THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, July 5, 2019 Page 7 RESIDENTS | from page 1 Event Organizer Marguerite Fleury said Mayor Brian Arrigo answered each question sincerely “and to the best of his ability” during Friday’s Meet the Mayor Night at St. George Seaside Condominiums & Beach Club. Joyce Russis asked Mayor Brian Arrigo about the possibility of a permanent shuttle to the Encore Boston Harbor casino in Everett and about how he plans to control traffi c congestion, if reelected. Mayor Brian Arrigo said, at the end of the day, it’s about making sure his two little boys are proud of the city. Saturday, July 13 at 9 PM WILDFIRE During a Meet the Mayor Night at the St. George Condominiums on Friday night, Steven Ross asked about the city’s role in controlling traffi c congestion from movie production. Greg Gigg asked the mayor how he plans to address open space, suggesting that building apartments only adds density. In back, the city’s Veteran’s Director Marc Silvestri looks on. er problem, such as an increase in car accidents or road rage. Russis also asked if a longterm shuttle bus is available to transport residents to Encore Boston Harbor Resort in neighboring Everett. Arrigo said the city is waiting to see how often a short-term shuttle is used before deciding whether to run a permanent shuttle bus. Greg Gigg asked Arrigo how he plans to address open space and suggested that plastering the city with rental units adds nothing but density. Arrigo said development is simultaneously tied to and separate from traffi c congestion. “Apartments between Revere Street and Wonderland have been in the works for approximately 20 years,” Arrigo said. “Vacant land being developed results in a strong economy so that people want to move here.” On the other hand, Gigg said, he is in favor of Arrigo’s quick action on the parking meter scandal, acquiring a state grant for recycling eff orts, and removing plastic bags from major supermarkets. In addition to housing, Arrigo spoke about other upand-coming sites in the city. He said the redevelopment of Suffolk Downs will result in $42 million annually with a Gloria Dove was one of the St. George condominiums residents who attended the Meet the Mayor Night. minimum of 50 percent commercial development. He also called attention to a new Point of Pines fi re station, a new high school and a new Department of Public Works facility. Steven Ross said movie production fi lming made it nearly impossible to quickly access the Wonderland MBTA station since a green screen was set up there, temporarily blocking the entrance. He said State Police were funneling drivers out to Route 1A and that traffi c was backed up onto Ocean Avenue. Ross suggested that the State Police temporarily allow what would normally be an illegal U-turn to alleviate traffi c. Police radioed dispatch and four minutes later, they redirected traffi c, according to Ross. “It’s absurd,” Ross said. “They had absolutely no regard for the safety or comfort of people there.” Ross also asked why local police were not on the scene. Arrigo replied that while he understands Ross’s frustration, because the planning phase was done on a state level, Revere wasn’t at the table. “The fi lming along the beach is permitted by the Department of Conservation and Recreation,” Arrigo said. Mary Graham said the library and Senior Center could use a lot of help. Arrigo said while its condition doesn’t refl ect the city that Revere has become, stakeholders have to focus on the fundamentals, such as applying for library and Senior Center grants. “I’d love to see the Garfi eld Community Center, which is opening in September, also used for the seniors in addition to providing recreation,” Arrigo said. Russis said that would be a wise decision. Judy Duffy asked about snowplowing in order to walk to the train in the early morning. Arrigo replied that he will make sure to raise it as an issue. After the event, Ross shared his thoughts with The Revere Advocate. Saturday, July 20 at 9 PM Led Zeppelin Tribute Show IN THE LIGHT Friday, July 19 at 9 PM THIRD MAN IN “I was pleased with his responses,” Ross said of Arrigo. “He referenced the state a lot and how they are in charge of many projects.” He went on to say that whoever is elected for the next mayoral term will face similar issues. Event organizer Marguerite Fleury said guests were more dine drink gather enjoy Live on the Patio Thursday, July 11 at 6 PM THE GROOVE TRIO Friday, July 12 at 9 PM BACK TO THE 80'S concerned about traffi c as opposed to new development. “Brian not only truly loves this city, but he is Revere personifi ed,” Fleury said after the two-hour event. “He answered each question with sincerity and to the best of his ability.” Tara Vocino may be reached at printjournalist1@gmail.com. w/ Guests: CHARING CROSS Coming September 14th Boston's legendary.. 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