BIC presents The Great Revere Day at TheBIC presents The Great Revere Day at The Races Races – see page 9 – see page 9 Vol. 29, No. 15 -FREE- www.advocatenews.net Free Every Friday Council questions safety of wireless cellular node tems and AT&T Wireless Network Building and Consulting – regarding the installation of a small cellular wireless node. George was requesting permission to install small wireless equipment on an existing National Grid utility pole at the corner of 116 State Rd. and 4 Unity Ave. However, councillors were concerned that it could cause cancer and pose other health risks. “You referenced studies QUESTIONS: War d 1 Councillor Joanne McKenna voiced her opposition to installing a small cellular wireless node along State Road and Unity Avenue in front of houses due to research that said it gives off microwave radiation. (Advocate Photos by Tara Vocino) By Tara Vocino C iting potential health risks, the City Council recently disagreed with James George – representing ExteNet Systhat were done from 1987 to 2005 that said it doesn’t cause cancer, but that was done 13 years ago,” said Ward 1 Councillor Joanne McKenna. “Since then, there’s been an increase in technology, and let’s see proof that it doesn’t cause cancer today.” In response, George said the exposure is typically low using a portable device, such as a cell phone. George quoted an article, “Reassessment of Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields Limits and Policies,” written by the Federal Communications Commission on June 4, 2018; the Commission observed that the FDA has statCANCER | SEE PAGE 6          $2.55 GALLON  Regular Unleaded $2.499 Mid Unleaded $2.639 Super $2.699 Diesel Fuel $2.899 KERO $4.759 Diesel $2.699               ANGELO’S "Over 40 Years of Excellence!" 1978-2019 FULL SERVE HEATING OIL 24-Hour Burner Service Call for Current Price! (125—gallon minimum) Open an account and order online at: www.angelosoil.com (781) 231-3500 (781) 231-3003 367 LINCOLN AVE • SAUGUS • OPEN 7 DAYS 781-286-8500 Friday, April 12, 2019 Arrigo and Rizzo set to square off again Councillor-at-Large Dan Rizzo is shown addressing his supporters at his annual St. Patrick’s Day event where he announced his candidacy for mayor. See photo highlights on page 8. By Tara Vocino N early four years have passed since Revere’s last mayoral election in which incumbent Daniel Rizzo suffered a heartbreaking loss to challenger Brian Arrigo. However, last Thursday night, Rizzo announced that he will take on Arrigo for the corner offi ce at City Hall. “Tonight, we’re going to have a do over,” said Rizzo, who is a currently a councillor-atlarge. Should he win the day in November, Rizzo said, his top goals would include having a premier school system, affordable housing, a vibrant local economy and a firstclass public safety infrastructure. Rizzo said that during his time as mayor, Revere was struck by an EF2 tornado and was pummeled by the 20142015 winter, which buried all of Greater Boston under an unprecedented 108.6 inches of snow. He credited the city’s employees who helped him overcome such challenges. “Their confi dence in me led to my decision to run,” Rizzo said. “I’ve been blessed with a great committee and great supporters.” In addition, Rizzo said Revere deserves a leader and that he’s still the best man for the job. “I’m there to serve you,” Rizzo said. “I’ll serve the best way that I can with honesty and integrity.” Rizzo also spoke about what he has accomplished over the years. Two of his greatest achievements were revamping Broadway after it began to decline and investing in parks and playgrounds and taking care of the city’s youths. In addition, Rizzo said there is no reason for residents to leave the city. “When they talk about moving away to ‘greener pastures,’ I tell them, no, there’s ‘greener pastures’ right here in Revere,” he said. In a separate interview, Rizzo’s wife, Jane, said she’s proud of her husband and is excited to support his upcoming campaign. “Together, we’re going to work hard to get the message across,” she said. Former Ward 2 Councillor John Perez had fl own in from Florida to see Rizzo declare his candidacy for mayor. “One of the proudest moments on City Council was when Dan got elected,” Perez said. “It created a ripple eff ect when Revere got it right.” Perez also said Rizzo stayed involved in the city’s government despite losing to Arrigo by 108 votes in 2015. He attributed Rizzo’s success to having a close-knit family. “That’s a testament to the man,” Perez said. “We all have crazy families, but he has one of the best campaign co-workers – his wife, Jane.” Tara Vocino may be reached at printjournalist1@gmail.com. Prices subject to change FLEET

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