Page 2 THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, May 10, 2019 Mayor announces new tax saving policies for Gold Star families, veterans and small businesses O n May 7, Mayor Brian Arrigo announced the City of Revere will return tax dollars through a package of proposals aimed at minimizing the financial burdens for Gold Star families, veterans and small businesses. “When we have a chance to put dollars back into the pockets of those who served our country, built our community over generations and drive our economy – we do it,” Mayor Arrigo said. “Thank you to the City Council for their vote of support for these smart tax saving policies.” The new policies will allow: • A real estate tax exemption for Gold Star families • A Veteran Work-Off program – proposed by Councillor-at-Large Steven Morabito – to give veterans, the spouse of a disabled veteran, or the surviving spouse of a deceased veteran, an option to volunteer with the city in exchange for a reduction in real property tax obligations, up to $1,000 in a given tax year • A personal property tax exemption for the more than 500 Revere businesses with personal property valued at less than $10,000. In addition to the tax proposals, Mayor Arrigo has secured a designated parking space at City Hall for veterans. Wanted - Beautiful Homes And Businesses D o you know someone in Revere who you think does a wonderful job of beautifying his or her property?Are you pleased to have this home or business on your street or in your neighborhood or just somewhere in the city only because it makes your home look better? If you do, the Revere Beautification Committee (RBC) SANTOS | from page 1 “I grew up in a family that plays soccer professionally, having a lot of passion for the game,” Miguel said. “I helped to teach my son the technique of kicking the ball and how to play the game.” He said his son will begin a new journey with countless possibilities. His mother, Rosa, said she’s very proud of her son. She said Revere 1st & Nick Moulaison, Sr. present The Annual Senior Prom (formerly the Reinstein Senior Prom) Free to Revere Senior Citizens Thursday, May 16, 2019 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM at Beachmont VFW 150 Bennington St., Revere For more info, call (781) 656-5189 For Miguel De Los Santos (right), it will be the first time away from his brother Allen De Los Santos when Allen goes to Regis College in the fall. she instilled in him good values and to be a better man. “I help him to be focused, how to manage time, be responsible, respectful and not to give up when frustrated,” Rosa said. “When he was younger, I helped him with his homeSANTOS | SEE PAGE 6 Members of various local and high school soccer teams came to support Allen De Los Santos on signing with Regis College. Shown in the back row, from left to right, are Goalie Samuel Araryo, Midfielder Christopher Maidao, Left Back David Vera, Midfielder Bryan Henao, Midfielder Andres, Midfielder Matthew Galvez, Maria Gomez, Right Back Alejandro Imperato, Andrew Carvajros, Center Back Bernard and Left Back Matteo. would like to know where they are located so that their property can be considered for the “Home of the Month” or “Business of the Month” award that the RBC presents to the owners of such places. The RBC in the process of determining which homes or businesses should receive the award uses the following guidelines: • Homes or businesses to be considered must be well manicured and neatly maintained. • Must be esthetically pleasing and have a visible garden area, seasonal flowers and/or shrubbery. • Must also be clear of any trash, trash cans/bags, litter, debris, graffiti, weeds or high grass. • Home/Business awards will begin in May and continue through October. • Two Home awards will be given out per month and business awards will be given out as warranted. • No repeat awards for at least 2 years after winning an award • We will attempt to give awards to all 6 wards in Revere, but only if the home or business warrants recognition and meets guidelines. The RBC does not want to miss any property that should be considered for this award.If you know of a property that should be considered, please contact us at 781-485-2770 or at reverebeautification.com.

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