Page 8 THE REVERE ADVOCATE – FRIDAY, JULY 29, 2022 Animal rights activists protest against animal testing experiments By Tara Vocino A group of peaceful protesters organized along Revere Beach Boulevard on Saturday against a proposed Life Science bio lab at the Suff olk Downs development which could include animal testing. The matter was discussed during recent City Council meetings and public hearings. Pictured from left to right: protestors Sherry Rose, Stilletto Dee, Sophia Durbano, Michael Sparks, Wayne Rose and Gina Castiello held signs against a lab that would test on animals in experiments. Thousands of beachgoers were made aware of the Life Science building protest. (Advocate photos by Tara Vocino) Revere Summer Food Program FREE Grab and Go Lunch at select school and park locations throughout Revere starting Monday, July 18th! Parents/Guardians can pick up FREE Grab N Go lunches for their children between the ages of 0-18!  Beachmont School, rear entrance, (breakfast 8am-9am; lunch 11am-1pm)  Revere Beach Pavilion #2 (lunch 11am-1pm)  Sonny Meyers Park on Beach Street, (lunch 11am -1pm)  Hill School, rear entrance, stadium side, breakfast 8am-9am; lunch 11am-1pm)  Paul Revere School, rear entrance, (Monday-Thursday), breakfast 8am-9am; lunch 11am-1pm)  Garfield School (front entrance) (Monday-Thursday) Lunch 12:00pm1:00pm RHA Rose Recreational Center on Rose Street (lunch 11:30am-1pm) RHA Adams Court Recreational on Adams Street (lunch 11:30am-1pm)  Ciarlone Park on Newhall Street (lunch 11:30am-1pm)  Louis Pasteur Park on Endicott Street (lunch 11:30am-1pm)  Revere Farmer’s Market on Broadway at American Legion Hall (FRIDAYS only, lunch 12-1:00pm) Programs will serve meals Monday thru Friday except where noted.* Locations may be subject to close due to inclement weather and/or participation. For Updates go to https://www.facebook.com/RPSDiningServices or https://twitter.com/rpsdining “This institution is an equal opportunity provider”. Cindy Martin’s sign read, “O’Brien! Why the Change? NO Bio-Lab!!!” Resident Sophia Derbuno’s sign read, “Where Is The Transparency”. On Saturday along Revere Beach, Wayne and Sherry Rose, of Revere, organized a peaceful protest against animal testing in the city or elsewhere.

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