Page 8 THE REVERE ADVOCATE – FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 2022 Need a hall for your special event? The Schiavo Club, located at 71 Tileston Street, Everett is available for your Birthdays, Anniversaries, Sweet 16 parties and more? Call Paul at (617) 387-5457 for details. AG Healey secures workers’ comp insurance rate decrease, saving Mass. businesses $80M M assachusetts businesses will save approximately $80 million under a settlement Attorney General Maura Healey reached with the State Rating Bureau (SRB) and the Workers’ Compensation Rating and Inspection Bureau (WCRIB). The settlement, which follows an intervention by the AG’s Offi ce in an administrative rate hearing at the state Division of Insurance, results in an average rollback of about 3.5 percent on workers’ compensation insurance rates. The new rates are set to go into eff ect on July 1. Massachusetts businesses are required to purchase workers’ compensation insurance to provide coverage for workers injured on the job, including medical costs and a portion of their lost wages. “This settlement will save millions of dollars for Massachusetts businesses – many of whom are still struggling to recover from the pandemic,” said Healey. “Not only does lowering workers’ compensation insurance rates help small businesses, allowing them to invest in higher wages and growth, but it also helps protect workers.” Workers’ compensation insurance rates are set periodically in administrative rate hearings before the Division of Insurance. The state’s insurance companies generally work together to prepare a single joint fi ling and submit that for approval to the Commissioner. The Massachusetts Attorney General’s Offi ce can intervene in these proceedings and litigate against the proposal to protect the public interest. In December 2021, the industry sought an overall statewide average rate increase of 2.7 percent, and the Attorney General’s Offi ce intervened in the rate proceeding, seeking a rate rollback for Massachusetts ratepayers. The industry agreed not only to abandon its request to increase rates, but also to apply an average rate rollback of 3.5 percent for policyholders starting in July. The Attorney General’s Office has also previously been successful in achieving workers’ compensation rate reductions. After Healey intervened in the rate hearings in 2020, insurers agreed to roll back rates by an average of 6.8 percent, saving Massachusetts customers about $80 million. In 2018 the Attorney General’s Office successfully secured a 12.9 percent average rate rollback on workers’ compensation insurance in the state, saving approximately $150 million for businesses. During the past 10 years, the Attorney General’s Offi ce has saved employers and small businesses hundreds of millions of dollars by intervening in workers’ compensation insurance administrative rate cases. These savings translate into more jobs for workers in the state. The Attorney General’s Offi ce’s Insurance and Financial Services Division represents the public interest and litigates administrative rate cases to ensure that rates are fair for Massachusetts policyholders. The Office has worked collaboratively with the SRB to achieve the rate reduction in the present workers’ compensation insurance rate case. RevereTV Spotlight R evereTV will be covering more events at the RossetBanking with a hometown touch. Open a free checking account with no monthly fees, and get access to Mobile Banking, Bill Pay and other features. Because no matter where you go, we’re right by you. Call or visit us to sign up. 419 BROADWAY, EVERETT MA 02149          7 7 1 SALEM ST, LYNNFIELD, MA 01940    WWW.EVERET TBANK . COM Right by you. Member FDIC Member DIF ti-Cowan Senior Center as the facility reopens for the spring season. A new season brings more in-person events; a recent one featured Mayor Brian Arrigo. The mayor participated in a workout class with senior center fi tness instructor Sharon Fillyaw that focused on exercises that help prevent falls. Sharon calls classes with Mayor Arrigo challenges to see if he can keep up with the seniors. This latest Mayoral Challenge Fitness Class is playing on the RTV Community Channel, which is 8 and 1072 on Comcast, or 3 and 614 on RCN. In the same week, Mayor Arrigo was at the Youth In Motion facility of the For Kids Only program to talk about the Community Development Block Grant the city and program were recently awarded. The Mayor and State Representatives Jessica Giannino and Jeff Turco joined newly appointed HUD Regional Administrator Juana Matias and For Kids Only Executive Director Debbie Kneeland at the event. This grant touches a few areas of need in the city, but it also helps aid nonprofi t organizations like For Kids Only. A recording of the event is now playing on RTV GOV, which is channel 9 on Comcast or 13 and 613 on RCN. Tune in to the RevereTV Community Channel tonight at 7 p.m. to watch the newest episode of “Cooking Made Simple.” This episode premiered on all RTV outlets on Wednesday night. Chef Kelly Armetta made it to the kitchen studio last Friday to create a multicourse seasonal meal for the warmer weather approaching. Armetta always gets creative with planning meals and catering to seasons or holidays around the time of fi lming. After the premiere, this episode will air at various times over the next few weeks along with last year’s Mothers’ Day Special of “Cooking Made Simple.” Some RTV sports coverage returns on Saturday with the Boston Renegades football team. This team has some local players and is part of the Women’s Football Alliance. The game will be played at Harry Della Russo Stadium at 6 p.m. If you cannot make it to the game in person, RevereTV will be streaming live coverage on all outlets, including Facebook, YouTube and the RTV Community Channel. Replays of game coverage will play on television in the following weeks. RevereTV will be at home games all season.

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