) 289-4959 STORE HOURS: Monday - Saturday: 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM Sunday & Holidays: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM Extensive track repair work is part of the overall maintenance project plan. (Courtesy/MBTA) Lawrence A. Simeone Jr. Attorney-at-Law ~ Since 1989 ~ * Corporate Litigation * Criminal/Civil * MCAD * Zoning/Land Court * Wetlands Litigation * Workmen’s Compensation * Landlord/Tenant Litigation * Real Estate Law * Construction Litigation * Tax Lein * Personal Injury * Bankruptcy * Wrongful Death * Zoning/Permitting Litigation 300 Broadway, Suite 1, Revere * 781-286-1560 lsimeonejr@simeonelaw.net 2022 1972

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