Page 14 THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, May 3, 2019 Rossetti-Cowan Senior Center The Rossetti-Cowan Senior Center thanks the Coast Collaborative High School students for helping serve seniors their lunch at the recent Spring Luncheon. These high school students, under the direction of teacher Kevin Adams, come to the senior center each month and really give back to the community with their enthusiasm and positive attitude. LEFT: A captive audience. RIGHT: Coast Collaborative High School students (Photo-Stephen W. Fielding) Nick Moulaison with Rosalie DeRosa.Loretts Papa.Maia Licciardi.Anna Maie Gurente Mayor Arrigo and seniorsCarole Fielding.Gilda Auisciello.Marie.ZMary O’Callaghan. Ann Nazzaro. Gilda Carao Loretta Gallo.RTV’s Rick Promise.Mary Amato. Nick Moulaison. Roseann Colannino.Lynette Nee.Carmella Giangregorio and Rene Gaber

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