THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, April 5, 2019 Page 13 St.Patrick’s Day at festive dinner dance The Holy Name Society organized the dinner dance. Back Row: Holy Name Society President Richard Freni, Father Robert Morris, Father John Sheridan, Torey DeFrancesco, Salvi Ternullo, Robert White, and Anthony Carbone. Front Row: Councillor-at-Large Daniel Rizzo, Richard Serino, Nathan Marzonie, James Bocelli, Senior Center Director Stephen Fielding, and Deacon Kieran Gill. Shown from left to right are, Councillor-at-Large Daniel Rizzo, wife Jane Rizzo, Richard Butland, Linda Butland, and Elaine Fielding. Holy Name Society President Richard Freni with parishioner Gerald Visconti. Bill Ells, Kristen Ells, and Linda DeChristoforo shook up the dance floor. Dressed for the occasion, Judy Zolla wears a green feather in her hair and shamrock scarf. Tory DeFrancesco sports a St. Patrick’s Day headband. Linda McElwaney wears a leprechaun shirt, shamrock tie, and green hat. By Tara Vocino P In the St. Patrick’s Day spirit, Revere resident Lee Meoli wear a “Kiss Me” bowtie and blinking hat while guest Romeo Thomas sports flashing shamrocks, a harp tie, and a shamrock belt. Noreen Murphy dances the night away. arishoners packed St. Mary’s hall to raise $1,500 for the Holy Name Society during the St. Patrick’s Dinner Dance at St. Mary of Assumption Parish on Saturday evening. According to Holy Name Society President Richard Freni, the money raised will benefit community service projects, high school scholarships, the church’s building fund, and bereavement arrangements. “We’re grateful for these people who have come together to rejoice,” Rev. John Sheridan said. (Advocate photos by Tara Vocino)

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