THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, May 31, 2019 Page 13 Candidate for Ward 6 Councillor Ricky Serino Hosts Successful Campaign Kickoff Candidate Ricky Serino with Revere’s elected officials including Mayor Brian Arrigo, Speaker Bob DeLeo, and Rep. RoseLee Vincent. Ricky Serino with his proud parents, Gina and Rick Serino Candidate Ricky Serino addresses the audience of supporters at Casa Lucia. The Serino Family Vincent Fiore, Marianne Fiore, Mayor Brian Arrigo, and Frank and Millie Schettino. Ricky Serino receives the support of Speaker Bob DeLeo. Speaker Bob DeLeo with Rose Mirasolo, Terry Sabbio and Rose Napolitano. Childhood friends, Councillor Jessica Giannino, candidate Serino, Garrett O’Neil and Rick Griffin. Councillors John Powers and Arthur Guinasso, Ricky Serino, Council candidate John Correggio and Bob Repucci of CAPIC Serino with family members: Kelley Bilardi, Rick Serino, Joe Bilardi, Ricky Serino, Gina Serino, Trudy Serino and Louise Doucette. Rick Serino and Director of Veterans Services Marc Silvestri and WWII Veteran Morris Morris. Thank you to all my supporters, and family who made my Kickoff a great success! Elect RICKY SERINO Ward 6 City Councillor (Pol. Adv.)

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