Page 12 THE REVERE ADVOCATE – FRIDAY, MAY 17, 2024 GIRLS TRACK | FROM Page 1 “Really it all comes down to the incredible work ethic this team has had throughout both indoor and outdoor seasons,” Revere coach Racquel MacDonald-Ciambelli said. “They show up to practice ready to work every day and always have the goal to better themselves. Each girl is willing to try new events and go the extra mile for this team, and that’s what has helped us be so consistent and strong for all of 2024. I always tell the girls that if they improve themselves, they will improve the team, and that has been true this whole season. These girls deserve the back-to-back titles, and I consider myself very lucky to coach such a great group of young female student-athletes.” Revere has the chance to do the same sweeping it did in the winter when it competes in the Greater Boston League meet on Monday, May 20 at Somerville. PATRIOTS GIRLS TRACK & FIELD TEAM: Shown from left to right: back row: Nour Maihouane, Nisrin Sekkat, Rania Hamdani, Camila Echeverri, Kathy Granados, Junaida Sosa, Afnane Amine, Valeria Sepulveda, Bella Stamatopoulos, Mayahh Ndi, Jaliyah Manigo, Greise Sinoballa, Genevieve Zierten, Neyla Vranic, Ashley Cabrera Rodriguez, Olivia Rupp, Luv Yuong, Rocio Gonzalez, Gemma Stamatopoulos, Dayana Ortega, Marwa Riad and Head Coach Racquel MacDonald-Ciambelli; middle row: Reem Alhiari, Sara Granados, Wessal Farris, Emma DaCrosta, Jade Dang, Valery Echavarria, Samantha Indorato, Anabella Sandy-Roche, Ambra DeCicco-Clyne, Kaitlynn Purcifull, Daniela Santana Baez, Jocelyn Lazo, Ava Cassinello, Manal Hazimeh and Salma Zahraoui; front row: Giselle Salvador, Angelina Montoya, Basma Sahibi, Jaleeyah Figueroa, Lesly Mendoza, Anahis Vazquez, Hiba El Bzyouy, Ina Tamizi, Alexandra Lee, Raquel Class and Yara Belguendouz. Revere also picked up a win last week versus Chelsea with a fi nal score of 96-34. REVERE PUBLIC SCHOOLS Public Hearing Notice is hereby given in accordance with the provisions of Section 61 of Chapter 71 of the Massachusetts General Laws, that the Revere School Committee will conduct a public hearing on Tuesday, May 21, 2024, at 6:00 p.m. in the Emmanuel M. Ferrante School Committee Room and via Zoom.          High School, 101 School Street, for the purpose of discussing and voting the enrollment of non-resident students (also known as School Choice) in the Revere Public Schools. May 10, 17, 2024 “Huge shoutout to all our seniors at their last meet at Harry Della Russo Stadium,” MacDonald-Ciambelli said. Gemma Stamatopoulos was the top scorer for the team, tallying 16 points in total. She took first in both the 400 hurdles (new PR) and the 800. She also had two second-place fi nishes in the high jump and long jump. Close behind in points with 15 total was Liv Yuong, who took home three fi rst-place fi nishes in the 100 hurdles, high jump and long jump. Senior captain Giselle Salvador took home two fi rstplace ribbons in the 100 and 200 and added a total of 10 points for the team. Junior Marwa Riad SUFFOLK | FROM Page 1 meeting to dispel rumors that the company has run into problems with the project. PUBLIC NOTICE OF ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW PROJECT: Route 1A Southbound Ramps and Roundabout LOCATION: Route 1A, Revere MA 02151 PROPONENT: City of Revere T                     May 15, 2024 T                            from: Devin Herrick - Weston & Sampson, Inc 55 Walkers Brook Drive, Suite 100 Reading, MA 01867 (978) 532-1900 x 2117 herrick.devin@wseinc.com E              Planning Board of Revere T                                                                                                                          By City of Revere May 17, 2024 took home a second place (800) and third place (long jump) for the team and was a part of the 4x100 winning team. “Marwa jumped into the 800 for the team for the fi rst time and absolutely excelled in it, especially considering we decided only 10 minutes before the gun went off that she would run it,” MacDonald-Ciambelli said. “This really epitomizes the mentality of the team this year; they are all so willing to try new things and excited at the thought of expanding their skills.” Other fi rst-place eff orts for the team included Rania Hamdani in the 400, Genevieve Zierten in the mile and senior captain Ro“We were hearing rumors the site wasn’t doing well,” McKenna said. “We wanted you to come here and talk about that.” Kelley was more specifi c. She said the vote for the bond for the new high school was coming on May 20 and the Suff olk Downs development was supposed to provide $40 million in revenue for the city over 20 years. “It’s a key factor in the city’s ability to pay for the new high school,” said Kelley, who wanted to know if Revere could still depend on that income in that time frame. O’Brien said $550 million has already been spent on the site. Roughly half of that amount went into the building that’s ready to go. The ribbon will be cut in June. There has also been $300 million spent on site work and infrastructure, such as roads, water, sewer and parks. “Our objective is to bring people to the site. We feel good about where we are,” said O’Brien, who added that construction is going as fast as possible. But O’Brien also acknowledged there have been some challenges. “The commercial real estate industry is in recession right now,” he said. “But we have building we’re delivering. The bio lab building and cio Gonzalez in the 2-mile. This past weekend, Revere had five girls compete at the MSTCA Coaches Invitational in Braintree. Stamatopoulos tied for 13th place in the high jump with a jump of 4-8. “I’m super excited about her consistency at this height, and I am confi dent that 4-10 is right around the corner for her,” MacDonald-Ciambelli said. “The height is there; we just need to fi ne-tune the arc.” Ashley Cabrera Rodriguez placed 20th in the triple jump with a leap of 30-08.25. The 4x100 quartet of Salvador, Riad, Jaliyah Manigo and Cabrera Rodriguez ran a season-best 54.95, which got them 18th place. retail space building are paused but they are designed and ready to go. We’re working with the trades and suppliers to make sure we have the costs lined up,” said O’Brien. O’Brien also said that the life sciences industry, which has been at the heart of Boston’s thriving economy, has an also suff ered a slowdown but HYM is still moving forward. “Our intention is to bring some of that economic opportunity to Revere,” he told councillors. O’Brien repeatedly stressed that HYM has been working to transform an abandoned race track into a place where people want to go. He highlighted the outdoor music venue that can accommodate 8,500 people and said there are 12 concerts lined up for this summer. Throughout his talk with councillors, O’Brien focused on the work that has been accomplished so far. “We’ve completed everything we’re obligated to complete,” he said. He added that HYM has spent a ton of money on the Revere side of the development, which has been the company’s priority. He said several times that investors, whom he characterized as large institutional investors, have already spent $550 million. “Nobody is walking away,” he said.

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