THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, June 21, 2019 Page 3 Everett, Encore pushes public transportation option for casino patrons By Christopher Roberson W ith the opening of Encore Boston Harbor just a few days away, the message from Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria was clear: Avoid Lower Broadway. “Please leave your cars at home,” he said during a June 19 press conference with state and local law enforcement. “We want you to enjoy your experience without having to worry about the roadways.” DeMaria said that in addition to the MBTA, other modes of transportation include water taxis, motor coaches and Encore’s fl eet of shuttle buses. Robert DeSalvio, president of Encore Boston Harbor, said two-hour transportation meetings have been held biweekly since February. “We agonized over this plan,” he said. “We took this very seriously; we have literally thrown everything we could at this.” DeSalvio also called attention to the 750,000 residents who live within walking distance of the Orange Line. “The Orange Line is a key link for us,” he said, adding that shutEncore Boston Harbor President Robert DeSalvio recently spoke to the media about the various modes of transportation to and from the casino. (Advocate Photos by Christopher Roberson) tles will pick up patrons at Sullivan Square, Malden Center and Wellington Stations. In addition, DeSalvio and his colleagues are anticipating “quite a bit of business” from northern New England. Therefore, a motor coach will be running every 90 minutes from Londonderry, N.H. Motor coaches will also be available to pick up patrons in Rockland and Millbury, Mass. DeSalvio said shuttles will also be running from WonThe Encore Boston Harbor water shuttle is just one of several ways patrons can visit the casino without having to drive. (Courtesy Photo) derland Station in Revere during the June 23 opening. He said water taxis will be available as well from the Seaport World Trade Center and Long Wharf in Boston. DeSalvio said the water taxis have been tested and are able to cross under the Alford Street Bridge without having to raise it. “The vessel got underneath with about a foot to spare,” he said. In terms of crowd control, more than 100 police details will be on hand during the opening with officers from Everett, Chelsea, Boston and Medford. Everett Police Chief Steven Mazzie said the anticipation of the casino opening reminded him of the hype surrounding the Y2K computer virus. “Everything is going to be just fi ne,” he said. “We want you to come here to have a great time, but please be patient.” Mazzie also said that going forward patrons will not be permitted to park on the adjacent side streets. He said doing so will result in a $50 fi ne and the vehicle being towed. “Don’t just dump your car here,” he said. Lt. Col. Robert Favuzza of the Massachusetts State Police issued a stern warning of his own. He said his troopers will constantly be monitoring the scores of security cameras meticulously scanning the casino fl oor. “Our goal is simple – we will have no tolerance for any criminal activity,” said Favuzza. WE WORK FOR YOU! * Have your car repaired by     * An I-CAR GOLD CLASS SHOP              for                                 1605 North Shore Road, Revere * 781-284-1200 Visit us at: www.AtlasAutobody.com or call (781) 284-1200 to schedule your appointment today!

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