Page 16 THE REVERE ADVOCATE – FRIDAY, APRIL 8, 2022 Meet the RHS Patriots Boys Outdoor Track Team Captains, pictured from left to right: Front row, kneeling: Captains Moe Hussein, Mark Marchese and Tommy Desir; standing: Captains Mohamed Ouakani, Victor Pelatere, Coach Sam Ros, Ricardo Goncalves and Keny Guerrero. Seniors, pictured from left to right: Kneeling: Mohamed Ouakani, Keny Guerrero and Ricardo Goncalves; standing: Moe Hussein, Adrian Grullon, Anwar Maroouh, Victor Pelatere, Coach Sam Ros, Steven Ticlayauri, Mark Marchese, Tommy Desir and Mateo Rosario. Team, pictured from left to right: sitting: Victor Pelatere, Tommy Desir, Keny Guerrero, Matt Pereira and Moe Hussein; kneeling: Zak Benikane, Medhi Bellemsieh, Mateo Rosario, Anwar Maroouh, Mark Marchese, Ricardo Goncalves, Adrian Grullon, Steven Ticlayauri, and Mohamed Ouakani; standing: Coach Sam Ros, Kevin Purcifull, Javan Close, Eric DeCarvalho, Daniel Simoes, Walter Rodriguez, Christian Vasquez, Chase Smith, Isaiah DeCrosta, Rafael Teixeira, Kawan Dias, Kenan Batic, Latrell Ashby, Karim Karageh, Rayan Elmzabi, Diego Madrigal, Zaraius Bilimoria, Eric Sekenski, Felipe Maia, Matt Perdomo and Allen Hou. MALDEN TRANS NOW HIRING!!! CDL SCHOOL BUS DRIVERS, 7D DRIVERS & TAXI DRIVERS COMPETITIVE PAY OFFERED $17/HR - 7D DRIVERS $26/HR - CDL DRIVERS CALL TO INQUIRE - 781-322-9400 OR 781-322-9401 - ASK FOR DAVID OR ED

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