THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, July 5, 2019 Page 15 RBC gives first “Beautiful Home” Award of 2019 I t is that wonderful time of year when gardens begin to fl ourish throughout the city. Residents spend countless hours sprucing up their property to make it look its best, and the results show that this effort is well worth expending. One of the great pleasures that the Revere Beautifi cation Committee (RBC) has is being able to recognize diff erent Revere residents for their eff orts in beautifying their property. The recipient of the first 2019 award is the Ernesto Climaco family on Mountain Avenue. When driving by this home, it is easy to see why the Climacos were selected for this award. The entire property is immaculate with not a piece of litter or weeds showing. The front yard is fi lled with colorful fl owers – red, white and pink – with not a bit of space remaining. From there, the front stairs all have pots of fl owers – impatiens, petunias and geraniums – flanking both sides of the entryway. Baskets of fl owers hang from the front overhang, and wreaths are placed on the two entry doors, creating a warm and welcoming eff ect. To fi nish it off , there is a large United States fl ag proudly waving from the pole attached to the front of the house. This beautiful landscaping could not be accomplished without a lot of work. The Climacos do all of the landscaping themselves. They water the property twice a day and clean and pick up the property daily. They estimate that they spend about two hours every day in their property upkeep. The Climacos have lived in their home 15 years and love the city of Revere. They consider it an “honor to live here” and are most grateful to all who are working to make Revere better. Summer luncheon at the Senior Center T he Rossetti-Cowan Senior Center held a “Welcome Summer” luncheon on Thursday, June 27. Seniors enjoyed the beautiful voice of Carol Lisere, who brought back all their favorite songs. Italian sausages, roasted peppers and a roll was enjoyed by seniors. Special thanks to Wheelabrator for the donated centerpieces, cookies and raffl e baskets. Also, thank you to those elected offi cials and candidates who contributed raffl e items. Carol Lisere mesmerizes seniors with “Only You” from The Platters during the summer luncheon at the Rossetti-Cowan Senior Center. (Photos Courtesy of Stephen W. Fielding) Shown from left to right: Lynette Nee, Carmela Giangregorio, Rene Garber and Ann Marie Drukas enjoy Italian sausages. Mayor Brian Arrigo and State Representative RoseLee Vincent with Kay Morani and Jeanette Trionfi Councillor-at-Large Anthony Zambuto with the Senior Center’s bocce players Nancy McInerney leaving Rossetti-Cowan Senior Center Nancy McInerney, combination exercise instructor for 16 years at the Rossetti-Cowan Senior Center, is moving on to a new career. Giving her a great send-off on her last day of class are Patty Buontempo, Pat Cacciatore, Irene Casella, Gene Chen, Grace DiPierro, Margo Johnson, Debbie Joost, Teddi Mantia, Lucille McCarthy, Millie Obispo, Barbara Stoddard and Mary Vigliotta. Thank you, Nancy. On a good note – Aimee Borda, our Zumba instructor – will be taking over this class eff ective Thursday, July 18, in addition to her regular class. (Photo Courtesy of Stephen W. Fielding)

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