THE REVERE ADVOCATE – FRIDAY, JUNE 7, 2024 Page 13 Revere High School Patriots Varsity Girls’ Softball Team Banquet By Tara Vocino A fun list of awards was given out during Sunday’s Revere High School Girls’ Varsity Softball Lady Patriots Team Banquet at Prince Pizzeria in Saugus. Receiving the unique awards were: Always Hungry Award: Danni Hope Randall. Super Snacker Award: Brianna Miranda. Most Likely To Be Late Award: Ally Straccia. If Side Eyes Could Kill Award: Olivia Morris. The One More Time Award: Coach Megan O’Donnell. The Leave It Award: Coach Hailey Powers. Energizer Bunny Award: Coach Victoria Correia. The Librarian Award: Luiza Santos. Light At The End Of The Tunnel Award: Julianna Bolton. Can’t Park In Between The Lines Award: Dakota Lanes. The Please Repeat The Huddle Award: Riley Straccia. Do It For The Instagram Award: Isabella Qualtieri. The I Know! Award: Lea Doucette. Cool As A Cucumber Award: Jordan Martelli. Laser Focus Award: Lindsay Pineda. The Bubbles Award: Gianna Chiodi. Personal Space Ignorer Award: Anna Doucette. The Black Hole Award: Caleigh Joyce. Human Megaphone Award: Shayna Smith. Sporting their hoodies, the 2024 team is shown with Coaches Megan O’Donnell, Victoria Correia and Hailey Powers. Shown from left to right: Bottom row: Olivia Morrris, Luiza Santos, Isabella Qualtieri, Riley Straccia, Dakota Lanes and Ally Straccia; top row: Brianna Miranda, Gianna Chiodi, Anna Doucette, Danni Hope Randall, Shayna Smith, Jordan Martelli, Lea Doucette, Frankie Reed and Caleigh Joyce. Patriots coaches Victoria Correia (at left), Megan O’Donnell and Hailey Powers. (Advocate photos by Tara Vocino) This year’s Captains, shown from left to right: Ally Straccia, Isabella Qualtieri, Riley Straccia and Luiza Santos. Shown from left to right: Olivia Morris, Ally Straccia and Julianna Bolton showed off their sweatshirts during Sunday’s Revere High School Girls’ Varsity Softball Lady Patriots Team Banquet at Prince Pizzeria. Incoming captains, shown from left to right: Lea Doucette, Brianna Miranda, Jordan Martelli and Frankie Reed. Head Coach Megan O’Donnell, who won the MIAA Coach of the Year Award, received a shirt with a softball saying from the seniors. Seniors, shown from left to right: Isabella Qualtieri, Riley Straccia, Luiza Santos, Julianna Bolton, Olivia Morris, Dakota Lanes and Ally Straccia. Receiving team awards: Rookie of the Year: Anna Doucette; Most Improved: Olivia Morris and Danni Hope Randall; Offensive Player of the Year: Lea Doucette; Defensive Player of the Year Award: Riley Straccia and Frankie Reed; Team Most Valuable Player Award: Lea Doucette and Shayna Smith; Coaches Award: Isabella Qualtieri. The 2024 Patriot Award went to Isabella Qualtieri and Luiza Santos (at left), who are shown with coaches Megan O’Donnell, Victoria Correia and Hailey Powers. The Lady Patriots are pictured beside the cake. Shown from left to right: Front row: Dakota Lanes, Luiza Santos, Ally Straccia, Isabella Qualtieri, Julianna Bolton, Olivia Morris and Riley Straccia; top row: Shayna Smith, Danni Hope Randall, Lea Doucette, Jordan Martelli, Anna Doucette, Caleigh Joyce, Frankie Reed, Lindsey Pineda, Brianna Miranda and Gianna Chiodi.

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